Trust The Element Of Love Episode 19


Hi Friends I’m back sorry for late but let’s forget that so let’s start….!!!


RECAPE: Swara’s POV and her feelings about situation…..!!!


Episode 19

Sence 1

IN Car

Sanskaar was thinking about Shomi and her daughter

***********Sanskaar’s POV***********

Why I’m thinking about Sharmishta Mam daughter I don’t know why but I’m getting just one thought in mind could Swara be the daughter of Shomi Mam

I have to find out and I got to find a way to tell Swara about my feelings
Ahhhh it’s getting complicated but at first I want to know whether Swara is Shomi’s daughter or not but how…???

Yah may be this could work I should again vist that jeweller who had made that locket may I could get something this time

***********ENDS POV***********


Sence 2

IN Jeweller’s Shop

Sanskaar talks to jeweller

Sanskaar : Listein sir could you remember I have given you a locket and you said that you will try to find out who had ordered to made that so have you find out about that??

Man : yah sir you just come at right time I just got to know the address here it is take it

Sanskaar becomes happy and takes the address from jeweller

Sanskaar(smiles) : Thank you so much sir it’s really a big favour thank you once again ok so now I have to go

Sanskaar leaves from there and check the address it was the address of Lucknow so he called his PA to know some information

Sanskaar(Seriouse Tone ) : Hello Aman I have a work for you

Aman: yah say sir

Sanskaar : I’m sending you a address go there and find out about them I need every information about the people who used to live there in 24 hours ok

Aman: ok sir

Sanskaar cutts the call and headed back towards MM


Sence 3



It was almost dinner time when Sanskaar comes home and sees that AP is doing dinner with guests so he goes towards AP

Sanskaar(Happily) : Hi MOM

AP(scolding) : Sanskaar where were you I’m calling you from evening but you didn’t take any call of mine

Sanskaar(Apologize) : I’m sorry mom actually I got stuck in a work so that’s why I got late

Ap(smiles) : it’s ok come sit and have dinner with us

Sanskaar : no I’m not hungry actually I’m tired so I wanna sleep ok Good Night

Ap: ok son Good Night

Sanskaar leaves from there after talking to AP as he was going to his room he thought to talk with Swara so he goes towards her room

He knocks the door from 2 to 3 times but when he didn’t get any answer he opens the door and enters in her room

He sees her sleeping on bed her hairs were covering her face he wants to see his face so he goes towards her and was about to tickle them back just than he reminds that he can’t see Swara before marriage as it’s not good for both bride and groom

Through Sanskaar didn’t belive in all these things but he also does not want to loose her so he left from there leaving his wish incomplete


Sence 4

As soon as Sanskaar left from there Swara feels something and opens her eyes

Swara(Monolouge) : why I felt like he was here I don’t know how but I felt his prence still as wants to say somethi,g to me no how could it happens may be I’m dreaming and tomorrow morning I will talk to Sanskaarr first than this marriage will happens


Sence 5

Next Morning

The whole MM was decorated like a bride and everyone was busy with preparation while Sanskaar was waiting for Aman’s call restlessly

He was wearing a cream colour Serwani with stone work on it and was looking handsome….

He thought to talk to Swara as it was wedding time but still there was some minutes before going into mandap

He goes towards Swara’s room and knocks there

Swara who was sitting on the bed in red and golden bridal lehnga with gold jewelry was looking like divine

Swara(Nervouse) : who it is?

Sanskaar(Nervouse) : it’s me Swara I want to talk to you something important please open the door

Swara becomes nervous on hearing Sanskaar’s voice and immediately truns to other side

Swara(truns around) : you can come in Sanskaar

Sanskaar enters the room and sees Swara facing her back to him

Sanskaar(Hesitate) : hmm Swara I want to say that……

Before he could say anything room door opens and Ap enters in with some girls who becomes shocked seeing Sanskaar in Swara’s room

Ap(scolds) : Sanskaar what are you doing here in Swara’s room you know na you can’t see Swara before marriage so get out now

Sanskaar(tries to talk) : I know mom but I want.

Ap(Ordering): I’m not going to listein to you go and sit in mandap Priest is calling you

Sanskaar having no other choice left from there leaving Swara’s room

Ap goes towards Swara who was still facing her back towards AP and said

Ap(happily huggs her): I’m so happy today Swara finally my son is going to marry that too in front of my eyes come let’s go

Swara simply nodes and Ap covers her face with heavy bridal dupatta so that no one can see Swara face


Sence 6

IN Mandap

All rituals are complete and Priest said them to take seven rounds and while walking Swara started to stumble due to heavy dress so Sanskaar holds her carefully through her shoulder

Everyone adores there love and both SwaSan complete 7 rounds and than sat in Mandap

Now Priest said Sanskaar to tie mangalsutar around her neck and fills her maang with Holy powder

Sanskaar tie the mangalsutar when he was about to put sindoor just than a voice came

Ap(Explains) ; wait actually there is a ritual in our family that no one can see bride face before Mundikai expect Sanskaar so I request to all guests not to see Swara Please

All agreed and Sanskaar slightly lifted her veil and fills her Maang

Priest decleqrs then husband and wife and said them to take blessings from elders

Both Swasan take blessings from Ap and after that Sanskaarr recives a call from Aman So he excuse himself and left to attend the call

Sanskaar(Attends the call) : yah Aman say what’s the progress

Aman : sir your doubt was absolutely right

Sanskaar becomes happy

Sanskaar(Happuly) : ok Aman you go to Mrs Raichand and tell her everything and take her here now I want to give gift to Swara her mother’s love for which is she craving

Saying so he cutts the call and comes in hall where Ap and all guests were talking

Ap(explains him situation) ; it’s good you came Sanskaar I was thinking to do Mundikai now only as tomorrow I’m leaving to US again so how is that

Sanskaar(smiles) : I have no problem mom do as you wish

Ap ; ok


Sence 7

AMan reached at Raichand Mansion and goes inside he sees Shomi sitting in hall doing paper work of her office

Aman : Mrs Raichand

Shomi who was busy in business work heard a voice and sees Aman there

Shomi(confused) ; Aman what are you doing here??

Aman(Hurridly) : Mam I will explain everything first please come with me

Shomi(worried) : is everything ok Aman why I’m feeling like you are worried

Aman : Ma’am you come and sit in cat I’ll ezplain everything in our way

Shomi ; ok

Both sits in car and headed towards MM and during the car journey Aman told to Shomi that Swara is her daughter and all other details
Listeining to this Shomi becomes emotional as well as happy as she is going to meet her daughter after a long time

Screen stops on happy face of sharmishta……!!!


PERCAPE : Drama with shocking truth……!!!


So here I’m ending my part I hope you all will like it’s as I think I’m a bad writer please comment and showers you love please…..!!!

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