Trust The Element Of Love Teaser 1


Hi Guys I Hope You All Remeber Me I know You All must be angry on me for not posting my FF but I’m really really sorry for that as I have injured my fingers accidently while pluking lemons I have written this Teaser with so much difficulty plz forgive me for not posting but I’ll try to post asap as I’ll feel better till then take care…..


Teaser – 1

Sence 1

Sanskaar(Furiouse)?: I thought You are a good girl but no you proved me wrong

Gir(Crying)? : No sir you are missunderstanding me plz give me one chance to say something

Sanskaar(Angrily Shouting)? : Now what you want more I have seen everything with my eyes

Girl(scared) : No sir plz I’m sorry I’ll never do this again

Sanskaar(Angrily Shouting) ; I’ll never give second chance to cheaters you cheat my company by selling my company’s information You are fired just get lost and never ever show me your face again other wise I’ll hand over to you to police

Girl(crying) : plz don’t do this with me sir how will I be able to survive without this job

Sanskaar(Shouting at the top of his voice) : I said GET LOST U blo*dy


Sence 2

Swara While going backwards

SwAra(Scared) : No don’t come near me

Boy with evil smile on his face moving towards her

Boy(Smirlks Evilly) : why baby you know how much I love you come to me

Swara(Crying & Scared) : look up saying don’t come near other wise I’ll shout

Boy(Smillung evilly ) : ohhh so you wanna shout no problem shout baby as much as you can shout

Swara : Plz koi hai HELP ME PLZZZ

Boy(Evilly) : aw my poor baby no one came to help you so now it’s my turn


Sence 3

Sanskaar(Shocked & Worried) : Oh My God

He sees Swara lying unconscious on the floor he immediately kept her head in his lap and starts to pat her cheeks

Sanskaar(Patting her cheeks) : Swara Plz open your eyes look it’s me Sanskaar I’m really Swara I shouted on you but plz don’t do this with me (hugs her) plz for God Sake open your ? I’ll promise I’ll never ever shout on you now plz open your eyes Dammit…!!

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  1. Awesome teaser dear

  2. Very interesting

  3. Mica

    don’t do anything to Swara Rosey! please…

  4. Kakali

    Awesome teaser Rosey… loved ut.. thnk u..

  5. Vyshu10

    superb…hope nothing happens to swara

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