Trust The Element Of Love Episode 22

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RECAPE: Shomi’s Past….!!!


Episode 22

Sence 1

IN Guest Room

After Listeining to Shomi Swara was totally numb tears were flowing from eyes not because she was sad because her mother has neared so much pain in her past

She had never think in her wildest dreams that Gagodia Family can be this much cruel and cheap and that Shekar to whom she consider her father was a worthless man she was engrossed in her thoughts just than she felt a soft touch on her shoulder

She sees Shomi standing there with a little smile and seeing her she sat beside her and wipe her tears

Shomi(wipe her tears) : Don’t cry for those people who are not worth of it Shona

Listeining to shona she feels so much happy in her heart she instantly hugs her mother tightly

While Shomi parts her hair to make her feel good after that both mother daughter indulges in there talks and fail to notice a pair of eyes is seeing them


Sence 2

IN SwaSan Room

***********Sanskaar’s POV***********

I Go to meet Swara and Shomi aunty while Shomi aunty was telling Swara about her past so I unwillingly stand there and listein to her I was super shocked after Listeining her past

My blood is boiling with anger is I see those Gagodia I swear I will rip there parts

First that Laksh try to molest my Swara now that Shekar I will teach them a good lesson for messing with my family

I instantly dialed my PA’s number and ask her to collect all the information about Gagodia’s


***********ENDS POV***********


Sence 3

IN Guest Room

Soon time passes and now it’s night. Shomi asks Swara to go her room and spend some time with her hubby as they are newly wedded couple Swara hesitantly goes from there

IN SwaSan Room

Swara enters the room and her eyes search for Sanskaar but she couldn’t find her just than she heard shower voice from washroom

She goes towards window and stands there she started to admire moon and starts Moonlight was straightly reflecting in her face and she was looking extremely pretty on that light

After some time Sanskaar came out from washroom and first think which he sees is Swara standing in moonlight

Kaise bataaye, kaise jataaye
Subah tak tujhme jeena chahein
Bheege labon ki, geeli hansi ko
Peene ka mausam hai peena chahein

He was mesmerized to see her like that his steps unintentionally moves towards her and he stands right behind her

Ik baat kahoon kya ijazat hai
Tere ishq ki mujhko aadat hai
Ik baat kahoon kya ijazat hai

Swara who was lost in her thought feels someone’s presence behind her she instantly turn around and got stumbled seeing him so near to her

Tere ishq ki mujhko..
Aadat hai o.. aadat hai..
Aadat hai o.. aadat hai..

Sanskaar immdiately holds her From her waist while her both hands are on his souldres

Ehsaas tere aur mere toh
Ik dooje se judd rahe
Ik teri talab mujhe aisi lagi
Mere hosh bhi udne lage

Both were lost in each other’s eyes Sanskaar’s eyes falls on her Juicy Rosy lips A urge to kiss them comes in his heart he sees in her eyes as he is asking permission from him

Mujhe milta sukoon teri baahon mein
Jannat jaisi ek raahat hai

Swara melts under his gaze and closed her eyes taking it as a positive sign He touches her lower lip Swara lips were dried up and she bites her lower lip in nervousness Sanskaar slowly lowers down and touches her lower lip and sucks it slowly making her go breathless

Ik baat kahoon kya ijazat hai
Tere ishq ki mujhko aadat hai
Ik baat kahoon kya ijazat hai

Sanskaar starts to kiss her slowly and passionately Swara starts to respond him in same way Slowly it turned into wild intense kiss as they tried to match each other They kept on kissing till they become breathless

Tere ishq ki mujhko..
Aadat hai o.. aadat hai..
Aadat hai o.. aadat hai..

After parting from her lips Sanskaar began to give wet kisses on her cheeks nose and chin Swara felt shy suddenly she tightly holds her shirt in her fists

Kyun sabse juda, kyun sabse alag
Andaaz tere lagte..
Besaakh ta hum saaye se tere
Har shaam lipat’te hain
Har waqt mera, qurbat mein teri
Jab guzre toh ibadat hai

Swara tries her maximum to stop moan coming from her mouth but at last a moan escapes From her mouth making her crazy and wild as well

Ik baat kahoon kya ijazat hai
Tere ishq ki mujhko aadat hai
Ik baat kahoon kya ijazat hai

Sanskaar was now kissing her neck digging her head in her neck and Swara’s hands were in his hairs pushing him into her While Sanskaar’s hands were busy in caressing her body parts

Tere ishq ki mujhko..
Aadat hai o.. aadat hai..
Aadat hai o.. teri aadat hai..

Both were so much lost in each other and were enjoying there moment but poor love birds there moment was ruined by a knock on door which make them both come into there sences

(Apology Note : Sorry guys I can’t find any other song again same song please don’t bash me)

Both were embarresed and we’re avoiding eye contact Swara open the door and ran out feeling shy

Shomi who had came there to call them for dinner becomes confuse seeing Swara running like that and goes in room and sees a blushing Sanskaar scrathing his hair with his hand

She smiles seeing the situation and said

Shomi(smiles) : Sanskaar come It’s time for dinner

Sanskaar(smiles) : ok aunty

Shomi who was going towards the room door instantly turn around and said

Shomi(fake anger) : Aunty who aunty call me Maa ok

Sanskaar(smiles) : ok Maa

Soon both headed down stairs where a blushing Swara was sitting with Ap

In seeing Sanskaar Swara’s face turns more red and Sanskaar also notice this and becomes happy

After dinner Everyone returns to there rooms and Swasan were also in there room in a very awkward position

Both were sitting on the bed on there sides silently thinking about recent moments Sanskaar decides to break the silence

Sanskaar(Nervous) : ahhhmmm Swara….

Swara who was lost in her thoughts sees towards Sanskaar after Listeining to her name

Sanskaar(Nervous) : I’m sorry Swara I was just…I know you need time….but still I don’t know…how….how I post control…I’m sorry If….if I have hurt you….

Swara(blushing) : no Sanskaar it’s not your fault…..I’m your wife……and you have full right on….in my body and soul….you please don’t…feel sorry for this…

Sanskaar becomes happy on hearing her and silence again prevails between them to avoid more awkwardness Sanskaar said

Sanskaar(smiles) : Swara it’s late I think we should sleep

Swara simply nodes and both ly down on bed facing there backs to each other but sleep was far away from them

Sanskaar truns towards Swara and sees her back he slowly comes near her from back and keep his one hand on her waist as he is hugging her

Swara who was awake feels his touch but didn’t said anything as she also want to sleep in his embrace

Both stays in that position and sleep comes over to them….


PERCAPE: Sanskaar’s planning and Swasan romance….!!!


So here was the episode guys sorry if there is any mistake in romance as I’m very bad in writing romance stuff but still I give it a try and write down now please shoot your comments and make my hard work successful…..!!!

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