Trust The Element Of Love Episode 26

Hi Friends here I’m with the next part I know you all are waiting from so long for this part so here we go…!!!


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Episode 26

Sense – 1


IN SwaSan Room

Both Swasan were sleeping peacefully in each others embrace with a pure blessed smile on there face…

Just then Sunrays park through from there window and wake the up firstly Swara wakes up and sees her handsome hubby sleeping peacefully and due to Sun rays he was cuddling more into Swara

She slowly tries to free herself from his grip without disturbing his sleep but he was hugging her with full possessiveness making her blush like a red tomato…

While she was busy in freeing herself suddenly Sanskaar tights his grip and pulls her towards him like this that she was now on top of him totally suprised from his hubby’s actions…

A smirk was clearly seen on his face he opens his eyes and sees his beautiful chubby and blushing wife which make him feel more happy as his one touch can make his wife loose his control

Both were busy in stairing each other just than Sanskaar rolls on her and pins her to the bed making her surprise and blushes more

Sanskaar was seeing his lips with a desire and than he sees Swara for her permission Swara who understands his hubby’s intentions blushingly closed her eyes giving him a positive response

On getting her response without wasting a single second he started to kiss her passionately making her mourn in between kiss he was sucking her lower lip slowly like a child licks his ice cream to get it’s taste completely after that he do the same with upper lip…Making her cluthes his shirt in her fits while his hands were shamelessly roaming on her waist

He pinches on her waist at which she gasps due to pain and taking it as an opportunity he enters his toungue in her mouth to whom she welcome with whole heartedly they broke the kiss after almost 10 minutes and he rests his whole male muscular body on her fragile delicate one

Swara was totally red with shyness as Sanskaar was taking long breathes to calm himself she pushed him suddenly and runs inside washroom making Sanskaar laugh loudly at his wife’s cute and blushing antics….


Sense – 2

AT Dinning Table

All were assembled upon dinning table and doing breakfast just than Sanskaar said something which make everyone happy as well as shocked too

Sanskaar(clearing his thoart and nervous) : ahmmm I want to tell you all something very important…

Ap(Worried) : is everything ok son I mean I hope it will be a good news not some bad…

Sanskaar(smiles) : yes Mom it’s good news and I’m sure you will be happy listening to this,..

Shomi(smiles) : than go ahead tell us,..

Sanskaar(happily) : well I’m selected for best businessman award in world

Ap(happy) : omg it’s really a good news Sanskaar and I’m really proud on you…

Shomi(happy) : yes son I’m So happy for you congratulations…may you get every success in your life…

Sanskaar : Thanks Mom and Maa but there is something else which I have to tell you all and that is….that the award function is today at 6 and it will be finished at about 8… I have also arranged mine and(sees Swara from corner of eyes) Swara’s reception at 9……as I think it’s the best occasion to introduce my wife to all media and world…what you both say…,???

Ap: it’s great in fact superb I’m so happy that you are finally going to introduce my DIL to the world….

Sanskaar smiles while Swara blushes slightly after BF Sanskaar leaves for his work…


Sense 3

IN SwaSan Room

Swara was standing near window and thinking about Sanskaar just than her mobile rang and a smile came on her face seeing the caller I’d Swara shyly pics up the call

Swara(shyly) : Hello.

Sanskaar(naughtily) : Hello dear wife I’m sure you will be thinking about me right…!!!

Swara(blushes and fumbles) : no…I wasn’t thinking about I was just…just…

Sanskaar(laughs Mali,g Swara more blush) : omg it means you was thinking about me I know you are blushing right now….

Swara(blushing) : I…I…

Sanskaar(smiles) : it’s ok dear wifey ok leave all that go down and see I have something sent for you wear that in party ok…

Swara(shyly) : ok….

Sanskaar cuts the call and Swara goes to hall….


Sense 4

IN Lounge

Swara comes down a sees a delivery boy with a box she goes towards him

Swara(confused) : who are you???

Boy : Hello Mam I’m here to deliver this box to Mrs Swara Sanskaar Maheswari…

Swara(smiles) : I’m Swara Sanskaar Maheswari you give it to me…

Boy : here you go Mam sign on there documents….

Swara takes the papers a,s sign them after that the boy leaves from there giving that box to Swara

She takes that box and goes to her room


Sense 5

IN SwaSan Room

Swara enters inside the room and sits on the bed with box she opens the box and becomes mesmerized to see the dress

It was red plane Saree with black and golden border with Crystal red bangles and diamond earring with a red ruby and a diamond bracelet….!!!!

IN Evening

It was time almost time for Sanskaar’s arrival Swara gets ready in the dress which Sanskaar has sent she was looking totally divine in that dress with little party make up…

Swara was almost ready she was just about to tie her Mangalsutar around her neck just than Sanskaar enters in and becomes mesmerized to see his love

He sees she is trying to tie the Mangalsutar around her neck so he goes forward and held her hands she sees him through mirror and left the holy chain which Sanskaar tied after 5hat he fills her maang with sindoor and kiss on her for head making her clos her eyes…

Sanskaar(huskily) : you are looking so beautiful…

Swara( blushes and frees herself from his grip) : we are getting late u have hang your clothes in washroom you go and change I’m waiting downstairs

Saying so she broke the hug and runs down while Sanskaar scrathes his head simlingly…


Sense 6

After getting ready all left to venu there was huge crowd of media who was capturing all businessmen faces

Just than a Black Audi comes and all media crowd surrounded it while the Body guards were controlling them…

Car Door opens and Sanskaar came out from car wearing a Black 3 piece suit all the media was busy in capturing Sanskaar’s pics

Sanskaar opens the door of Swara’s her side and gives his hand to Swara to whom she holds and comes out

Sanskaar possesively keeps his hand on her waist and goes inside leaving all media shocked


Sense 7

IN Hall

Sanskaar enters inside the hall with Swara Shomi and Ap the whole Hall was filled with different businessmen and women all the girls were drolling over Sanskaar while the men were checking oi5 Swara shamelessly making Sanskaar angry All goes to there reserved seats

While GF who was also present there becomes jealose seeing them getting all attention


Next Episode ; Dhamaka(Boom)……!!!


Sorry guys I can’t write more my head is paining like he’ll I have completed this part with so much difficulty so sorry if it’s not up to your expectations…!!!

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