Trust The Element Of Love Teaser 4

Hi Friends finally my exams are over and here I’m with my ff so let’s start….
Please read note at End of the Teaser…!!!


Teaser – 5

Sence – 1

Sanskaar is sitting in his office and thinking something deeply just than the door of his cabin opens and a girl comes in wearing a short one piece

Sanskaar(smiles and goes towards her) : oh so finally you are here (hugs her) ok so let’s start the work

They discuss something which is muted

Girl(With seducing Smile and traces her finger on his face) : you don’t worry Sanskaar I will do my work with very hard work


Sence – 2

In A Room

A Girl and A Boy both are busy in love making well let’s not insult love you can say that the Man is satisfying his lust

Boy(caressing her body) ; OMG you are so hot babe(kissing her neck ) I can’t even express….

Girl(mourns) : hmmm I also feels same about you babe…hmm comon kiss me….

Boy was about to remove her clothes but just than his phone rang and he becomes alert

Boy : shhh don’t talk it’s my wife of she heard you than it will not be good ok stay quite…

The Boy attends the call and somehow distract his wife…


Sence – 3

IN SwaSan Room

Sanskaar is standing in balcony just than he recives a call
After cutting the call he smirks….

Sanskaar(Monologue) : Perfect just perfect now my plan will work just wait and watch…no one will be able to save you from me…I have promised to myself to make your life he’ll and this is my 1st step towards my Promise….!!!


Sence – 4

A Hall is shown full of people looks like some ceremony is going on

Just than the lights of full hall vanishes and it becomes dark

Everyone present there were confused how can light go off

Just than a video starts play on the tv screen and after watching the video people started to gossip and taunt some one that will be reveal later…!!!


Sence – 5


Shomi(teary eyes) ; I don’t know how I thank you Sanskaar I’m so lucky to get a son like you…thank you thank you do much

Sanskaar(holds Shomi’s hand) : please stop Maa what are you saying…I done what I felt is right and please don’t thank me by saying this ok…

Swara was seeing both her husband and mother with teary eyed but also with a blessed smile too…!!!


So here I’m ending my teaser do how it is shoot your comments and tell me….!!!

Note # Guys I want comments now if I didn’t get comments this time than don’t expect anything from me and yah it’s not a thread I’m just requesting you know what I just came home at 6pm after completing my exam and my hands are paining like he’ll but still I’m writing this as I know you all are waiting so please tell me who is waiting for my ffs and yah I have a surprise for all of you guys I will post that on 14 February so till than I will try to post my ffs regularly ok bye bye….take care and stay blessed and yah don’t forget to pray for me guys…!!!!

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  1. Superb rosey☺ plz post soon n I can understand ur problem dear how its feel after writing exam.☺❤☺

  2. Nice iam waiting update soon

  3. Simin

    Welcome back
    Awesome teaser
    I hope the boy is not sanskar

  4. When will you post nxt part. I am big fan of ur ff

  5. Rabia

    Awesomeeee roseyyyy anddd mai guesss karuuu??? ???? hehehhe arrey its payback time naaa obviously sorryy namee bhool gai he will be one and only that boy who ia from swara’s past due to which swara has to bear alot ???

  6. Independent

    superb rosey

  7. Simi

    Is that boy laksh??
    Superb teaser

  8. Awesome dr…

  9. awesome

  10. Vyshu10

    awesome….wah sanskar exposed laksh….is the girl in scene 1 swara only? Glad for d update

  11. Scooby

    Awesome…. scene 2 and 4 are interconnected to defame a cruel prsn…so that is linked with scene 5… interesting rosey…. post nxt part soon…..

  12. Roseyyyyyyyyyyyy !!! it’s called mini heart attack.. waaaaa too much mini mini confusion + to many mini mini bomb in between… goshhh…loved it sooo much..!! earnestly waiting for ur next updates dear..!! Continue soon..!! Thnk u… ;-*

  13. Shifa96

    Awesome teaser..
    Waiting for the next

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