Trust The Element Of Love Episode 13

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RECAPE “: Swara’s Drunken Drama…..


Eisode 13

Sence 1

Next Morning

IN Swara’s Room

Swara woke up with a heavy headache and was feeling like someone is hitting her on her head with hammers continously

Swara tries to get up from the bed by holding her head in her hands but couldn’t get successful

She was about to try again just than the door of her room opened and Sanskaar came in with a Glass of lemon juice

Swara(Holding her Head) : Sir you here ahhh my head it’s paining like he’ll ahhhh

Sanskaar : I know take this and drink you will feel better

Swara take the glass from his hand and drink one sip she said

Swara(Making Faces) ; yahhhlkk it’s so sour I can’t drink it

Sanskaar(Enjoying her expressions but comoses himself and talks strictly) : Swara I’m saying drink it or I have to make you drink by myself now drink

Swara : but……

Sanskaar(Sticrtly) : No but wat just drink it quickly

Swara makes faces and drink the hole juice in one go

After drinking that she started to feel better

Sanskaar(Asking) : How are you feeling now?

Swara(Smiles) : much better

Suddenly she remembers something and opened her eyes

Swara(Widen her eyes and worried) : how did I came here I was in party hall and I ahhh I can’t Remeber anything

Sanskaar smiles seeing her and thought to tease her

Sanskaar(Smiles Naughtily) : I brought you here because you had drunken

Swara(STamers & Shocked) : whatttt but I…I don’t drink …I…

Sanskaar(Naughtily) ; if you don’t drink than how you became drunken you know what after drinking you were behaving crazily I with very much difficulty control you and what you did with me I can’t even tell

Saying so he turns around as he was having a hard time to conrol his laughter seeing her expressions

Swara(Shocked) : wh…..whatttttt I diddddd?

Sanskaar : No I can’t tell I’m not that ashmad I won’t tell you

Swara littrly crying

Swara(Crying) : Plz sir tell me plz….

Saying so she started crying with loud voice and Sanskaar trims towards her and becomes shocked to see her like this

He immediately goes towards her and cups her face in his hands and wipe her years and said

Sanskaar(Pacify her) : shhh Swara nothing had happened you have done nothing I was just playing a prank on you so that I can tease you I wouldn’t know that you will become Seriouse so easily sorry I’m really sorry

Swara : it’s ok

Sanskaar : ok you get up and go to wash room after taking bath you came down as we have to discuss few things…

Swara nodes and left to was room while Sanskaar also leave from there

***********IN WASHROOM*********

Swara was taking bath under the cold shower the Easter was running on her while body she was feeling bless

Suddenly flashes on last night started to came in her mind

At first she becomes confuse than a clear picture comes in front in her mind as she is talking to Sanskaar and call8ng his car Dabba and last thing she Proposed him and he didn’t even say anything

Swara : omg what I did how can I? No no it can’t be true but it is true I have to maintain distance from him so that he will not affect me and important thing Swara behave as nothing had happened behave as you don’t had Remeber and Sanskaar sir also had not said about it so who will I discuss a boy it I think it’s the best way I just hope so right now it is my best way to avoid him…


Sence 2


After Taking bath Swara came down And Eating Her Breakfast silently Just Than Sanskaar Came There And sat beside Her

Swra Was Feeling very Nervouse due to his clossness

She was about to get up but Sanskaar holds her hand and she becomes shocked and looked tomwards him with wide Eyes…

Sanskaar(Hold Her Hand) ; Where are you going Swara ??? You Have not eatenyour breakfast yet..

Sanskaar said this to Swara while she was standing their Nervouse as he was holging his Hand…

Sansakaar(Asking) : Why Are you Not Speaking …

Swara Sees towards her hand which he is holding and Sanskaar also sees this and left her hand…

Sansakaar(Nervouse) : I m Sorry Its Just…

He Was Getting Nervouse What to answer her while Swra said to avoid more awarkness

Swara : Hmmm Its Ok sir…

Sanskaar : Swara I have a news for you….I have find the jeweller who had made your locket…

She becomes so hapy that it can easily be seen on er face

Swara(Happily) : Really???? ….I Mean where is he? lets go to meet him… then he will tell me about my parents i can’t wait to meet them…Today I am so happy I can’t even explain in words sir..

Sansakar becomes Happy on seeing her happy but than he remebers something nd becomes sad…

Sanskaar : Hmmm Swara I ….I mean we can’t meet him…

Swara becomes confused …

Swara(Confused) : But Why Sir?

Sanskaar Gets u from his chair and truns around Now his back is facing towards her

Sanskaar(Don’t Know How to Say) : Because…Because he is Dead…

On Listeining to this Swara’s face who was Shining with Happiness a mintue ago becomes pale …

Swara(Shocked) : What????

She instantly holds table in order to prevent from falling down

Sanskaar truns around and sees her condition He immidiately runs to her and make her sit on chair

Sanskaar(Assures Her) : Shhh Relax Swara… Everything Will Be Fine…

Swara Was sitting like lifless body

Sanakaar(Trying to Explain) : Swara If The Jeweller is Dead Then whats the matter He had a son we can ask him I M sure he will know about this…

On Listeining to this Swara feels a little bit Good but she still thinks that whether she will be able to see her parents eer in her life or not???

Sanskaar Who was observing her feathers said

Sanskaar : Swara Plz Relax I know after listeining This that the Jeweller who had mafde your Locket is dead how it feels i can understand but you have stay strong…

Swara simply nodes and goes from there leaving Sanskaaar alone….


Sence 3


Swara was sitting on her bed just Last night incidents started to came in her mind and she becomes worried thinking this what to do

***********Swara’s POV***********

Ohhh No Hell what I Have dne last Night how can i do that with Sanskaar sir….and the worst thing is this i confessed with him that I LOVE HIM and he didn’t eben give me an answer or may be he had given and I’m not getting remeber it…

ahhhh what should I do now????

After knowing this that I have Proposed Him how will I be ever Able to Meet my Eyes with Him…I know he is very Godd Honest and Kind Hearted Person but can I do….

Now there is only one way to get out of this Mess which probably I have created by myself…

I just hope it works….

***********ENDS POV***********

Aftere thinking something determindly Swara walks out of her room


Sence 4


when Swara left from there Sankaar was standing there thinking what he should do to make swara feel Good

**********Sanskaar’s POV***********

Ohhh No what Have i done???…I should not have tell her that that Jeweller is dead

But what can I do I don’t lie to her like that…I know she is upset and I am really Mad at myself on telling her all this…But I can’t help it as it is the reality…

I think she needs time to be alone is she will stay alone than she will feel better…

***********ENDS POV**********


Sence 5

Next Morning


Swara was sitting in her cabin and doing some research(That I will reveal later) and was looking very Seriouse…

Just than The phone rings she picks u that and got to know that Sanskaar has called her in his cabin

She gets up from her chair but she forgot to close her Lappy and holds a Note pad and pen and walks towarfds Sanskaar’s cabin…

After Knocking at Door she Goies inh His cabin He gestures her to sit as he was talking on phone Swara sat on the chair and started to think about her plan…

Just than she heard his voice and came to sences..

After cutting the phone Sanskaar and Swara discuss about the project and then Swara left from there

Sansakaar was busy in his work just than he notice that its time to leave office

He gets up from chair and goes to swara’s caboin and sees it empty

Sanskaar was about to go from there just than he sees her lappy on

Sanskaar(Monoluge) : Uffff This Girl how can she left her laptop on well i think she forgot no problem i close it

He goes towards the Laptop and was about to close it just then he sees something and after seeing that anger hurt sadness all emotions comes on his face one by one

Finally anger over [owers his all emotions and he sees Swara entering the cabin she also sees towards him and than her laptop her face becomes pale she don’t know what to do

Just thansanskaar walks towards her and holds her shoulders tightly

Sanskaar(Shouting Angrily) : Why??? WHY DAMMIT???

He said all this shouting at her and shivers ran through her hole body




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