Trust The Element Of Love Episode 6

Hi Guys Here I Am With Next Part I M Really Sorry For Late As My Lappy Is Broken So I Have Written This Episode Through Moble
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RECAP : Clients Becomes Angery On Sanskaar And Swara Manages The Situation…!!!


Episode 6



Sanskaar leaves the conference room in anger and goes towards his cabin Swara who was seeing all this becomes worried and goes behind him she thought to talk to him and goes to his cabin

IN Sanskaar’s Cabin

Swara knocks the door two times and then goes inside the cabin

She sees that Sanskaar is standing near the window

She hesitantly goes behind her and said

Swara(Scared) : s….sir

Sanskaar didn’t reply to her

Swara(Scared & Worried) ; Sir plz listen to me I hav……

She was cutt off by sanskaar’s anger

Sanskaar(Angrily Shouting) : what what so you want me to listein

Swara becomes more scared by listening to his shouting and the whole office becomes worried as they know that Sanskaar is really strict boss and does not shout without any reason

Sanskaar(Angrily Shouting) : Here my reputation was at same and you want me to liste8n you I have just given you one work only one work and that too you didn’t do with proper concentration

Swara(Scared & Cryingly) : B…but S….sir I just

She was again cutt off by sanskaar’s words

Sanskaar(Angrily Shouting) ; you were just what Swara you know what you leave from here write now I don’t want to talk to you

Swara(Cryingly) : But sir plz at least give me one chance ……

Sanskaar(Shouted at Its Peak) ; I said leave LEAVE FROM HERE WRITE NOW

Swara becomes scared and leaves from there hurridly


Sence 2

Swara is sitting in her cabin and thinking about the file and presentation

***********Swara’s POV***********

How can this happens I only copy that file which Sanskaar sir gave me how can the file changes by itself wait when Sanskaar sir gave me file than I came into my cabin then I go to meet Priya for some work at that time file was in my cabin may be at 5hat time someone changes that file if it is really true than I have to find out who changed that file but from where can I know all this think Swara think if I’ll not be able to prove my innocence then Sanskaar sir will fired me and I can’t loose this job this job is my only hope yah idea camera once Sanskaar sir told me that he has cameras in all the cabins in office so may be that can help me chal Swara beta laag is kaam or

***********END POV***********

Swara goes towards the security room and then talk to security officer

Swara : Gopal(security officer) I want to see the recording of my cabin can I???

Gopal. : But why mam???

Swara : see Gopal I can’t tell u know it’s really necessary for me and my job plz let me check the footage

Gopal : ok mam u can see the footage but that footage is not here we have kept the recording of afternoon at store room U have to find the CD from there

Swara : ok I find it can you plz tell me the way to store room

Gopal tell the way to store room to Swara and she leaves from there in hurry


Sence 3

Sanskaar is sitting in his cabin and thinking about Swara and presentation

***********Sansakaar’s POV***********

How can this happen ????

Itni bari galati I can’t tolerate it but why will Swara do rha5 she has just joined 1 day before my office than she is not 5he one but who can be the one who can get the f8le as I myself know that I have given correct file to Swara and she didn’t know about the project also there is someone in my office who has done this

But why will anybody do that may due to money someone has stolen that file I have to find out as soon as possible and I also shouted on Swara she must be feeling worried and scared from my behavour I have to talk to her and know what happened exactly I am such a jerk I should have given her a chance to explain but instead of that I made her scared with my behaviour

***********END POV***********

Sanskaar immediately left his cabin to meet Swara he goes to her cabin but didn’t find her there

Sanskaar(Monoluge) : Where is she now may be Priya know where she is I have to ask her

While Sanskaar was going towards Priya’s cabin he heard someone talking about some file and stops there to liste8n the conservation of that person who was taking on phone his back was towards the door so Sanskaar can only see his back

UNKNOWN PERSON(Irritated) : I have done your work

UP ; I know our plan failed as at last minute that Swara save Sanskaar reputation but you don’t worry I will not leave then that easily at first I have to clear my path as unroll that Swara is with Sanskaar I don’t think she will let Sanskaar’s reputation ruined so I have to do something to her her out of this office

UP(Smirlks Evilly) : U don’t worry I’ll done your work as soon as possible

UP : ok bye

After cutting the call the UP turns towards the door and becomes shocked to see Sanskaar standing there with red eyes

UP(Scared) : Sir I can explain ….

Sanskaar(Angrily Shouted) : ENOUGH……..


PERCAP : Response pe Depend Karta hai……!!!


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