Whom to trust? epi 3



Sanskar was happy that his plan got succeeded. He was happy that Swara trusts him more but was worried that she might do something to herself. He decided to check on her. He went to her room and found her crying. He ran to her and embraced her.
Sanskar – Shuuuuu Swara don’t cry. I am here na.
Swara – Why did my Dad do thid Sanskar? He knew that I love you a lot. Still He did it.
Sanskar – (decided to divert her mind) Swara you are getting wrinkles.
Swara – (at once stopped crying) What? I will Wash my face. Wait
She ran to the washroom and started washing her face.
Sanskar started smiling and said
Sanskar – Swara get ready. We are going out for dinner.
Swara- Alright
Sanskar left the room.


Shekar came back home and was crying.
Shekar – Why are punishing my daughter for my mistake? I won’t let Sanskar do anything to my daughter. I will save her. I will make her understand that Sanskar is cruel.


Swara got ready in a Black saree with silver sleeveless blouse. She had plaited her hair and had minimal makeup. Sanskar was mesmerized seeing her. He came towards her and held his hand out. Swara took it with a smile. Sanskar took her to the terrace instead. Swara was wondering what was going on.
Swara – Sansskkkkk
She couldn’t complete as the terrace was completely decorated (like the one below).

Swara was surprised and was smiling.
Swara – Sanskar this is wonderful.
Sanskar – not more than you. Come and sit Swara.
He helped her. Both had their dinner. After finishing their dinner, Sanskar again asked for her hand. Swara gave her hand. He took her to his room.
His room has an attached swimming pool. The poolside was decorated. Swara was looking at it when suddenly .
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Hello everyone
It’s a small epi. But I promise a lengthier one next time.
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Credit to: Geet

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