Trust The Element Of Love Episode 14

Hi Friends I know you all must be angry on me for not updating my both FFS but I’m really sorry as I’m not well you all know that weather is changing so I caught flue I hate this flue but what to do I’m bearing I hope you all understand my situation ….


RECAPE : A Clue About Swara’s Real Parents…!!!


Episode 14

Sence – 1



Swara is sitting on the bed and thinking about the recent incident which has truns her life ups and downs and she don’t know what to do about it…

Swara(Monlouge) : ohhh God what have you done first you separate me from my real parents than those who adopted me and now this thing it’s too much I don’t know what have I done but I can’t handle it Any more plz stop this

She was crying silently sitting on her bed and a pair of a yes are seeing her like this guess who our hero Sanskaar

Sanskaar becomes sad after seeing her crying and left from there

Sanskaar(Monoluge) : I’m sorry Swara I’m really sorry but I can’t let you do this after so long I have loved a person hole heartedly and I can’t let you go away like that I know I’m doing wrong but I have to do it if this is the only way to let you Sri p from going away from me than I will do it thousand times more

Sanskaar stands near the window in his room and Remeber what happened a few hours ago…

***********FB STARTS***********

Sanskaar after seeing Swara’s laptop goes towards her and holds her shoulders tightly

Sanskaar(Angrily Shouting) : why???? Why you do this???

Swara becomes scared seeing his anger

Swara(Scared & Nervouse) : I…ummm…I

Sanskaar(Shouting) : I what Dammit tell me why are you doing this?Did I ever hurt you? Or punish without any reason ?.

Swara(Trying to explain) : it’s not about that sir it’s about….

SanakaaR(Angry) : than what Dammit tell Wyatt??,

Swara stays mum saying her range filled eyes

Sanskaar(Waring) : I am telling you one and last time you are not going any where whether you like it or noy?

He was about to go from there saying so but Swara says

Swara(Boldly) ; I will go and you have no right to stop me here

Sanskaar who was already boiling with anger goes towards her while she steps backwards unroll her back touches the wall

Sanskaar blocks her way by placing his both hands on the others side of walls

He brings her head close to her like there foreheads are touching.

Sanskaar(Drangrously Low Tone) : I said that U ARE NOT GOING ANYWHERE do you get that and if you try to leave this office than I will call the police

Swara becomes shocked and sees him with shocking expressions

Sanskaar(Smrikls)_ : you know why because you have signed the contract with my company that you will not leave this job before 6 months and if you try to leave you have to pay 6 months salary in advance so now the choice is yours..,

Saying so he left her and moves towards the door leaving Swara shocked

After reaching at door he truns and sees her numb and tears were following from her eyes he feels bad but didn’t show this to her

Sanskaar(IN SERIOUSE TONE) : I’m waiting outside in car come fast we have to go

Saying so he left from there as he knows if he stays there some more time than he will surely melt by seeing her state

He was sitting in car and waiting for her just than she came like a lifeless body and sat in car without uttering a single word

Sanskaar was oberving her while the way and was sad in doing this bad with her but he thought it’s for her good

When they reach MM she came out of car and staightly goes towards her room without giving a chance anyone to speak

At dinner time Maria goes to call her for dinner but she said she is not hungry snakaat who was also with Maria becomes sad and also didn’t eat and left the dinning table without eating

***********FB ENDS***********

Sanskaar closed his eyes thinking all this just than somthing clicks in his mind and he instanly ole his eyes

Sanskaar(To Himself) ; omg why I have not think this before Swara behaviour had changed after that party night so that means there is something which is bothering her but what Wait let me thinking Kahin usse pata to nahi chal gaya that she had proposed me I think this is the reason and she is trying to run away from me oh now I understand (Smirlks) so let the game begin Swara I will make you fall so badly for me that you will never ever thinks to leave me and go so get ready Miss Swara iopsss to be Mrs Swara Sanskaar maheswari…..

Saying so he goes towards his bed and sleeps with a smile on his face


Sence 2

Next Morning

Everthing was normal both SwaSan got ready and leaves for office and handle their work while in home the time in office Sanskaar irritates Swara sometimes by calling her in his cabin sometimes placing his hands on her hands whom she is writing and on the other hand out poor shona was so much affected with his closeness that she don’t know what to do

She starts to melt in his aura which he was creating asking her with his charms his talks and most importantly with his warmth

She don’t know what to do and how she go away from him the more harder she tries to go away from him the more strongly he pulls her towards him

The whole day passes like this Tom Jerry Tim Chase at last it was evening and time to go home they both sat in car and drive towards home

Swara thinks that in office he didn’t leave her today for one second may be at home she will be able to create a distance line between them but she was unaware from her futhure which was waiting for her in MM…..


Sence 3


Both reach home and goes inside silently when they reach at lounge their was sitting a lady and when she sees them she instantly runs and hugs Sanskaar

Lady(Hugging Sanskaar) : Finally you came I’m waiting from last two hours you know how much I missed you I was so eager to come back

Saying so she departures herself from Sanskaar who was shocked seeing that lady on front of her

The lady sees Swara and hugs her leaving her shocked when she broke the hugs the Lady said

Lady(Excitedly Sees Swara) : OMG my DIL is so beautiful I must say you have a great voice my Son

Listeining to this Swara becomes shocked and seeds towards the lady with wide eyes

Lady(Happily) : oh sorry dear I forgot to introduce my self I’m Aunpurna Maheswari Sanskaar’s mom you can call me mom as well as now I’m also your mom

Swara : Mam you are missunders….

Before she could complete Sanskaar holds her hand and said

Sanskaar : Mom She is Swara My Wife and Your DIL & we are really happy to see you here you know we have just came from office and a little tired you also are tired you go and test and we will talk tomorrow morning ok

Ap : ok Son you both go and rest

Saying so she leaves from there while Sanskaar drags Swara in his room and close the door

Swara who was shocked come to sences on Listeining the voice of door lock she see towards Sanskaar with confusion anger and much more

Sanskaar(PLeading) : Look Swara before you could say anything let me tell you plz first listein to me than say something…

Swara on seeing his pleading expressions simply nodes her head….


PERCAPE : Suprise….!!!


So here is the Episode I hope you all will like this twist….!!!!

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