Trust The Element Of Love Teaser 2

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Hi Friends I’m back with the next now let’s stop talking and start reading….!!!


Teaser – 2

Sence – 1

Swara(Shouting) : I LOVE U SANSKAAR I LOVE YOU Me apse buhat pyaar karti hn

Sanakaar(Amused & Happy) : I LOVE U TOO SWARA I have never ever said this to anyone but now I’m saying this to you I Love You


Sence – 2

Sanskaar tightly holds Swara from her arms and Angrily shouting

Sanskaar(Angrily Shouting) : How could you do this Swara how can you I thought you are honest and loving person and now you are doing this to me

Swara tries to free herself

Swara (Feeling guilty and pain) : Sir you are hurting me and I’m ……..

Sanskaar(Angrily) : You what Swara listen one thing clearly Swara I’ll never let you do this never so you better quite you ideas

Saying so he leaves from there while Swara is crying sitting on the floor


Sence – 3

A Lady is waiting for his Son and Daughter in law just than a Boy and Girl enters and lady happily goes towards the boy and hugs him

Lady(Happily) : Finally you are home I was waiting for you

Not breaks the hug and shocking said

Boy(shockingly) : Mom when did you came

Lady smiles and sees towards the Girl who was standing silently and hugs her leaving her shocked

Lady(Caressing Girls cheeck) : wow you are so beautiful I must say my son’s choice is fab I can’t explain in words I’m happy to find you as my DIL

The girl who was first confuse with lady’s talks now becomes shocked listening the word Dil from lady’s mouth and looks towards the Boy who was also shocked as the Girl


So here I’m ending my teaser so guys shoot Your Comments and i ill upload next part tomorrow

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  1. Hey Clear the misunderstanding

  2. DivzS

    No comments for teasers, we want episodes

    1. Rosey

      i will upload tomorrow dont be sad

  3. Scooby

    Rosey u knw i was waiting for ur chapie.. today even fb i ws searching for this but u gve me teaser im sad..
    1st part – im hapie..
    2nd part – confused, think swara is protecting sans..
    3rd part – mom – ap and son – sans and dil may b swara…
    post ur ff soon rosey…

    1. Rosey

      sorry Navi but i will post tomorrow paka

  4. Rabia

    awesome epi 😉 this comment is in advance 😉

  5. interesting teaser..

  6. Kakali

    Loved d teaser dear.. waiting for next to clear my confusions…
    Thnk u.. 🙂

  7. Superb teaser

  8. Vyshu10

    interesting…upload d ep plz

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