Trust The Element Of Love Episode 3


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RECAPE : Sanskaar’s Care For Swara………..


Episode 3

Sence 1


It’s a pleasant morning Sanskaar was sleeping in his room with a pretty smile on his face just then he hears a melodious voice at first he thought that he is dreaming but then he hears the someone is singing ARTI

He becomes surprised n rushes out from his room He sees that Swara is doing ARTi

He immediately runs in his room n freshen up after that he came down till then Swara finishes her ARTI

When Swara turns she sees Sanskaar standing there closing his eyes n folding his hands on pray style After praying Sanskaar opens his eyes n sees Swara standing with Prasad n ARTI

She gave ARTI to Sanskaar n kept it Mandir again

There was awkward silence for some time which was broken by Swara

Swara(Hesitate) : hmmm actually I have a habit to do ARTI so I did it I hope u don’t mind

Sanskaar : No I don’t mind intact u remeber me my mom she also do ARTI When she was here so no problem I can do what ever I want to do in this House

Saying this he was about to leave but stops hearing her voice

Swara(Hesitate) : Mr Maheswari actually I have a problem

Sanskaar seriously sees her n said

Sanskaar(Worried) : Is everything ok ? Do u need anything?

Swara(Don’t Know How To Say) : Yah actually I have no clothes as u have given this dress to me tomorrow n I m wearing from yesterday now I have to go office with u but I have no clothes

Sanskaar : Oh yah I didnt think about that wait let me think

Swara : Hmm I have a solution of this problem

Sanskaar : Then tell me what are you waiting for?

Swara(Hesitate) : Can we go to shopping ? As I have no money can u give me some money so that I can buy some clothes for me I will return it money when I got my first salary

She said all this in one breath while Sanskaar was looking her He takes out his wallet n give some money to Swara n said

Sanskaar : You with Maria Aunty n do some shopping n yah no need to return this money this is take it as ur advance salary

Swara : ok

Sanskaar : And yah listein Swara no need to come office today u do shopping n yah if u need anything then call me oh how cool I am u don’t have a phone wait here

Saying this he goes to his room n comes back after sometime with a box he gives that box to Swara

Sanskaar : Take this Swara I always keep a extra mobile at home n yah if something happens then call me

All this time Swara was just standing n trying to und e stand Sanskaar behaviour towards her while Sanskaar was leaving from there Swara calls him

Swara : Mr Maheswari I want to ask u why are I doing this much for me after all I m a stranger for u how can I trust me blindly what if I m a criminal or some kind of their

Sanskaar smiles hearing her questions n said

Sanskaar : You Know Swara I have never seen a innocent girl like you and lvdidnt not want to tell u this but now I have to tell u that I know u lied yesterday to me regarding ur parents I the matter is not which u r telling it’s something else but I don’t ask u because I have Sen pain in ur eyes the pain of broken trust n the remaining questions which u ask now that how I can’t doubt u so who criminal inform before stealing or doing murder of someone so that why I have full TRUST in you

Listening to all this at first Swara becomes shocks then becomes emotional seeing Sanskaar ‘s blind TRUST for her she ran to Sanskaar n hugged him tightly making him shocked n numb After some time he also resspricot the hug Swara comes to sences and immediately part away from him she becomes embarresed on her act n said

Swara(Embarresed) : wo wo sorry actually I become a little emotional I m sorry

Sanskaar(Trying To Avoid Situation) : Its ok

Swara : You are really a gem Mr Maheswari the girl who will be ur life partner must be very lucky n yah u are right I lied to you about my parents but I need time to tell u truth I hope u understand

Sanskaar : I totally understand Swara take ur time n yah now come n have some breakfast n then go with Aunty ok

Swara(Hesitate) : ok hmm Mr Maheswari can I ask u something

Sanskaar : yah sure

Swara : How can U trust some stranger blindly,??

Sanskaar smiles at her n said


You know Swara I always be live TRUST is the main thing in any relation whether it is between A Mother And her child A wife and Husband or whether it is relation between two lovers or friend only TRUST IS THE MAIN ELEMENT I hope now u can understand

He sees his watch n becomes shocked oh shit I have yo rush I have a meeting but

Before Swara could say anything Sanskaar left from there making Swara shocked at his childish behaviour


Sence 2


Swara and Maria were shopping n selecting clothes for Swara Just then Maria gives some dresses to Swara n ask her to try then Swara silently takes them and goes towards the trail room she tried the dresses

When she was coming back she sees a Husband and Wife doing shopping happily she becomes teary eyed by seeing them n left from there she goes to Maria Aunty and said

Swara(Little Tensed) : Maria Aunty I think we should leave now these dresses are enough for me rest we will buy some other day

Maria who notice Swara ‘s tensed face didn’t argue n said

Maria : ok u stay here I’ll go and pat the bill

Swara simply nodes her head n stands there she looks here and there n starts seeing dresses just then someone pulls her towards him n drags her to a silent corner and pins her to wall this process happened in a neno seconds that she didn’t get a chance to say anything

When she sees the person a shiver of fear pass through her Spain

Swara becomes terrified while the boy smirlks evilly

Boy(Smiles Evilly) : Hello sweetheart where were you? You know I try to find u but now finally I got you now I will not leave you

He says all this while roaming his index finger on swara’s face making her uncomfortable

Swara becomes more scared listening to his talks

Swara(Scared) : what have I done to you plz let me go

Boy(Smrilks) : How can I leave u You are an atom bomb it’s your fault why you come in front if me?

He says all this moving his face close to Swara face while she turns her face to avoid his disgusting sight

Swara tried to free herself but his grip was strong n he was leaning towards his lips this made her numb n she imedialtely hit him on his private part Due to hit his grip loses n Swara takes this as an opportunity and ran from there leaving that boy screaming in pain

She reached near counter where Maria was already looking for her seeing Maria Swara imduately ran to her n hugged her tightly n cries silently Maria becomes worried seeing Swara condition n takes her to home


Sence 3


After reaching Home Maria took Swara to her Room and make her sit on the bed and asked

Maria(Worried) : What happened in the mall Swara ? Why you become afraid all of a sudden ? Is everything fine?

Swara didn’t give any answer to Maria which make Maria more worried for her

Maria places her hand on her shoulder n again asks

Maria(Worried) : Swara tell beta

Swara Trying To Control His Fear

Swara(Still Scared) : I don’t know what to tell you Aunty just thought as some some dreadful dream comes in front of me

Maria understand that it is related to her past so she didn’t force her and said

Maria : You take rest you must be tired I’ll go know

Swara smiles faintly and said

Swara : ok Aunty and thanks for being with me

Maria smiles at her left from there leaving Swara engrossed in her thoughts


PERCAPE : Same as Previouse……….!!!


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