Trust The Element Of Love Episode 4


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RECAPE : Swara In Shopping Mall……….!!!


Episode 4




Sanskaar came from his office happily to see Swara he comes at 6 pm a little early from his usual time n kept his beg on the sofa n sees here n there in search of Swara but couldn’t find her just that Maria comes there with a glass of water n gives it to him

Sanskaar who was searching Swara sees Maria n then takes the glass from her

Sanskaar : Maria Aunty where is Swara? Is she ok?

Maria : Yah she is ok now n resting on her room

Sanskaar after listening Maria becomes worried n said

Sanskaar : Now means is there happened something in my absence ?

Maria Don’t know what to answer his question Sanskaar again asks her

Sanskaar : Aunty tell me what happened

He was about to go towards her room just then Maria stops her n stats to explain her condition at mall

Maria ; wait Sanskaar baba let her take rest I’ll tell u what happened actually when we were at shopp8nh mall I have some dresses to Swara for trying she was normal till than but when she came back she was looking tensed n yah when I go to pay bill she was vanshised for some time n when she came back she was looking terrified I don’t know what happened to her when I ask her about that she just simply said that some dreadful dream come in front of me I can’t understand

Sanskaar becomes more worried after listening to Maria n ruushes towards Swara room while Maria was adoring his care for that girl

After reaching to her room he knocks the door 3 to 4 times when he didn’t get any answer he open the door n enters in it n sees that an angel is sleeping on the bed while hugging pillow he moved towards her n becomes spell bounded by her inosenxe while he also becomes worried after seeing dried marks of tears on her face

He silently sits beside her n caress her hair n kisses on her forehead adjust blanket on her n leaves from there



IN Sanskaar’s Room

After reaching his room He sat on the couch n thinks about swara’s lied n her behaviour

Sanskaar(Monoluge) : Why why ??? Why she is lieing why can’t she tell me her problem I can’t see her in pain today also she said that she slip in the trail room but I can clearly see that the marks on her hands r not due to slip in trail room in fact they are due to someone’s grip on her hand why can’t she share her pain with me why????

Just then an image forms in front of him its his heart

Sanskaar(Heart) : Sanskaar u yourself told her to take as much as time I want then why r u curious now I should wait for her reply n she tell u na that she needs time so what’s the problem now.

Sanskaar(Real) : yah I know u r right but what yodo I can’t see her in pain I want to reduce her pain which she is hiding from me.

Sanskaar(Heart) : Exactly she is hiding because she don’t know you she only met with you yesterday and I r expecting from her to tell u her full life history I mean man think about it how can she share her pain with an stranger

Sanskaar(Real) : but I’m not a stranger to her I told her earlier to trust me n tell me her problem but she is not listening to me n bearing alll the pain alone

Sanskaar(Heart) : For you may be she is special but for her you are just an stranger first you have to gain her trust then when she start belivibg in you she herself share her pain pain with you you have to make her feel comfortable till than you have wait n give her your sypport are you understanding??

Sanskaar(Real) : yah I’m understanding thank you so much but wait lisyltein

He looks upward but there was no one

Sanskaar(Monoluge) : Now just wait and watch Swara I will remove all ur pain n give you all the happiness which you deserve just wait and watch my dear





Now it’s a beautiful morning for our love one Swara doesn’t know that this morning is going to change her life for ever

Soon our SwaSan get ready and came down for breakfast both greets each other with a smile n sat on the running table for BF

Sanskaar : Swara today is your first day in office Are You ready ???

Swara : Yahh… I think so

Sanskaar : ok come now we should leave I also have to inroduce you with my staff

Saying this he walks towards the door while Swara follows her room both reach towards the car and sat in it and drive towards the office




Sanskaar is sitting on the driving seat while Swara is sitting beside him there is complete silence in the car just then the car stop at signal and some poor kids come there with lots of red roses and said

Boy : Plz didi buy these flowers these look very pretty in your hands

Swara who wants to buy the flowers as she loves red roses but stop due to Sanskaar as whether he likes it or not but Sanskaar sees his wish in her eyes n decide to buy the flowers

Boy2 : yah Bahiyya plz but them and give to didi she will become happy plz

Listening to their talks Sanskaar but all the flowers and give it to Swara making her happy

Sanskaar : here you go Swara

Swara : Thank you Mr Maheswari

Soon they reach to office and get down from car Swara becomes nervous n starts to play with her fingers

Sanskaar who was observing his activity holds her hand Swara shockingly looks towards Sanskaar while he signs her to relax as he is with her through his Eyes




Both Swasan enters the office and all the office becomes shocks to see Sanskaar with a girl while Swara becomes more nervous

Sanskaar comes at center and said

Sanskaar : Attention everybody here I want to intoduce my PA with all of you Meet miss Swara my PA I hope you will will help her in her work

All the staff greets Swara happily due to this her nervousness becomes less

Sanskaar : ok guys now get back to work and you miss Priya come to my cabin with miss Swara

Saying this he lest from there following Priya And Swara



IN Sanskar’s Cabin

While the trio enters in Sanskaar cabin Sanskaar sits on his chair n said

Sanskaar : miss Priya you plz help miss Swara and let her know her work

Priya : ok sir

Sanskaar : Swara you go with Priya she will tell you your work if u need any help then tell her ok

Swara simply nodes her head and left from there


PERCAPE : Swara’s First Day At Office……….!!!


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  4. Sanskar mera baccha u r soooo understanding… m proud of u..??((actually proud of u Rosey dat u show his character so well)) thnx dear.

    1. Rosey

      Thank u so much

  5. This is soo good,u have portrayed swara & sanskar really well.
    It’s a cute storyline. Just can say fantastic.
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