Trust The Element Of Love Episode 21


Hi Friends here I’m with my ff I’m so sorry for this much long gap but I was tensed and from now on I’ll be not able to give you updates like I used to do as I’m tensed and I have no constration on ffs I will give two updates in one week so I hope you all understands me so now let’s start….!!!


RECAPE : Drama…..!!!


Episode 21

Sence – 1

IN SwaSan Room

Swara was hugging Sanskaar with happy tears and Sanskaar was also happy as she has accepted him from while heart

Suddenly reality hits Swara and she departures herself from Sanskaar and due to shyness she knows her head down while Sanskaar becomes mesmerized to see the blush on her face

Swara(crying) : ahmm sa..Sanskaar I…I want to meet Maa

Sanskaar : I know Swara you want to meet with Shomi aunty but right now I think you should take some rest as you are also not well so we will meet with her in morning ok

Swara was about to resist but….

Sanskaar(holds her hands) : I can understand your feeling Swara and I know how much you want to meet with your mother but you should understand right now she needs rest and you are also very tired due to all this drama and wedding so you should sleep and let your mother sleep too ok

Swara simply nodes and was about to ly on the bed just than Sanskaar stops her

Sanskaar : wait Swara first go and change your clothes than sleep as it’s uncomfortable to sleep in this wedding dress

She goes from there to change her clothes and Sanskaar who suddenly remebers something also left the room in hurry…

***********After sometime***********

Swara entered in room after changing her clothes and she didn’t find Sanskaar any where so she say in the bed

Just than Sanskaar entered the room with a plate of food and Swara becomes confused seeing food plate in his hands Sanskaar comes towards bed and keep that plate infromt of Swara

Sanskaar(caring) : I know Swara you have not eaten food from morning so I brought dinner for you so please eat

Swara becomes over whelmed by his gesture and was about to eat just than she questions him

Swara(asks him) : hmm Sanskaar have you eaten food ???

Sanskaar(Fumbles) : wo…wo actually Swara I…

Swara understand that he also had not eaten so she said

Swara(sternly) : no need to lie I know you also have not eaten you food so let’s eat together

Sanskaar becomes suprised by her gesture and said

Sanskaar(explains her) : Swara I only have brought one plate you wait I’ll bring other plate

Swara(feels shy) : wait Sanskaar no need for other plate we can…I mean if you don’t…mi…mind than…we can eat in…this plate together…

Sanskaar was suprised overwelhmed with Swara’s gesture and happy too every kind of happiness was visible on his face

Sanskaar : ok

Both eat silently and than sleep on the bed not in each other’s embrace

Next Morning

Both love birds were sleeping in each other’s embrace well how this happened I even don’t know that so let’s proceed

Due to Sun rays Swara opens her eye and see herself in his embrace and then to Sanskaar she observes him his sillky hair which were on his forehead hair his fair complexion everything was perfect….

Now Sanskaar wakes up and sees Swara stairing at him both have a cut3 yet romantic eyelook

Both were leaning towards each other Sanskaar was almost on top off Swara but suddenly there was a knock on door

Both came into their sences and Swara imgiately runs to washroom while Sanskaar gets up and opens the door

There was a servant in door who tell them to come down for break fast and leaves

Swara comes out from washroom wearing a pink plain Saree and water was dripping from her hair and she was looking divine

Sanskaar was stairing Swara while Swara who feels his gauze becomes shy and side

Swara(lowering her gauze) : wo…I…I think…you should get….ready as we …have to go down….for BF

Sanskaar came into his sences and left from there taking his clothes after taking bath he comes out and both goes down


Sence 2

At Dinning Table

Shomi was eagerly waiting for her daughter as soon as she see Swara she ran to her and hugged her tightly as if she will again vanish

Both Shomi and Swara were crying and why not both met with each other after so long that they were not ready to leave each other

Finally Shomi broke the hugg and kisses on her forehead

Shomi(huggs her & crying) : My daughter….I just…can’t explain….how much I missed you…I’m sorry beta…up was not able to find you…I just….

She started to cry while Swara make Shomi calm and make her sit on the chair

Sanskaar and ap were happy as both daughter and mother are meeting after such a long phase of there life

Swaa(crying) : shhh mom it’s not your fault I can understand…and I missed you too…you know when I came to know that ….that I am orphan I was …shatered that time ….Sanskaar was the the who gave…me confidence and now…look you are with me…

Shomi becomes happy as her daughter got the best husband in the world and she also personally like Sanskaar so much as a son

Sanskaar who was seeing there emotional talks thoughts to lighten the mood

Sanskaar(tries to lighten the atmosphere) : Swara now please stop crying if you cry like this than floods will come in no time…we’ll I think you have so much extra water…in your eyes that’s why you are wasting it so easily…at least think about some poor people who didn’t get to drink and here you….you are using like it’s free…please give some value to water…my wify

Listining to this both Ap and Shomi started to laugh while Swara becomes red with shy band she hugged Shomi to avoid this shyness

Ap(goes towards swara): Sanskaar don’t tease my daughter she is really sweet so don’t you dare to make fun of my Daughter ok

Sanskaar(pouts) : it’s not fair Maa it has not even one day to our marriage and you already changed your party it’s really not fair…

All four enjoys family time and in this whole time Swara was with Shomi not leaving her side


Sence 3

In Guest Room

Swara was lying on the bed keeping her head in Shomi lap and Shomi was caressing her hairs

Shomi(caressing her hair) : today I’m so happy Swara and your father must have happy too as I finally found you ….

Suddenly she remembers something and said

Shomi(wirried) :: Swara do you know Gagodia’s what were they doing here and why Parvati Gagodia was insulting you…???

Swara becomes emotional and huggs Shomi tightly and started to narrate all the event till now

Shomi was suprised poise angry with there behaviour suprised as they stop Swara and angry because they treat her as a shit….

Swara(cinfused) : but how do you know them Maa why they were sweating after seeing you…???

Shomi(in Seriouse tone) ; I think it’s time to tell you everything but listein to me first completely than ask questions ok…

Swara simply nodes and Shomi started to narrate the past events,…

***********FB START***********

Shekar and Shomi were college friends actually lovers and they want to marry with each other after college

As Shomi was a Bengali that’s why Parvati refuses from there relation and Forcefully made Shekar to marry with Jhanki

After two years of there married life Shekar again met with Shomi and lied that his wife is dead so they continue there realrion like this till one year

That’s when Shomi came to know that she is pregnant and she thought to tell this to Shekar and asks him to marry her

Shomi was one day going to Mandir just than there she sees Jhanki Shekar with there 2 years old daughter and she becomes shoked and confronted him

Shekar on knowing that now his secret is revealed he said to Shomi that he was just time p assing with her as he was bored with his wife so he just thought to do little entertainment with her Shomi become badly shattered after knowing that Shekar was just using her

She goes to her house but till than Parvati Gagodia made the neighbours against her and they started to throw stones on her

Left with no choice Shomi leaves from there and than she met with Mr Raichand a kind geared and loving man

After knowing about Shomi He married with her and he always loves Swara like his own daughter

When Swara was three years old that time some rivals of Mr Raichand killed him entering on his house and Shomi ran from there in order to save Swara

She make Swara hide in bushes and runs from there in order to save her from goons when after 2 hours she came back Swara was not there she becomes panibks and started to search her on roads like mad but she couldn’t find her ….

That’s how both mother daughter separated from each other….

***********FB END***********

Knowing the horrible part of her mother Swara was totally shocked she even have not imagined this in her wildest dreams that Shekar can be a such spineless creature….


PERCAPE ; Sanskaar’s reaction….!!!


So here was the episode I hope you all will like this So now bye….!!!

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