Trust The Element Of Love Episode 9

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RECAPE : Sanskaar Encourages Swara To Open Up….


Episode 9

Sence 1



Sanskaar shockingly turns towards Swara and said

Sanskaar : Are you sure you want to do this I mean no one is forcing you

Swara : yah I’m sure I want to share my pain with you

Sanskaar smiles and sits beside her at a little difference so that she may not feel uncomfortable

Swara starts to narrate her story

Swara(Thinking) : I was never like this I was a very bubbly and chirpy girl I have my parents Maa Baba and a loving Dadi and my lovable Di that were my support system whenever I done a mistake Baba always encourages me to accept it and say sorry My Dadi was very strict she always scold me but I always found love in her scolding and Maa use to pamper me a lot and at last my Di my role model I always wanted to become like her because my Dadi always lover her and never scolds her I wanted to become like her We were very happy in our lives but than that person came into our lives and my hole life turns ups and down He snatches my everything my Home My relation and My Di….

She was crying during telling the story and Sanskaar becomes upset seeing her he just kept her hand on her hand and assures her to continue

Swara wipe her years and again starts

Swara : I still remember that day which changes my Life completely

***********FB STARTS***********

It was a fine morning in Gagodia House we see that the workers are doing works on decoration and cleaning the house as recently the Elder daughter of Gagodia House Had married

Whole Gagodia Family is sad and remembering their Daughter yes that is elder daughter Ragini Gagodia who has Married to Laksh yesterday

Shekar and Sharmishta were sitting on dinning table but no one was eating meal just than our Swara came there and see that everyone is sad so cheer up there mood she said

Swara : Hi Maa Baba why are you both sitting like this I know you are missing Di but we are meeting her at night na in her reception so chillax

Listeining to this both Jhanki and Shekar becomes a little happy

Shekar : Yah you are write my shona now Jhanki serve me breakfast I am really hungry

Soon all family so their breakfast and starts to do chit chatting


The whole Gagodia Family goes to Ragini and Laksh reception and waits for them

Just then RagLak comes down from stairs and both were looking gorgeous

Swara goes to Ragini and hugs her while say Hi to Laksh and Laksh becomes mesmeridef to see swara and stare at her

Note : When RagLak got Married Swara was not present in their wedding as she was in hospital because her one greibd was badly injuries due to accident that’s why Laksh didn’t saw her ever

Swara forwards her hand towards Laksh got Hand shake

Swara : Hi Jiju I’m Swara your sister in law

Laksh holds her hand and said

Laksh : Hi I’m Laksh

Laksh didn’t left Swara’s hand while Swara starts to feel uncomfortable and frees her hand

In the whole function Laksh states Swara while she was feeling uncomfortable and was not understanding why her Jiju is behaving like this

After Funtion the whole family comes home and goes to their room for rest

Swara was in her room and thinking about Laksh behaviour and was worried

***********Swara’s POV***********

Why I’m feeling that jiju is not right for Di why he was behaving like this with me I think I’m over reacting may it’s all my illusions but what if it all is true and Jiju in a Bad person but Jiju is Dadi choice and Dadi will never choose wrong for Di ahhhh forget it Swara and sleep tomorrow is Paghpara and Di is coming for living one day so let’s sleep

**********ENDS POV***********

***********Next Morning***********

Raging came to Gagodia House with Laksh and they spent quality timming with family while the whole time Swara was uncomfortable with Laksh gauze

At Night Parvati request RagLak to stay at their house they will feel good and both agreed to this

***********At Mid Night************

Swara was sleeping in her room just than her mobile rings and she recibe a message

“Please come to Hall I want to talk to you” Ragini

Swara reads the msg and becomes worried and without thinking she runs to Hall

Swara : Di Di where are you???

Suddenly someone hugs her from back she was about to shout but that person covers his mouth with his hand and makes her trims towards him

Person(Still Holding her) : Shhhh it’s me look I’m removing my hand from your mouth so plz don’t shout I want to talk to you ok

He removed his hand from her mouth and Swara pushes him

Swara(Terrified) : what’s this why you are here and where is my Di? she called me here and how you came to know about me coming here

Person(smiles Evilly) : it was not you Di who called you It’s me

Swara becomes shocked

Swara(Cryingly) ; whyyy Jiju

Laksh : because I wanted to talk with you alone

He starts to moves towards her and holds her hand while she was trying to free her hand

Laksh : I Love U Swara

Swara becomes shocked after listening to this

Swara(Angry) : what’s nonsense you are my Jiju how can you say like that and leave my hand otherwise I will shout

Laksh(Holds her Arms Tightly) : No you will not do that and yes I love you if I would have seen you first I would have marry you not that Ragini if if you say yes I will divorce Ragini and we marry with each other plz plz say yes

Swara was trying to free herself as Laksh was talking like a Phyco

Swara : No I will never do that help help Di Maa Baba koi hai HELP

Listening to her shouts Laksh leave her and while Gagodia Family comes there

Shekar : Swara what happened why are you shouting like this and what you both are doing here.

Before Swara could say anything Laksh said

Laksh(Fake Cry) : it’s good you all come here see this cheap girl is trying to molest me

Liateing to this everyone indulging Swara becomes shocked.

Swara(Cryingly) : No Baba he is lying he is the one who was trying to force me and said he doesn’t love Ragini Di he just married to get because of her patents

Laksh knows that Dadi didn’t like Swara so he goes towards Dadi

Laksh(Fake Cry) : Dadi do you also think the same I’m saying the truth she was trying to distract me she says that she loves me and she is jelouse of Ragini as you all love her more than her so that why she wants me and she also says if I tell to anyone she will tell u all that it’s me who was trying to molest her not she

Saying so he acts to cry.

Swara who was seeing this all becomes numb she goes to Ragini and said

Swara(plEADING) : Di plz believe me he is lying plz


But Ragini gives a tight slap to swara everyone becomes shocked.

Ragini(Angrly) : I didn’t know that you think all this about me I hate you Swara from today Swara and Ragini will never become one I hate you get out from my house I said GET out

Swara was shocked and didn’t move as her Ragini Do had slapped her who always save her from scolding

Dadi becomes happy while Laksh Smirlks evilly and Shekar and Jhanki also didn’t say anything

Dadi(Happy) : Very good Ladoo I always know that she is not good she is not like she shows herself Akhir dika di na apni aukaat today she proved that she is not our real daughter

Listening to this Swara becomes more shocked and said

Swara(Shocked) ; what are you saying Dadi Maa Baba plz you believe me I didn’t do anything plz

She sat in their feet and cry about nine of them say any thing

Dadi(Taunting) ; it is true you doesn’t belong to our family Shkar and Jhanki going you at road when you was three years old now her list from our house

Saying so he drags her and was about to throw her out of house just than Jhanki spoke.

Jhanki : one mintue Maa.

Swara becomes happy as she thinks Jhanki he loves her while Laksh becomes tense Jhanki goes on her room and comes back with a locket and holds Swara’s hand and keep it in her hand

Jhanki : it’s yours when we found yyou it was in your neck now get lost and never come back you characterless girl

Saying so he pushes her and closed the door at her face

While Swara stands there and cries remembering Her so cold Family’s Behaviour…

**********FB ENDS***********

After finshing her story she was crying bitterly while Sanskaar was numb he just want to comfort her so he hugs her and runs her back while Swara was crying in his embrace……..!!!


PERCAPE : Still THinking….!!!


So Thats It
Guys togay i have written suc a long update i hope u all like it….!!!

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  1. Mahjabeen

    Awesome dear…its soo emotional..flng bad fr swara..but i hope now sanskar will b wth her nd may give her justice…waitng fr soon

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    Simply superb

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    Waaaa !!! Physo Laksh… i wanna bang ur head with wall… huhhhh !!!

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    Jhanki,Sekhar bass that’s it… u know ur daughter this much.?
    ohhh God…
    anyway m very happy that Swara came from that hell n finds her prince… who is gonna her unconditionally….
    Sooo uuhhuuu INCREDIBLE love story is gonna start soon…

    Love it Rosey … it’s awesome… thnk u… ;-*

  4. SNY

    Awesome dr…
    Nxt one soon..

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    I am happy swara is safe with sanskar

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    Very sad episode but it’s nice! And sanskaar should help her with justice… But feeling bad, you made laksh a psycho?? OK never mind… No probs. Kabhi na kabhi toh kisi na kisi ko bura banane mein hi mazaa aata hai?

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    so sad… could they do like this? Thank god…sanskar found her……a big punch to laksh

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    awesome rosey πŸ™‚ today i got to know that it is your story πŸ˜‰ actually im very poor in reading authors name πŸ˜›

    1. Rosey

      its ok Rabia i M Glad that u liked it

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