Trust The Element Of Love Episode 5


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RECAPE : Sanskaar’s Care For Swara…….!!!


Episode 5

Sence 1

At Office

Sanskaar is sitting in his cabin and watching Swara from glass door as swara’s cabin is beside Sanskaar cabin he sees that she is totally engrosed in her work while on the other side Swara feels someone’s strong gaze on her and looks towards the direction but she only sees Sanskaar who is looking some file n busy increasing as Sanskaar sence her movement so that’s why he imdiatrly grab any random file n acts as he is reading Swara thinks may be it’s her stupid thoughts as no one is watching her after that he again engrossed in her work while Sanskaar who was observing her from cornor of his eyes sees her working n becomes relax

***********Sanskaar POV***********

Thank God You Save Me Otherwise what would have happened I didn’t imagine it If she comes to know that I was staring at her she will tell uncomfortable from now onwards I have to be care ful regarding stairing at her Now Sanskaar do your work but how can I work as my concentration is just on her I want to talk to her but how think Sanskaar think yah idea this would be good idea in that way she can do her work I can do my work so let’s start your work Sanskaar Bachaa

***********POV Ends***********

While after thinking an idea jmhe smirlks and dials her number from inter com

The phone in Swara cabin ring and she picks it up

Swara : Hello

Sanskaar : Hello Swara come to my cabin with Mr Mehata’s file

Swara : ok I’m coming sir

Sanskaar after talking to her put the recover in phone and starts to wait for her

Soon Swara enters in his cabin with file and hand it to Sanskaar.

Swara : Sir here is the file which you were asking

Sanskaar grand the file and acts as he is reading and signs Swara to sit on the chair while she sits there waiting for his reply and also observing his cabin while Sanskaar was only observing her instaed of reading

Sanskaar : Ahmmm Swara make prestation on this file as I have to discuss it with clients

Sanskaar gives file to Swara she takes the file and was about to leave when Sanskaar said.

Sanskaar : Swara you sit on the couch and make prestation as it is tough one so you may need my help so it’s better you make prestation on it in my cabin ok

Swara simply nodes her head n sat on the sofa n starts to do her work silently

Soon time passes and it is 7 pm the time for leaving employes Swara who was busy in prestation didn’t notice time and remains busy with file while Sanskaar sees the times and becomes shocked to see and said

Sanskaar : Swara come let’s go home it’s late you can make remaining prestation later

He said all this while walking towards the sofa Swara also sees the time and than to Sanskaar and said

Swara : Sir plz half hour more I just completed the prestation and just want to check it

Sanskaar becomes impressed by her sincerity and said ok You take this file and check the prestation at home as it’s really late we have to go home Maria Aunty must be waiting for us

Swara : ok just give me 5 minutes to collect all the things

Sanskaar ; ok

Swara stands up from sofa and moves towards her cabin and grabs her purse and file and kept the remaining files in drawer and locks them and comes out from her cabin as the whole office was empty so there was no one expect our Swa San

Soon both starts to walk towards the car while walking suddenly Swara feels dizziness and was about to fall but Sanskaar holds her at nick time and Said

Sanskaar(Worried) : Swara What Happened R U Fine?

Sanskaar Is Still Holding In Heis arms Just Then Swara Frees Herself And Stands Properly And Said

Swara : yah Sir I M Fine I Think Just A Little Weakness

Just Then Sanskaar remebers that they didn’t hve there lunch

Sanskaar(Shockingly) : swara Why Didn’t You have Your Lunch?

Swara Makes A Pout Face And said

Swara(Pout Face) : Sorry Sir Wo Actually I Was Totally Engrossed In My Work So I Forgot About Lunch

Sanskaar(Angry) : How Can You Be So Careless Swara

He Closes His Eyes And Clams Himself And Said

Sanskaar : Ok Swara This Time I M Leaving You But From Next You Have To Take Your Meal At Right Time Do U Understand?

Swara Simply Nodes

Sanskaar : Ok Now Come Sit we Leave

They Both Sat In Car And Drives Towards The Home


Sence 2


The car stops in parking area and Sanskaar imidiayelu comes out from the car and goes towards the other door and gives his hand Swara so that she can come out

Swara comes out from the car she is still holding sansakaar’s hand after standing she left his hand anwas about to walk but she again started to feel dizzy and Sanskaar holder her at Nick of time his hands were on her sholders

Sanskaar(Still Worried) : let me help you to go to your room

Swara : I M Fine Sir

Swara removing his hands from her sholders and tried to walk but fails

Sanskaar(Worried & Angry) : That I can see how much better you are now stop arguing with me and let me help you

Swara : But…….

Sanskaar(Angry) : No But Wat I m going to drop yyou till your room and rhats final

Swara sees his anger and care and does not says anything

Sansakar kept his Right hand on her shoulder and holds her left hand in his left hand and starts to walk slowly towards the door while Swara sees him with moist and lovable eyes

Soon they reach to hall and Sanskaar makes Swara sit on the sofa and ask Maria To belring water for her while he himself settelws in front of her sofa

Soon Maria came with water and gives it to her after drinking water she feels relax

Sanskaar : R U Fine now?

Swar simply nodes her head with a slight smiles which Sanskaar relax and he said

Sanskaar(Relaxed) : Maria Aunty u plz bring Swara and mine dinner in her room I’m taking her to Her room

Saying this he was about to hold her but she said

Swara : Sir now I’m fine and we can do our dinner at dinning table I don’t have any problem

Saying this was about to stand up but (u all know na our Sanskaar never misses a chance to romance with his princess) before she could walk towards the table she feels her feet in air and in the next moment she was in our hero’s Arm??????

Sanskaar lift her in his arms and started to walls towards swara’s room

Swara(Embaressed) : what are you doing sir plz put me down I can walk

Sanskaar : I know you can walk and I so know that how much better you walk like in the parking area you were walking right??

Due to embaressment she hung her head down while Sanskaar keeps on walking toward her room

After reaching her room he makes he sit on the b3d and say besides her while at a little distance so she don’t feel awkward

There is complete silence in the room Swara is sitting hung her head down due to resent incident and same situation was with Sanskaar

Just then Maria entersvtje room with trolly making both alert both of them composes their selves

Maria : Sanskaar baba Swara beta have your dinner

Saying so she sets the good on table which was kept on the side

After setting the dinner on glass Maria Left from there

Sanskaar : Lets have dinner

Swara nodes and stands up with him and they both say on the sofa

Sanskaar was about to serve her but she said

Swara : let me do that sir

Sanskaar : ok

Swara served the dinner and they both eat it silently

After eating the dinner Sanskaar stands up and said

Sanskaar : Now you take rest and we will meet in the morning and if u need anything then tell me

Saying this he leaves from there

After his leaving Swara goes towards the window and smiles thinking about Sanskaar And Thinks How He Always Protect Her From Everything

Na Kuch Poocha, Na Kuch Manga
Tune Dil Se Diya Jo Diya
Na Kuch Bola, Na Kuch Tola
Muskura Ke Diya Jo Diya
Tu Hi Dhoop, Tu Hi Chau
Tu Hi Apna Paraya
Aur Kuch Na Janu, Bas Itna Hi Janu
(Tujh Mein Rab Dikhta Hai, Yaara Mein Kya Karun) – 2
Sajde Sar Jhukta Hai, Yaara Mein Kya Karun
Tujh Mein Rab Dikhta Hai, Yaara Mein Kya Karun
Rab Ne.. Bana Di Jodii..


Sence 3

Next Morning


Both Swara and Sanskaar came down on BF table and wish each other after completing lunch both sat in car and drive towards the office


After reaching office both goes to their cabin and started their work soon Sanskaar called Swara in his cabin

Swara : May I come in sir?

Sanskaar : Yah come in

He gives a file to Swara

Sansakaar(In Serious Tone) : Swara make 7 copies of this file and kept it on the table in confrence room as we have an important nearing in half an hour

Swara ; ok sir.

Saying so she left from there and started to make copies

After making copies of the file she kept then on the table soon after some time the clients comes in and settle on their seats Swara and Sanskaar was already present their in nearing hall waiting for them

Sanskaar : Before we start meeting I want to tell you all something plz check the file which is kept in front of all you

All the members check the file and after that they becomes shocked

Mr MALHOTRA a client and v important business associate of Sanskaar

Mr MALHOTRA(Angry) : what’s this Sanskaar is this a presentation it’s totally a joke

Sanskaar : what happened Mr Malhotra why are u saying this?

Mr Malhotra(Angry) : what happened Sanskaar you your self see what happened ?

Saying so he handle that file to Sanskaar

After reading the file Sanskaar also becomes shocked and don’t know what to do Swara who was also seeing this also grabs a file from 5able and becomes shocks after seeing as it was not any presntation there were just some blue print random bile prints

She again sees the file and then see towards the Sanskaar who is standing shocked then she finally got a plan and said

Swara : hmmm sir (to Mr Malhotra) sir actually we did this due to some purpose(Sanskaar sees towards Swara with blank expressions) we did this as we want your suggestion also as we are doing this project together so we thought why not we combine our ideas and make best blue print (sees towards Sanskaar ) Am I right sir???

Sanskaar finally getting his point speaks

Sanskaar(Trying To Manage The Situation) ; Yah Mr Malhota Swara is right I was thinking to combing all clients ideas and make it according to your wish what you say

Mr Malhotr after thinking sometimes looked towards Sanskaar who is v worried from inside but fidbt show from outside and spoke

Mr Malhotr(Happyily) : well I liked your idea very much Sanskaar and I really appreciate that lady

Looking towards swara

Sanskaar(Proud) : meet my PA miss Swara

Mr Malhotra(With Slight Smile) : nice meeting you lady we really like it idea Mr Maheswari so we will like to continue it and also we have a condition

Sanskaar(Worried) : what condition Mr Malhotr a

MM: we want that miss Swara also do this project with us they way she descibes the project I really liked it

Sanskaar(Relaxed & Happy) : sure Mr Malhotr we will definitely do this project together

After completing the conference everyone left from there and now Sanskaar was very angry on Simone Swara looks towards him and becomes scared after seeing his red blood shoot eyes filled with anger Sanskaar bangs his hand hardly in the table and Swara becomes more scared…


PERCAP : Sanskaar’s Anger On………..!!!


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