Trust The Element Of Love (Prologue)

Hi Friendz I M Rosey N I M Back I Hope U All Missed Me…!!!
I Want To Start This FF Long Back But I was Busy With My Exams Now I M Free So Lets Start………
So Here I M With My New FF I Hope U All Like It N Give Me Strength To Continue It Through Ur Comments
So Lets Start
Sence ; 1
Boy : Oh Baby Here U R Finally I Got U Now No One Can Come In Between Us
Girl(Scared & Crying) : Plz Let Me Go What Have I Done To U Plzzzz
Boy(Smiles Evilly) : Oh Baby Plz Don’t Cry U Know How Much I Crave For U
Saying This Boy Starts To Move Towards The Girl While She Was Moving Backward
Girl : No Plz Don’t Come Neatr Me
She Tries To Go But Boy Holds Her Tightly
Boy(Smiles Evilly) : First Let Me Enjoy Then U Can Go

Sence ; 2
A Lady is Walking In Her House Looks Like She Is Waiting For Someone Just Then A Boy And A Girl Came Home.Lady Sees Them N Becomes Happy Boy Also Become Happy N Shocked To See The Lady
The Lady Comes Near Boy N Hugs Her
Lady : My Son How R U U Know How Much I Missed U
She Breaks The Hug N Sees Towards The Girl N Hug Her
Lady : Wow Beta U R So Preety I Must Say My Son’s Choice is Very Good I M Very Lucky To Have U As My DIL
The Girl Becomes Shocked N Sees Towards The Boy

Sence ; 3
Bride N Groom R Sitting In Mandup N Their Marriage Is Going To Complete
Priest : Now U Both R Husband N Wife Go N Take Blessing’s From Ur Elders
The Bride N Groom Walks Towads The Groom’s Mother N Take Blessings
Groom Mother : I Wish U Both A Happy Married Life
Just Then A Voice Came From Behind
Voice : Dear Friend Wo’nt U Introduce Ur DIL With Ur Childhood Friend
Hearing The Voice The Bride Becomes Tensed
G.M : Ofcourse My Dear Friend

Sence : 4
A Lady Is About To Slap A Girl But Just Then Another Lady Stops Her Hand Ans Said
Lady2 : Don’t U Dare To Touch My Daughter
Lady1 : Ur Daughrt is A Characterless Girl…………
Before She Could Complete Her Sentence She Feels A Burnind Sensation On Her Cheeck
Lady2 : ENOUGH Now I Wiil Not Hear A Worg Against My Daughter From Ur blo*dy Mouth

Sence : 5
A Girl Is Crying Sitting on Her Bed Just Then A Boy Come Towards Her N Said
Boy : Shhhh Plz on’t Cry PLz
Gril(Crying) : Why Always These Things Happened To Me There Is No One Whom I Can Call My Family
Boy : Plz Stop Crying N I M Here For U I TRUST U
Girl Astongishly Sees The Boy
Girl : Why U Trust Me This Much When No One Is Beliving Me
Boy : Because I LOVE U
Girl Becomes Shocked While The Boy Only Smiles
so here is the proulouge i will post the first episode only when i got the response so plz comment n let me know this how is that…..!!!

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Your comment will now be reviewed first before it's published. Read more here..