Trust The Element Of Love Episode 18


Hi Friends I’m back with my FF I’m so sorry for late but what to do I was so much tired and now also I’m unwell but I thought to write for my readers who are missing me so let’s start…..!!!


RECAPE: Swara agrees to marry with Sanskaar


Episode 18

Sence 1


After agreeining to marry with Sanskaar Swara started to stay in separate room as Ap said that they can’t stay in one room till marriage

Days were passing like this and every function was completed like I also mehandi sangeet and now tomorrow was there marriage both were happy yet restless thinking about there new life


Sence 2

One Day before Marriage in Sanskaar’s Room

Sanskaar was in his room thinking about the marriage and his upcoming new life just than AP enters in Sanskaar’s room

Sanskaar : Mom you here do you need anything ??

Ap(Seriouse Tone) : Sanskaar I want to talk with you about some important matter

Sanskaar : yah mom say I’m Listeining

Ap(Seriouse Tone) : when are you going to tell Swara that you love her

Listeing to this Sanskaar becomes confused

Ap: I know you both are not married

Sanskaar becomes shocked and sees Ap with shocked expressions

Ap(Trying To make him Understand) : I know this from first day when I came here but I act as I don’t know anything I thought you both will tell each other about your feeling but when you both didn’t said your feeling to each other so I thought to make you both married

Lissteining to his mother Sanskaar was shocked happy but confused also

Ap(Explains Swraa’s Condition) : I know Sanskaar you love Swara very much but you have to tell her about your feelings I have not seen her fully happy in every function of marriage you have to tell her how you feel about her she is scared that you don’t love her I have seen insecurity in her eyes please tell her that you love her son before it’s too late

Sanskaar was shocked as he didn’t realise that Swara is suffering from this insecurity

Sanskaar(Happily Assures Her) : you don’t worry mom I’ll tell her about my love and(HUgs AP) thank you so much for telling me all this and making me marry with my love I love you so much mom

Ap)(Happily) : I love you too son now please don’t be late in telling your feeling to her ok

Sanskaar(Happy) : ok Mom

Saying so Ap leaves from there leaving Sanskaar alone


Sence 3

IN Swara’s Room

Swara was sitting on the bed and seeing her Mehndi which has a dark blood colour on her hands

She remembers on Mehndi function everyone was praising her that her Mehindo colour is very dark and her husband will love him so much

**********Swara’s POV***********

Here am I in Sanskaar’s house tomorrow is my wedding with the person whom I met just few weeks ago it’s true that I love him
But I don’t know whether he loves me or not when Mom asked me to marry with Sanskaar I was happy as well as shocked happy because I was getting my love and shocked is my destiney is too good to give me my love without any hurdle
Destiny has never given me anything without pain first my real mom dad left me than The people whom I consider my family disowned me then I met with Sanskaar a very kind hearted and good person I fell for him and now I’m going to marry with him but I don’t even know whether he loves me or not? I think I’m selfish I should have asked from Sanskaar before saying yes to this wedding
What should I do know I have to talk to him before wedding I don’t want to become a burden on him I know he cares for me but where is love ??? If there is no love in our relation than I’m not going to marry with him
I know for one second I has become selfish and said yes without thinking but now I have to know the truth is he feels the same way which I feel for him it not

**********ENDS POV***********

Thinking all this she wipes her tears and goes towards Sanskaar’s Room she knocks the door but when she didn’t get any reply she opened the door and goes inside

She enters in his room and didn’t find him there she become confused where is he ???
She goes out and asks Ap about him


Sence 4

IN Hall

Ap was sitting on sofa with some ladies just than Swara came there

Swara : Maa do you know…..

She didn’t complete her sentence seeing ladies there and becomes nervous to talk confront of them

Lady1 : Ap I must say you DIL is very pretty

Lady2 : Yah Ap she looks likes the piece of Moon

So smiles listening to this while Swara feels shy

Ap(Smiles) : Yea Swara tell do you need anything?

Swara(Shyly) : no no mom I don’t need anything I was just getting bore so I thought to talk to you

Ap(Happily) : oh my dear come here and sit with me and meet my friends

Swara unwillingly sat beside Ap and started to talk with ladies .


Sence 5

IN Raichand House

Shomi and Sanskaar were discussing about the project

Shomi(Appologizing) ; I’m sorry Sanskaar as I have called you in very short notice but what to do there is a problem which only you can solve I know tomorrow is your wedding so please forgive for disturbing you

Sanskaar(Smiles) : it’s ok Mrs Raichand I can understand as I’m also a business Man and I know how much important this project is for both of us

Soon they involve in discussing official things and time passes like this now it’s time for Sanskaar to leave so he gets up and started to go after biding by to Shomi but stops as he sees a photo of a cut little girl

Sanskaar(points toward the Photo Frame) : who is that girl?

Shomi(sees the Photo and becomes emotional) : she is my daughter but I don’t know where she is….

Sanskaar thinks something and than leaves from there while Shomi becomes emotional and started to cry on remembering her daughter

Shomi(Crying) : I’m sorry beta I’m really sorry I’m a very bad mother I can’t even protect you but I always pray to God that where ever you are please be safe …!!!


PERCAPE: Wedding or Drama….???


So here was the episode I hope you all like it but I think it’s boring and silent readers please comment also….!!!

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