Trust The Element Of Love Episode 15


Hi Friends Remeber me imvback so let’s start my ff……


RECAPE: Sanskaar’s anger and AP entry….!!!


Episode 15

Sence 1

IN Sanskaar’s Room

Sanskaar(Pleased) : Thank you for giving me a chance to explain ok the thing is this when mom left to America she told me to do marry with some girl whom I like and she was so much pressuring me about marriage that one say to avoid this topic I lied to my mom on phone that I have done court marriage with a girl whom I love my mom says me to send that girl’s pic and than I told her that it’s a surprise and when you will come back I will make you meet her and when she sees you with me I told her you are my wife as I was having no opt9 other than this to declare you as my wife in front of my mom….

Swara who was Listeining to him said by cutting him

Swara(Angry & Frustrated) : So what’s the problem you can tell her that I’m not your wife in morning wgats the big deal in lieing she has know the truth that I’m not her DIL I can’t lie to your mom it’s wrong morover it’s really complicated it’s final tomorrow morning you will tell your mom about us that we are not married that’s it….

She says all this angrily and while Sanskaar was listening to her by bowing her head down as it’s his fault that he drags Swara in it

Sanskaar(with moist voice) : I’m sorry Swara I drag you in all this but I can’t tell mom about us as she….she…is a heaaarrrrt patient

He says all this with so much diffuclty tears started to fllow from her eyes and Swara was standing num don’t know what to do

Sanskaar(with teary eyes) : Swara my mom is a heart patient and doctor has said that if she got any kind of shock than it may take her life

Saying so he sat on the bed and started to cry….

This was the first time Swara has seen him crying and so much broken she goes to him and sits beside him she placed her hand on her shoulder in order to relax him

While Sanskaar who was already broken on gaining her support he immduately hugs her and cries uncontrollably and Swara was also so much worried on seeing him like that she also hugs him and slowly runs his back to make her calm

After sometime Sanskaar stops crying and realise his postion he departures himself from her and feels embaresed he wipes his tears and stands up from the bed he goes towards the window and starts talking again by seeing starts

Sankaar(while crying) : Swara I have never ask you something but today I wanna ask something plz do this act of my wife I know it’s very difficult for you but I’ll assure you that no one will be able to know that you are my wife out of this house I will talk to mom plz say yes PLZZZ

He truns towards her and she was looking at him with teary eyed

Swara(with a smile) : I’ll do this act of being your wife as I know how much it’s painful for one person to post her/his parents I will do this…

Sanskaar becomes happy and says

Sanskaar(pleased) : Thank you Swara thank you so much you just have to act for nearly one or two weeks as after that I will send mom to abroad for her treatment

Swara simply nodes and again their is comfortable silence between them which was broken by Sanskaar

Sanskaar(smiles) : it’s very late Swara I think we should sleep you sleep on the bed and I will sleep in couch ok

Swara : ok

Both goes to their respective places and says

Sanskaar : Good Night Swara

Swara : Good Night Sir

Both smiles and sleeps peacefully…….!!!


Sence 2

Next Morning

It was a beautiful morning Sun rays falls on our heavenly couple who were sleeping after so many tiredness

Sun rays were falling on Swara she slowly opens her eyes and sees her surrounding at first she becomes confuse on seeing different room than her gauze falls on Sanskaar who was sleeping on couch peacefully and on seeing him she remembers last night conversation she slowly gets up from bed and goes towards the wash room and without thinking anything she in the shower and started bathing

Here Sanskaar also wake up in hearing shower voice and remembers about last night he sat on the couch and thinks about his words…

************IN Side Washroom***********

Swara takes the bath and now she realise that she is in Sanskaar’s Room and she has no clothes she become nervous and don’t know what to do

Swara(monologue) : OMG what have I done how can I do this Swara you are totally mad you came in samakaars washroom that too without your clothes and the big thing is I have no clothes in this room Now what will I do think Swara think

She was biting her nails densely just than her eyes falls on one thing and she came out wearing that
When she enters the room she becomes relax as Sanskaar was not their now she was thinking how to go to guest room for her clothes as she can’t go out in those clothes which she was wearing

As she was lost in his thinking just than room door opens and Sanskaar came in he becomes shock measmerised on seeing her in his white shirt and black paint and that too with wet hair whose water was driping from her head to her chest making shirt wet more and showing her private parts

Swara also becomes tense on seeing him she immediately started to talk to avoid her eyes

Swara(scared & Nervouse) : who…..wo..I have no clothes so I wear yours

She was playing with her fingers and Sanskaar came into sences after listing to her he immediately truns around and said

Sanskaar(avoiding eye contact) : You stay here I go and bring your clothes ok

Swara : ok

Sanskaar leaves from there there and goes on guest room he takes Swara’s dress and again comes in while Swara was sitting at bed seeing him she stands up

Sanskaar hands over the dress to Swara by avoiding eye contact as both were feeling awkward while taking the dress Swara’s hand brush a little with Sanskaar’s hand both have a eyelook during this which was broken by a knock on door

Sanskaar goes towards the door while Swara in washroom and Sanskaar goes downward to see AP sitting on dinning table

He goes towards her and Takes blessing and sit beside her

Sanskaar(smiles) : Good Morning Mom

AP(smiles) : Good Morning son where is Swara ???

Sanskaar : Mom she is getting ready she will come in a while

While he was talking he sees that Swara is coming wearing a pink curidaar and open hair with pink lip gloss on her juicy lips

AP notices Sanskaar’s gauze on Swara and smiles that his son loves her wife too much Swara came towards AP and was feeling her house she bends down and Takes blessing from Ap

AP(Happily) ; May God bless you with all the happiness in your life come sit with us and take bf

Swara nodes and sit with them and they do their breakfast
After BF Sanskaar gets up and Swara also while AP sees then with confuse expressions

Sanskaar(gets up from his chair) : ok Mom now we have to go as there is so much work in office come Swara

AP : ok you both go

They were about to leave just than AP notice something and stops them

AP : wait a minute

Both truns towards her and Sanskaar with confusion

Sanskaar(Confused) : what happened mom?

AP(Shows Swara’s forehead) : Son Swara’s maang is not filled and she is also not wearing her Mangalsutar where is that?

In Listeining to this both looks at each other with shocking expressions

Sanskaar(Shocks fumbles) : wo…..wo mom….wo yah we have done court marriage so that’s why she is not wearing sindoor and mangalsutar

AP : ok no problem but she has to weaar now as I know you both not have mangalsutar so Sanskaar you have to fill her maang now

Sanskaar(Heditate) : But mom I

AP(Strictly) : I will not listein to any lame excuse now come

She holds Swara’s hand and goes towards the temple and Takes sindoor and gives it too Sanskaar

Sanskaar don’t know what to do at one side his mom and other side Swara having no choice he takes sidiir in her hand and looks towards Swara who was looking horrified and was nodding no but Sanskaar ignores her Nose and fills her maang

A tear escapes from Swara’s eyes and she looks towards Sanskaar with accusation expressions while Sanskaar avoids the eye contact as he knows he has done wrong……


PERCAPE : Guess….!!!


So here was the episode I don’t know whthere you all like my surprise or not….!!!

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    Awesome ????……
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    aawwww…..soo sweet Ros!!!

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