TRUST..!! Episode 11 By Maryam

Hey Guys..!! Maryam back with the next Episode of “Trust”…!! I am so Sorry Guys I know I very much late..!! I promised to post on 1st but believe me guys I was hell busy..!! Every time I took my phn to update, something or other blocks my ways..!! Hmm one of the other reason of me being so late is your Decreasing comments. .!! Aren’t you guys liking it..!! Plz Guys do tell me so that I can stop this Story here only and switch to another one..!! Plz tell me and Plz the Silent readers Plz break ur Silence..!!

” Bhai I had tried to console Swara a bit and now she is resting in her Room. .!!” Ragini said sadly. .

” Why the hell  is this happening to Swaara only..!! I can’t see her like this..!! I just can’t. .!!” Karan said in Anger..!!

“Calm down bhai..!! We can’t react like this we need to handle Swara calmly..!! She is very sensitive..!!” Ragini said consoling karan..??

“You are right Ragini..!! Ragini have u seen that Sanskar..!! I will rip his head off..!! Just tell me where he is and I will make sure no one sees him alive hereafter. .!!” Karan said anger visible on his face. .!!

“Bhai Plz cool down..!! It’s not the time to react like this..!! And I haven’t seen him I just took Swara with me..!! Ragini said..

“That’s okay I will find him by myself..!!” Karan said..!!


It has been two days of SwaSan meeting. .!! Swara is trying her level best to look fine but Everyone knows She isn’t. .!! She didn’t went to College either, she just tries to Stay alone but Ragini never let’s her do that she is staying with her from the last two days..!!

Swara was sitting in the Living room when she saw Ragini going put. .!!

“Where are you Ragini. .!??” Swara asked faintly. .

“Oh I am going to College, to bring the notes..!! We weren’t going there since last two days do I thought to borrow the notes from Daisy.!! I will be here in a hour or so..!! Ragini said to which Swara just nodded her head..!!

“And yeah till the time I am not here Karan bhai will stay here with you..!! Ragini said picking up her bag.

“Karan..?? Didn’t he went to the College..!??” Swara asked

“No actually I asked him to stay with u so..!! Ragini said

“Ragini..!! You shouldn’t have done that he might have some lectures to attend and I can stay here alone I am not a kid..!! Swara said

“Actually you are..!! And we can’t risk letting u stay alone here..!! Who knows you turned into your real avatar once we are gone..!! They both can hear Karan voice who was standing on the doorstep..!!

“Real Avatar..!!” Ragini asked being confused

“Yes..!! Her real avatar that  is ‘Chudail’..!! Karan said and Ragini giggled while Swara stares him angrily. .

“That wasn’t funny at all..!!” Swara said

“You guys carry on, I am going..!! Ragini said and left from there..!!
Once Ragini was Gone karan came and sat besides Swara..!!

“So tell me Madam why didn’t you attended the College..!?? Karan asked even when he knows the answer..!!

” I didn’t feel like going..!!” Swara answered

” You didn’t feel like going or you Feared feeling Him there..!!” Karan said

“Excuse me..?! Feeling whom..!!

“Like if you don’t know. .!! I talking about Sanskar. .!! Karan said

” Plz Karan..!! I don’t wanna talk about it..!! ” Swara said

“Till when Swara..?! Till when..!! One day you need to face him openly so why not now..!! Stop being afraid from him..!!

“I am not Afraid of Anyone karan. .!! I am not..!! It’s just I fear my heart..!!

“Fear Your Heart..!! Heart isn’t something to get afraid of..!! Karan said

“It is karan..!! You don’t know What happen to my heart whenever he is around..!! My hearts tries to over power my mind and i feel weak..!! I feel being in his embrace..!! My hearts blocks my mind and I literally forgets what I was upto..!! Swara said..!!

“Then don’t let it do it Swara..!! Don’t let it do it..!! Be strong, don’t feel weak in front of him..!! He will try to use your Weakness..!! Be Yourself. .!! Boast up your mind don’t let it get over-powered by your heart..!! Weaken your Heart..!!” Karan said

“It’s already weak Karan..!! Now it’s waiting to get broken into pieces..!! Swara said

“I don’t know Anything..!! You need to forget that old Swara..!! You need to be the new Swara who is unaffected by any Sanskar..!! Who is Strong..!!” Karan said

“It’s difficult Karan..!!

“But it isn’t impossible..!! You are coming to college..!! I don’t know anything..!!


“No ifs and buts you are coming and that’s final. .!! You need to face him Swara..!! It’s high time now..

Swara look convinced..!!

” Okay..!!”

“Okay so we are going to college now..!! Get ready! Karan said

” No not now tomorrow..!!” It takes time to explain my heart..!! To make myself ready..!!

” Oh God..!? You are impossible Swara..!!

” You haven’t loved anyone that’s why you saying this..!! Once when you will fall in love then you will Understand..!! Saying this Swara went to her Room..!!

“I haven’t loved anyone..!! Then what about my love towards u Swara..!! You will never know that I love someone..!! Karan said wiping the tears that were threatening to fall down any time..!!
Kaise btaayein kyun tujhko chahe yaara btaa na paaye
Baatein dilo ki dekho jo baagi aankhein tujhe samjhaye
Tu jaane na… tu jaane na… tu jaane na… tu jaane na

Milke bhi hum na mile tum se na jaane kyun
Meelon ke hai faasle Tum se na jaane kyun
Anjaane hai silsale Tum se na jaane kyun
Sapne hai Palkon tale tum se na jaane kyun…

Kaise btaayein kyun tujhko chahe yaara btaa na paaye
Baatein dilo ki dekho jo baagi aankhein tujhe samjhaye
Tu jaane na… tu jaane na… tu jaane na… tu jaane na



Here at the college SanLak were standing near the Gate..!!

“Sanskar the time you told me you met Swara, I am dying to meet her.!! We are waiting for her since the last two days here in the college but she us nowhere to be seen..!!”I wanna meet my sister..!! I miss her dude..!! Lakshya said

 “No Lakshya we aren’t waiting for her since the last two days but since the Last four years..!! I don’t know why isn’t she coming. .!!” Sanskar said

” you wait here I will take a close look to the gate..!! Lakshya said and went from there

“Lakshya moved toward a the gate and from that side a girl was coming who was adjusting her bag..!! Lakshya turns and looks and Sanskar and in the mean time he collided with the girl..!! Due to the force she lost balance and was going to fall down when Lakshya hold her..!! He was awestruck to see the beauty in front of him..!! The innocent face with the closed eyes..!! The Girl is revealed to be Ragini..!! When she found out that she is fine she open her eyes only to see a Young Boy has locked her in his arms..!! She get lost in his Eyes..!!

 Tere sang yaara
Khushrang bahara
Tu raat deewani
Main zard sitaara
zard sitara means: bright yellow star

O karam Khudaya hai
Tujhe mujhse milaya hai
Tujhpe marke hi toh
Mujhe jeena aaya hai

Upon coming into her senses, Ragini pushes her and stands upright..!!

“Excuse me..!! Can’t u see huh..!! God has given h two eyes make use of them, they aren’t show piece..!! ” Ragini said angrily but lakshya was not in his senses to reply he was lost in his new found love..!!

“What are u staring at..!! Oh I got u..!! You are such cheap, I know u did that intentionally I know what type of person u are..!! Ragini said pouring her anger on him but lakshya was in the same state..!! Sanskar who was watching this from far came there..!!

“I am sorry ma’am..!! She didn’t it intentionally..!! ” Sanskar said

“You shut up..!! I am talking to this idiot..!!No why am I even talking to him..!! Huh j can’t waste my time here with these fools..!! Ragini said and started walking
Lakshya saw her going and smiled idiotically..!! Ragini turned and glared him for the last time and went from there..!!

 O tere sang yaara…
Khushrang bahara
Tu raat deewani
Main zard sitaara

O tere sang yaara
Khushrang bahara
Main tera ho jaaun
Jo tu karde ishara


That’s Enough for today..!! So how’s it Guys..!! I hope u liked it, do share your views..!! And  dear you are complaining that SanLak didn’t tried to prove her innocence right..!! Dear they themself doesn’t know the truth..!! They themselves were struggling to find Swara and the hidden truth then how could they prove her innocence..!! One of them was separated from his sister and the other from his love, it’s a big thing to digest..!! First they wanted to ask Swara and confirm from her then  take further steps..!! And when Shekhar didn’t trusted her daughter whom he loved more than anything then how could he trust these two who themselves were deserted from the truth..!! I hope i am able to explain it clearly..!!

Keep Smiling and Stay blessed..!!??☺


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