TRUST..!! Episode 1 By Maryam

Hey Guys. this is Maryam..I Guess everyone forgot me..Hai na..?? I was not here due to my Exams but they are finally over and I am back..I am here with a new SwaSan FF..I hope n hope n hope that u guys will like it..

“Swara..!! Swara..!! Get up. Its already late..have u seen the time. Don’t u have to go to College…” A voice Exclaimed.

“(Cuddling inside her blanket) mom plz let me sleep..Nothing would happen if I don’t go early today..” A Sleepy voice Answered.

” Swara…!!!” Again the voice shouted..

“Shomi don’t shout on my Princess..let her sleep..she is still a kid..don’t Talk to her like this..”.. A Fatherly voice said..

” Just a kid..!! Oh my God..!! She is 21 and you are saying that she is Still a kid..Plz Shekhar not don’t take her side it’s because of ur love she has become like this..” Shomi said with Anger..

” God..!! oh come on Shomi. For me she is always my Little princess..”

“Yeah Right..!! Now get up Swara. Or else I will tear all His posters.. “..Shomi said with a Smirk..

And there it is..It worked..!!

” Nooooooooo…Plz mom I am awake look..(she widened her eyes with her hands)..I was k
Just kidding..just give me five minutes I will get ready..but plz don’t touch my Atif..(lol..sorry guys..but Aadat sa majboor)..” A sweet but scared voice said..

“Hahah.. It always works..Now get up and get ready fast. ”

“Shomi stop it..Why are u doing this to my daughter”.. Shekar said..” Come princess “..
Swara came to shekar and they had a hug..
“I Love You beta.. You are my pride my everything I don’t let anything any evil come near u..” Shekar said..

“I love you too dad..” Swara said with lot of love..

By this her Trance broke and she came out of her Dream world…Tears were already in her eyes and they were slowly coming out…she tries a lot but was not able to control them..If she was not able to control them from past 4 years then how come today. ..

“Swara…!! Come let’s go we are getting late for College..Swara ..!!. Someone said..

” Yeah.!! Yeah..! What were u saying..??” Swara said, wiping her tears but not pain..

“Swara..!! Plz not for them..not again..They are not too valuable that u should waste ur precious pearls on them” the same voice said wiping swara’s tears..

“Ragini plz…”

“No are my Best Friend cum sister and I can’t see u crying if u will be like this then I too won’t be able to control my self…” Ragini said with teary eyes…

“Okay fine I am not crying..look(she said wiping her tears)..” Swara said..

Ragini Hugged her and a lone teats escape her eyes but she immediately wiped it..

“I guess we are getting late late let’s go …” Ragini said..

” Yeah..!!”


St.Mariecle College..

SwaRagini enters the College and like always all the College was looking at time especially boys..And why not..both were not less than Princess….

“Swara you wait here let me Go and check the notice board for our names..Its a new semester so we must have new classes let me go..

Swara nodded in response and Ragini moved towards the Notice Board,..Swara seated herself on the nearby bench and keep looking at the open shed in front of her..

Its been 4 Years. ..Huh..!! Four Years. She is bearing the punishment she have never done….She lost her everything in Fractions of seconds. She became all alone..she came to a new place with nothing but just a broken heart and there she finds her .Swara looked towards Ragini..Who supported her..was with her in every ups and down. When every one leaves her she holds her. Who was she to her..No one..but there is something called “Love” its not restricted to just our relatives.. Love can happen to anyone. Strangers too..


“How much I trusted you Swara .How much I loved u. U were my pride but you what u give me in return…I hate you Swara. ” shekhar said..

” No Dad plz believe me..I haven’t done anything..plz dad..” Swara pleaded .

” Get out of here Swara.. If u stayed here any further I swear I will kill myself..” Shekar said with anger..

“No dad plz..”. Swara said shocked..

Shekar took her by her arm and throws her out of the house..

Again her chain of thought was broken when Ragini came back..

” Come on Swara..let’s move..” Ragini said..

“Yeah let’s move..”

They proceeds towards their classes……

So this is it for Today…!! I hope you like it..Plz Do Pour your views.. This is a SwaSan FF..But I would show some more relations in it too..I hope u like it..plz to share your views..Advises and Suggestions are Welcomed but not Bashing…

Thank You..
Keep smiling.

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  1. Kakali

    Hurraahhhh Maryam you are back..!! Yeiiii, welcome dear…!! Huh about the start, it’s soo nice…!! Would love to read how the TRUST BREAKS & TRUST WINS.!! Continue soon..!! Thnk u.. ;-*

    1. Maryam

      Thank u Kakali.. I am Glad you liked it dear..I will come up with the next one soon..

  2. Soujanya


    1. Maryam

      Thank you Soujanya

  3. Nagamanasa

    Interesting concept dear…post soon

    1. Maryam

      Thank u Nagamanasa

  4. Amazing dear curious to read further

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      Thank You dear

  5. Seebu_s

    hey maryam?u r same fb maryam only na?if yes…do u remember me?loved it…continue soon?
    p.s-helly is looking so beautiful in cover pic??can’t take my eyes?

    1. Maryam

      Thank You Seebu for liking my story..I am sorry dear but I am not on FB…I am not that Maryam..
      Yeah this is my fav pic..and helly look good in every pic..

  6. nice continue

    1. Maryam

      Thank You dear..

  7. Awesome

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      Thank u dear

  8. Neptune

    amazing dear do continue

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      Thank u dear

  9. interesting

  10. Awesome dear

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      Thank you Priya

  11. Rachna

    Awsm… Update soon next part

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      Thanks dear

  12. Ayesha123

    Arey Wah…!!
    Cool Yar. Bohot acha.. I Loved it Yar. Thai Paper chon both. Nani shoth yar. Mana yala e da.??
    Chalo leave it. Jaldi post kan..

    1. Maryam

      Ayesha…!! How are u..??
      Koja Gayab bothaga yar toh..I missed msg no phn..Be Strong Nani will feel bad if she sees u like this..Yar Paper Zabardast bothan bas dua kan Mani wasta. ..Thank u for reading..
      Love u

  13. Manasvi

    Awesome Maryam dii..
    Loved it..

    1. Maryam

      Thank u Manasvi..OMG Di..

  14. ..Valentina..

    Yooooo Maryam welcome back! Waiting for nxt part.
    Thnx ;p

    1. Maryam

      Thanks dear…Will try to post next part soon..

  15. intereating n exicted to know y shekar is hating swara that much…continue soon

    1. Maryam

      Thanks dear…U will get to know everything soon…Stay connected..

  16. Independent

    superb continue soon

    1. Maryam

      Thank u dear..

    1. Maryam

      Thank u dear..

  17. awesome..

  18. loved it

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  21. Ishanvi

    Hi Di!! It was awesome chapter! Seems interesting!?? Going to read next part!!??

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    Awesome dear….

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    Awesome dear…

  24. That’s awesome dear…started reading it today only.. .

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