Whom to trust? epi 2


I was really surprised to see the coments as i had not expected even one. Honestly I didnt even think of another epi. But now as I was free I thought to write the next epi. Don’t bash me if you don’t like it. Now lets start the epi.
Sanskar’s house
Swara was so happy to know that Sanskar still loves her. At the same time, she was upset with her dad. She didn’t want to go back to her house again.
On the other side Sanskar was happy that Swara believes him more than her dad. He wanted Mr Shekar Gadodia to know about his daughter. Hence he called someone. After 2 mins, servant enters his room.
Sanskar : call this number from your phone and speak what is written here.
Servant : yes sir.
Servant calls the number. Shekar’s pa attends the call.
PA : Gadodia Industries. May I know who is speaking?
Servant : I don’t think you need to know who I am. Give the phone to Shekar Gadodia.
PA : Sir is busy right now. You can tell me what it is?
Servant : Even if its about his daughter.
PA : what is it?
Servant : Sorry I can’t tell you.
PA : I am giving it to sir. Plz hold on.
PA ran to Shekar. Meanwhile Sanskar asked the servant to cut the call. He took the Servant’s phone typed a message, attached a picture and sent it.
Sanskar : I will have your mobile for sometime.
Servant : yes sir.
The servant left.

Shekar’s Office
PA : Sir someones on line. He has some information about Swara maam.
Shekar : Give it to me.
Shekar found the call cut. Soon he received a message –
” Shekar Gadodia Scared about your daughter? Don’t be because she is happy and with her boyfriend.
Shekar opened the picture and found Sanskar and Swara hugging each other. He was furious. He immediately started towards Sanskar’s house.
Sanskar’s house
Sanskar removed the sim and threw it. He called the servant.
Sanskar : I threw your sim. You can use this sim.
Servant : ok sir.
(NOTE : Servants are too scared of him to ask him why)
Sanskar was waiting for doorbell to ring. As expected it rang after 10 minutes.
Swara opened the door. She was shocked and surprised to see her dad there.
Shekar : Swara what are you doing here? Come with me.
Swara : Leave me. Before leaving, I want to know something. Promise me that you will soeak the truth.
Shekar : what nonsense Swara. Come with me now.
He held her left hand and started to drag her. Suddenly he felt a tug behind and found Sanskar holding her right hand. Shekar was furious.
Shekar : Leave my daughter you b*****d.
Sanskar : I will if she wants to come with you.
Swara : Dad answer me. Then I will think about coming with you.
Shekar : (having no opiton) ask
Swara : Did you kidnap Sanskar on the day of our marriage? Yes or No? I only want the truth.
Shekar : Yes I did it because ….
Swara cut him.
Swara : How could you dad? You knew I love him. You knew I can’t live without him. Still you did that. I hate you dad. I don’t want to come with you. Leave me.
Swara started crying and was struggling to get away from his grip. Sanskar pulled her towards him. She fell on him with a thud. She started crying hugging him.
Sanskar : You may leave now.
Shekar : Swara
But Swara, not wanting to listen, ran from from there.
Sanskar : Now your daughter would never trust you. Guards throw him out.
Sanskar shut the door on his face.
Shekar was upset his daughter didn’t listen to him.
Who is right? Whom should Swara trust? For that stay tuned.
I might continue it for 2 – 3 more epis.

Credit to: Geet

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