Trust The Element Of Love Episode 20


Sorry For late Guys but I was not well so now let’s start the next episode….


RECAPE: Swasan Wedding………..!!!


Episode 20

Sence 1



Everyone was standing around newly wedded couple and Bride Groom were sitting on the sofa

Bride was feeling really restless while Sanskaar was seeing entrance again and again as he is waiting for someone

AP who was busy in preparation for Mundikaai sees Sanskaar seeing again and again entrace and asks him

Ap : Sanskaar what are you seeing at entrance are you waiting for someone special?

Sanskaar who got caught by AP becomes shocked anD smiles sheepliy

Sanskaar(smiles sheepily) : No mom nothing like that actually I was waiting for my friend that’s it

Ap : ok

Then the Rasam got started one by one every lady comes and sees bride face and gives her gift as all were busy just than an Old lady with her son and DIL enters in HALL

Old Lady(Happily) : Arry oh my little girl will you not show us your DIL

Bride who listein the Old lady I’ve becomes panics and strted to rub her hand in avoid to her restlessness

AP(Happily) : why not aunty come here and see yourself as my DIL is the piece of Moon

The old lady truns the veil off from Bride’s face and becomes shocked….!!!

Old Lady is revealed to Be Parvati Gagodia and with her Shekar and Jankhi were also standing with shocked faces

Parvati(Angrily) : Ap how can you make this characterless girl as your DIL

Sanskaar who listeinined this becomes angry and stands up the whole HALL which was filled with people becomes silent on hearing a Roared


Jhanki(Taunting) ; Oyee chore you don’t know this girl she is really mean she even didn’t leave her BIL and tries to molest him she will not accept like this I’ll show you her true colour

She goes towards Swara and was About To Slap Swara But Just Then Another Lady Stops Her Hand and it is reveal to be Shomi And Said
Shomi : Don’t U Dare To Touch My Daughter

Gagodia family’s face become pale while Shomi’s eyes were red due to anger

Jhanki gains some courage and again started to say

Jhanki(Angrily Shouting) : Ur Daughrt is A Characterless Girl…………

Before She Could Complete Her Sentence She Feels A Burnind Sensation On Her Cheeck

Shomi(Roared) : ENOUGH Now I Wiil Not Hear A Worg Against My Daughter From Ur blo*dy Mouth How dare you all to blame my daughter you are saying her characterless than what are you Mr Shekar Gagodia

Shekar started to sweat badly while janki comes forward and started abusing Shomi and Swara

On the other hand Swara who was standing like a lifless body on hearing that Shomi is her mother becomes happy pulse shocked and fainted making all shocked

Ap apologize to all guests and ask them to leave All people leave expect GF and Shomi

While Sanskaar lifts sea ra wirriedly and takes her to his room following by Shomi and Ap


Sence 2

IN SwaSan Room

Sanakar enters the room lifting Swara and make her lye on the bed which was fully decorated with red roses and lavender candles etc

Sanskaar(Patting her cheeck) : Swara Swara open your eyes Swara

Sanskaar stands up and call doctor while Shomi sat beside Swara and started to cry while AP consoles Shomi

Shomi(worridly ?) : what happened to my Shona ? Shona please wake up beta look it’s me your mother please get up beta I’m a very bad mother sorry I’m so sorry Shona but please open your eyes please for your mother

So and Sanskaar feels sad for Shomi and consoles her

After sometime doctor enters the room and examine Swara

Doctor : She is fine I have given her injection she will regain consciousness soon and please keep her away from any kind of stress ok

Sanskaar : ok doctor

Doctor leaves from there and Sanskaar turns around to see Shomi holding Swara’s hand and said

Sanskaar : Mom you please take aunty with you

Shomi(Crying) ; no I’ll not go leaving my shona alone one I did this mistake but not now…

Sanskaar(Assured her) : I can understand your situation aunty but please right now you also need rest and when Swara regains her cinsiousness ill call you I’ll promise

Shomi with heavy heart left from there with Ap


Sence 3

Shomi with Ap enters in HALL and sees GF there Shomi blood started to boil while GF have him a attitude look

Shomi(Angrily) : what are you doing here still get out from now

Parvati(With atitude) : we will not go from here and yes it’s my Ap house so why I’ll go.

Shomi(Mocking) ; oh please I know how much greedy are you people first your son snatched everything from me and now you are trying to snatch my daughter too(Angrily) but let me tell you one thing Mrs Parvati Gagodia I’m not that old Shomi who will beg you I’m much more powerful than your imagination and don’t force me to dig past if that happened that you all will be behind bars so get out before I’ll call the police

Listeining to Shomi Parvati becomes shocked and scared and sees towards AP for support but she didn’t even pay a heed to them so having no choice all left from there

After GF left Shomi breaks down and started to cry while AP consoles him and takes her to guest room


Sence 4

IN SwaSan Room

Swara is still unconscious and Sanskaar is sitting beside her thinking something

***********Sanskaar’s POV***********

Why all this happened I thought to give happiness to you and again your past comes infront of you but I’ll promise Swara I’ll not leave them How can they blame you for the crime which you not had commitid

I thought today after seeing your mom you will become happy and we will lead our life peacefully but everything for ruined….

***********ENDS POV***********

Just Sanskaar Sence a movement and sees Swara who was gaining her consciousness

Swara slowly opens her eyes and see Sanskaar and than room she becomes confused

Sanskaar(Happily huggs her) : Thank God you are alright Swara I was so worried

He breaks the hug and see that Swara is crying

Sanskaar(Cups her face) : Shhhh Plz on’t Cry PLz

Swara(Crying) : Why Always These Things Happened To Me There Is No One Whom I Can Call My Family

Sanskaar(Cupping her face) : Plz Stop Crying N I M Here For U I TRUST U

Swara Astongishly Sees The Sanskaar

Swara(Shockingly) : Why U Trust Me This Much When No One Is Beliving Me

Sanskaar(with so much love) : Because I LOVE U

Swara Becomes Shocked While The Sanakaar Only Smiles

Sanskaar(lovely tone) : yes Swara I really LOVE YOU I LOVE UOU FROM THE FIRST TUME WHEN I SEE YOU I always wants to tell you this but not like this I want to make it special but looks like destiney didn’t even give a chance to make our moment special(Holds her both hands on his hands) but I promise you one thing that no matter what happened no matter how cruel this world become I’ll always be there for you I promise

Swara’s eyes becomes teary Listeining to his words and she hugged him tightly and Sanskaar too….!!!


PERCAPE : Shocking truth of Shomi and Swara’s life …….!!!


So here was episode sorry if it is short as my fingers are paining so I can’t write more….!!!

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