Trust The Element Of Love Episode 7

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RECAPE : Sanskaar Shouts On Swara


Episode 7

Sence 1


Swara is walking towards the Store room just than she collde with someone and without turning she said

Swara : Sorry

Person becomes shocked hearing her voice and sees her he immediately held her hand before she leaves

Swara turns and was about to say something but seeing the person her face becomes pale

Swara(Scared) : Y…Youuuu

Person(Smrilkling) : yah me baby wow what a luck finally I found you

Swara While going backwards

SwAra(Scared) : No don’t come near me

Person with evil smile on his face moving towards her

Person(Smirlks Evilly) : why baby you know how much I love you come to me

Swara(Crying & Scared) : look up saying don’t come near other wise I’ll shout

Person(Smillung evilly ) : ohhh so you wanna shout no problem shout baby as much as you can shout

Swara : Plz koi hai HELP ME PLZZZ

Prson(Evilly) : aw my poor baby no one came to help you so now it’s my turn

Swara(Tries To Control Her Fear) : Look I didn’t do anything let me go

She tries to free herself but his hold gets tight

Person(Evilly) : How can I leave you I want to show you who I am and what have you done to me and yah that day yyou ran away licking me now see what I’ll do with you

Saying this he angrily hol’s her hair making her scream in pain

Swara(Screaming) : Ahhhh leave me

Person(Angry) : do you think I’m a fool to leave you no way you are just MINE now I will show you hell

The Person was dragging Swara to the main gate by holding her hair and Swara was trying to free herself

Person jerks her and makes her stands and again starts to drag her but she sees her hand with which he was dragging her and biye on his hand with full strength

Person’s hold on Swara get loose and Swara pusshed her with full force and started to ran in the corridoor

The Person becomes furious and runs behind her

But Swara till than reach store room and hides under the table

The Person also enters behind her and said

Person(Trying To Convince Swara) : Swara Baby come out you know me that I’ll find you so come out come out baby don’t tease your LOVER you know how much I miss you when you left us on th sorry how can you left we throw you out now come out I will take you home come out baby

Swara kept her hand on her mouth to prevent from voice of sobs


Sence 2


Sanskaar enters the cabin angrily and said

Sanskaar(Angry) : I have never expected this from you I trusted you and you back stabbed me

Girl(Scared) : I can explain sir

Sanskaar(Shouting Angrily) : What will you explain just because of your dirty tricks today I was going to face huge loss and more than loss my reputation was at sake

Girl(Scared) : Sir I M Sorry please forgive me

Sanskaar(Shouting) : Just because of you I scold Swara who save my reputation and you get lost never ever show me your face again

Girl is crying

Sanskaar(Furiouse)?: I thought You are a good girl but no you proved me wrong

Gir(Crying)? : No sir you are missunderstanding me plz give me one chance to say something

Sanskaar(Angrily Shouting)? : Now what you want more I have seen everything with my eyes

Girl(scared) : No sir plz I’m sorry I’ll never do this again

Sanskaar(Angrily Shouting) ; I’ll never give second chance to cheaters you cheat my company by selling my company’s information You are fired just get lost and never ever show me your face again other wise I’ll hand over to you to police

Girl(crying) : plz don’t do this with me sir how will I be able to survive without this job

Sanskaar(Shouting at the top of his voice) : I said GET LOST U blo*dy

After Shouting On The Girl Sanskaar Leaves From There And Was Findind Swara Just Than He See Security Officer

Sanskaar : Gopal Did U See Swara The New Employ

Gopal : Yah Sir She Came To Me And Was Asking About Video Recordings So I Send Her To Store Room

Sanskaar : Ok Thanks You Go And Do Your Work

After Talking With Gopal He Huridly Leaves From There To Go To The Store Room


Sence 3

As The Person Was Finding Swara Listein Some Foot Steps From Outside And Runs From There

While Swara Was Still Under The Table She Starts To Feel SAffocation And Faints There

Sanskaar Enters The Store Roon Ans Calls Her Name

Sanskaar(Wrried & Shouting) : Swara Swara Where Are You???

But He Didnt Get Any Reply

He Becomes Worried And Starts To Seach Here And There In Store Room But Didn’t Find Her

Sanskaar(Monoluge) : Where She Has Gone ??? Kahin Mujhy Chore Ke Toh Nahi Challi Gai No This Can’t Happened Think Postive Sanskaar

While Sanskaar Was Busy In Talking With Himself He Suddenly Notice A Pieceof Swara’s Dupatta Under The Table

He Goes Towards The Dupatta And Becomes Shocked To See Swara Lying Unconciouss Under The Table

He Pulls Her Out And Sees Her Dress In Torn From Her Sleeve And Becomes Shocked And Worried

Sanskaar(Shocked & Worried) : Oh My God

He immediately kept her head in his lap and starts to pat her cheeks

Sanskaar(Patting her cheeks) : Swara Plz open your eyes look it’s me Sanskaar I’m really Swara I shouted on you but plz don’t do this with me (hugs her) plz for God Sake open your ? I’ll promise I’ll never ever shout on you now plz open your eyes Dammit…!!! I Have To Take Her To Hospital

He Lifts Her Up in Her Arms And Goes Towards The Parking Area He Makes Her Lie On Back Seat And Starts The Car…..


PERCAPE : Swara’s Nightmares……


So Tell Me Guys How Was The Episode!!!
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