Trust The Element Of Love Episode 2


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RECAP : Sanskaar Found Swara On Road……….


Episode : 2

Sence – 1


Swara : I M An Orphan N I Have No Home

Saying This She Starts Cry Silently Sanskaar Becomes Worried Due To His Crying N Sign Maria To Consol Her

Maria Comes Forwad N Sit On The Other Side Of Swara On Sofa N Try To Consol Her

Maria : Shhhh Beta Plz Sanbhamlo Khud Ko

After Sometime She Stops Crying Then Sanskaar Again Asks

Maria : I’ll Go N Prepare Break Fast For Both Of U

Saying This She Lefts From There Leaving SwaSan Alonme

Sanskaar(Littlte Worried) : If U Don’t Mind Can I Ask Something

Swara : Yah

Sanskaar : What Was U Doing On The Road N Who Were Those Men Who Are Chasing U?

Swara Becomes Tensed Listeing To This As She Does Not Want To Tell Anybody About Her Past

Swara : Actually I Lived With My Relatives N THey Trow Me Out From My House After My Parents Death N I Don’t Know About Those Men I Was Just Walking On The Road N I Don’t Know From Where They Come N Starts To Chase Me N Then I Came Infront Of Ur Car After That I Don’t Remeber Anything

Sanskaar Becomes Sad N Angry After Listeing To Her Story

Sanskaar : Its Ok U Don’t Need To Worry Actually U Fainted Infront Of My Car So I Brought U Here My Home But I M Very Angry On Ur Relatives How Can They Trow U Out From Ur Own House U Should File A Complain Againt Them

Swara Becomes Tensed Listeing His Talks About Police N Said

Swara(Fumbles) : NO Plz No Police I…….I Do…Don’t Want To Trouble Them Plz

Sanskaar(MOnoluge) : Wow Such A Sweet Girl Her Relatives Did So Bad With Her N Instead Of Punishing Them She Is Defending Them From Troubles After Seeing Her Inocenrt Face Last Night I Only Thought She Is Beaytiful From Outside But No She has A Beautiful Heart Who Cares FoR Everyone Even For Her Enemies

Swara Sees Sanskaar Stairing Her N Becomes Uncomfortable

Swara(Uncomfortable) : Thank U For saving Me

Sanskaar Comes To Sences After Hearing Her Voice

Sanskaar : No Need To say Thanks Its My Duty

Swara Stands Up From Sofa N Said

Swara : I Think I Should Leave From Here

Sanskaar Becomes Sad N Worried For Her

Sanskaar(Worried) : But Where Will U Go As U Have No Place To Stay

Swara Becomes Shocked After Hearing His Concerned Voice For Her

Swara : I Know I Have No Place But I Also Can’t Live Here I Also Don’t Know u

Sanskaar : Its Ok ust Realx N Listein To Me U Can Live Here Untill U Want

Swara : N Why R U Doing This Meanz U Hardily Know Me N I Don’t Want To Become A Burden On U

Sanskaar : Who Said I M Giving U Permission To Stay Without Any Compensation U Have To Give Me One Thing

Swara(Scared) : What

Sanskaar sees Her Expressions N Was About To Say Something ust Then They Heard Maria’s Voice

Maria : Sanskaar Baba Breakfast Is Ready

Sanskaar : U Go Aunty We R Coming

Sanskaar Turns Towards Swara N Said

Sanskaar : Swara Come Have Breakfast N U Take Rest In Guest Room Because Right Now I Have A Important Meeting So I have To Rush I Will Talk With U About This Matter In Evening Is That Ok With U?

Swara(Little Bit Hesitate) : Hmmm Ok

Sanskaar : Ok Now Come N Have Bf

saying This They Both Go Towards The Dinning Table N Have Their BF After BF Sanskaar Left To His Office While Swara Goes To Guest Room For Resting


Sence : 2

AT Mheswari INdusteries:

Sanskaar Was Sitting In His Cabin N Thinking About Someting Very Deeply

********Sanskaar’s Point Of View*******

What Have happened To Me? I Don’t Know But I Know One Thing That I can’t Let Her Go
The Moment When I First Time Saw Her I Was just Mesmerised By Her Beauty N Want Her At Any Cost
No Girl Has The Power To Attract Sanskaar Maheswari Till Now But I Don’t Know What’s In Her Which Attracts Me Towards Her
When She Talk About Leaving For One Secong My Heart Stop Beating I Feel Like If She Goes Now Then I Will Not Be Able To See Her Again
I Feel She Is Taking Some Part Of My Soul So That’s Why I Ask Her To Stay I Have To Make Sure That SHe Can’t Go Anywhere Leaving Me
The Moment When I Ask Her Thayt I Will Tell Her Comensation She Was Scared I Can See Her Expression I Think She In Deep Pain
I Also Feel That She Lied To Me About Her FamilyBut I Will Not Tell Her Anything As I Think She Needs Time To Open Up In Frornt Of Me
And Moreover If I Would Have on Her Place I Think I Also Do The Same Thing
BY D Way She Was Looking Pretty In Her Navy Blue Suit Oh Sit I Forgot She Has No Clothes N The Clothes Which She Is Wearing R Quite Heavy She Must Be Feeling Uncomfortsable
I Have To Arrange Clothes For Her But What Should I Do I Don’t Have Any DRessing Sence In Ladies Matter

*******POV ENDS*******

Suddenly Sanskaar Remember Something N calls To Aman His Friend N Office College After Sometime Aman Came Inside

Aman : Yes Sanskaar U Call Me Is There Any Problem

Sanskaar : Relax Aman Everything Is Fine Actually I Want U To Order A Dress Online For Me

Aman (AShtonished) : hat For This Work U Call Me R U Fine Sanskaar ?

Sanskaar : Aman I M Fine N Yah I Know U Know About Ladies Dresses So That’s Why I Call U Now Help Me In Selecting

Saying This He Shows Him Some Designs While Aman Is Still Shocked At Sanslkaar’s Behaviour N Send

Aman : Sanskaar I Think U Need A Doctor Because THe Sanskaar Whom I Know Never Give A Damn To Any Girl N Now U R Selecting Clothes For A Girl Whats THe Matter Boss(WINKS)

Sanskaar : Aman Just Shut Up There Is Nothing Like That N U Want To Know The Reason So Listein

Sanskaar Tells Aman About Swara N After That Aman Helps Sanskaar In Dress Seclection After Selecting The Dress sanslkaar Order The Dress And Tell Maria About It


Sence : 3

AT Guest Room

Swara was sitting on the bed n thinking about Sanskaar n his behaviour she becomes confuse

As swara was engrossed in her thought she came back to sences after listening the voice of door opening n looks towards the door where Maria was standing with a packet
Maria came near Swara n hands over that packet to her

Maria : Swara I change ur dress as ur dress or very heavy n u must be feeling uncomfortable take this dress n go n freshen up after that come down we will drink tea together

Swara : Thank u Aunty I was also thinking about dress Thanks for The Dress Once Again U Go I’ll come after Taking Bath

Maria : Don’t Thank Me beta it’s not me who has select this dress it’s Sanskaar Baba’s Choice he sent this dress for u Thank him when he came back

Swara(Suprised) : Ok Maria Aunty

After Saying this Maria Left from there once again leaving Swara Confuse at Sanskaar’s Concern soon she put all thought aside n go towards the washroom to take a bath


Sence : 4

In Garden

Swara came to garden where Maria Aunty was sitting with tea pot Maria Rees Swara n Sign Her To Come n sit beside her Swara sat on a chair around table
Maria make a cup of tea for Swara n give it to her

Swara : Can I ask u something Aunty?

Maria : Yah sure beta go ahead don’t hesitate consider me as ur mother

Hearing No there word tears comes in Swara eyes but she composes herself n said

Swara : Aunty do u live alone with Sanskaar in this House?

Maria : Yah beta Sanskaar has a mother but she is not here she has gone to Banaras for some work

Swara. : Aunty why Sanskaar wants me to stay here

Maria Sence his fear n said

Maria : Swara don’t worry Sanskaar is not that type of man he is very good nature n sober man he just wants to help u U know Swara Sanskaar never took any girl at home but he took u here n I have seen care for u in his eyes don’t worry he will never harm u I m a seco,d mother to him n no one can judge better than a mother to his child

Swara : Thank u Aunty u help me a lot

Soon after finisshing the tea Swara goes to her room n take a rest n wait for sanskaar’s arrival


Sence : 4



Sanskaar came home n enquire about Swara from Maria After talking to Maria he goes towards his room n freshen up n then goes towards swara’s room

He knock the door n when he heard Swara voice he goes inside n becomes mesmerized to see her in simple pink Churidhar she was looking pretty even without any make up Swara sees him sairting at her n said

Swara : Mr Maheswari what do I want to talk oh sorry silly me plz first sit

Sanskaar sat on the sofa n for few mints there was total silence but then Sanskaar gaing some courage broke the ice

Sanskaar : Look Swara I know u r worried what I will ask u as compensation so first I want to a k u what is ur qualification

Swara becomes astonished at his question but then compose herself n said

Swara : I have done MBA

Now this was Sanskaar turn to shock

Sanskaar(shockes) : What but u r quite younger

Swara : Actually my iq level was little high so that’s why I passed my degree in two years (guys I don’t know about mba so plz forgive me for this mistake )

Sanskaar : oh acyally I want u to become my PA as I need A PA. Who will be talented n now u said that I have done mba so I am offering I job n u can also live here as in our company there is a facility that we give house n car to our PA so in that way I can live here n done ur job so what’s u say

Sanskaar after completing her talks looks towards Swara who is sitting lost on her thoughts he calls her n she came into Seneca

Sanskaar : I know u need time so I take it time I m going down u also come down n take it dinner n u can tell ur decision at morning

Swara : ok

Saying this he left from there n after sometime Swara also comes there n both have there dinner n left to there rooms

*******At Mid Night*******

Swara’s sleep broke n she feels thirsty n sees towards the side table where empty jug was kept she holds the jug n walks towards the kitchen

As it was night time do there was dark in kitchen when she was walking suddenly her foot hit with table n she was about to fall but someone holds her from back

She becomes scared n was about to shout but that person kept her hand on her mouth n said

Sanskaar : Shhh Swara it’s me Sanskaar don’t shout wait

He removed her hand from his mouth n turn on the lights

Sanskaar : What r u doing here at this hour

Swara : wo I was thirsty so I came here to take water n what r u doing here ?

Sanskaar : I was in my study working on a project so I came here to make coffe for me now u go n take rest

Saying this Sanskaar was about to leave from there but stops heralding Swara’s voice

Swara : wait a minute Mr Maheswari I want to tell u that I m ready to do job as Ur PA

Sanskaar(happy) : Really???

Swara : Yah

Sanskaar controls his emotions n said of now I go n sleep n yah get ready at 9 am as I hate late comers I will come with me ok

Swara : ok

Saying this both Goes towards there rooms n dozed off


PERCAP : Swara’s First Day In Office…….!!!


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