Trust The Element Of Love Episode 12

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RECAPE : Shomi’s Entry…!!!


Episode 12

Next Day

Sence 1

In Office

Swara was working on his cabin just than Sanskaar calls her in his cabin through intercom

She came into his cabin and said

Swara : sir you called me?

Sanskaar(Woridely) : yes Swara you have to arrange a party till tonight I know it’s not enough time but it’s about our new contract which we had grapped due to you I hope you can manage as it’s really important for our reputation

Swara(Assures) : it’s ok sir I’ll manage

Saying so she left his cabin and started to arrange the party

***********At 6 pm***********

Sanskaar came inside Swara’s cabin and sees that it’s emptyhe winger where she is just then he sees Priya and asks her

Sanskaar : Priya do you know where Swara is?

Priya ; yes sir she left half an hour ago to Blue Moutain Hotel for party arrangements

Sanskaar : ok you may go now

He thinks something and again goes to his cabin


Sence 2

At Blue Moutain Hotel

At 8 pm

It’s time to start the party and Swara has arranged everything perfectly

She was last time seeing arrangements as there is any problem or not just than Sanskaar came there in black dress paint and black shirt with white coat

Swara sees him and becomes mesmerized seeing him

Sanskaar came near Swara and shook her shoulder she came into sences

Sanskaar(Worridly) : Swara what are you doing here still? it’s time for guests and you are not ready yet

Swara : I’m just going I was just cross checking preprations

Sanakaar : ok now go hurry up and get ready fast

Swara nodes and left from there

The party was on full swing just then clients started to ask Sanskaar about Swara

Sahil(Smrilkls) : Mr Maheswari where is your Secretary I have not seen Her yet

Sanskaar : relax Mr sengupta she is just coming

Suddenly he feels wind blows on his face he turns around and becomes mesmerized to see the beauty in front of her

Swara was standing there wearing black gown with diamond earrings and black stone bracelet in one hand while in other hand she was wearing simple silver watch

She was feeling nervouse due to many people and they were stairing at her like they wananna eat her alive

Saanskaar sences his nervousness and comes towards her

He kept her hand on her shoulder and takes her towards the center

Sanskaar : Everyone meet Swara my Secretary and it’s due to her that I got this project and this party preparations are also done by her

Listening to this everyone claps and Swara feels good

Sanskaar(Happily) : Swara enjoy the party I’ll be right back

Swara nodes and Sanskaar left from there to some work

Swara was standing with Priya and some collegues just than Sahil came there and said

Sahil(Goes towards Swara) : ladies will you please excuse us for some moments (Eyeing Lustfully) So you are Miss Swara I must say you are very beautiful and talented also

Swara(Awkwardly) : thanks

Saying so she was about to go just than Sahil holds her hand she turns around and free her hand from his grip

Sahil(Caress her hand) : wait Miss Swara I have not completed yet I was saying why don’t you join me?

Swara(Scared) : what???

Sahil(Diverting Topic) ; I mean my company you are very talented and I will pay your double as compared to Mr Maheswari what you say

Swara was feeling very awkward and little bit scared from Sahil”s behaviour as she can clearly see the list in his eyes so she composed herself and said

Swara(With Attitude) : thank you for the offer Mr Sahil but I’m not those types of girls who can do anything for me loyalty is everything and I m a loyal employ of my company of you would have offered me 3 time more salary than also my answer would have been No and if you got your answer than please excuse me

Saying so she left from there while Sahil was fuming with anger

Sahil(monologue): how dare she to reject my offer the Sahil Sengupta offer I will not leave you miss Swara you just wait and watch what I will do to you just wait till the end of party

He angrily goes from there to bar and started drinking

Swara was standing one in a corner just than someone pats her sholder from behind

She became scared and thinks it’s Sahil she turns around and becomes relax on seeing Sanskaar

Sanskaar who see her expression said

Sanskaar : Are you fine Swara? Why are you looking scared? Did anyone said wntbing to you?

Swara(monolige) : what should I do do I say him everything which Sahil said no it’s not right he is a client and I don’t want any loss in this project due to me

She composes herself and said

Swara(Trying To Avoid His Question) : No there is nothing anything I was just little nervous as I have came first time this kind of part so feeling little lonely

Just then music started

Sanskaar forwards her hand towards Swara and said

Sanskaar(Geniuanlly) : May I Have the hounor to Dance With You?

Swara becomes impressed by his gesture and towards

He’s hand to whom Sanskaar held immediately as if somone else with snatch her from him

Swara(Happily) : yes

They both goes on davmnce floor and dances romantically

Tu safar mera
Hai tu hi meri manzil
Tere bina guzara
Ae dil hai mushkil

Sanskaar Holds Swara’s Hand And Place It on Her Sholder And Kept Her On Hand On Her Waist And Pulls Her Towards Him

Swara Was Nervouse As She Was Dancing with her Boss

Mujhe azmaati hai teri kami
Meri har kami ko hai tu laazmi

They Started To Move Slowely With Music And Sanskaar Twirls Swara And Than Pulls her towards him and her back touches with him

Swara feels butterfly with his touch and becomes shy

Junoon hai mera
Banu main tere kaabil
Tere bina guzaara
Ae dil hai mushkil

[Guys I m Not Good In Writing Dance Sequel so imagine by yourself]

After the dance Swara and Sanskaar both were standing just than a waiter comes there with drinks and offers Swara a juice

She takes the glass and started to drink at first she feels it’s taste is bitter but than she drinks

After drinking it swRa talks with Sanskaar childishly

SwAra(Childishly) : sir you know you are so cute

Saying so She pulls his cheeks Sanskaar becomes shock with her gesture and observe her kneely

Sanskaar(Doubt) ; did you drink?

She nodes in No

Swara(Childishly) : No sir sacchi I didn’t drink I just drank juice

Saying so she was about to fall but Sanskaar holds her and awwa that whether anyone has seen them or not and takes Swara out with him

In Parking Area

Sanskaar was trying hard to make Swara sir in car but she is not Listeining to him

Sanskaar(Pleads) : Swara please sit in the car

Swara(Childishly) : No I will not sit in this Daba

Sanskaar becomes shocked on his brand New car’s insult

Sanskaar(Shockingly) : Swara what are you saying this is the new model and your are calling it DABA

Swara nodes in yes

Sanskaar(Trying To Convince Her) : ok forget all this come let’s go home

SwAra(Childishly) : I will sit in the car but in one condition

Showing her hand with 2 fingers

Sanskaar(Irritated) : what condition

Swara(Childishly) : first bring rain

Sanskaar : what??? Swara how can I bring rain

Swara(Childishly) : if you will not being rain than I will not sit in the car

Saying so she sat there on land

While Sanskaar slaps his hand on her head

Swara(Childishly) : sir why are you slapping youself ? Did you do anything wrong?

Sanskaar(Murmes) : yes by coming with you on the party

Swara(Childishly) ; sir what are you saying I can’t hear you wade say lout

Sanskaar(Childishly) : Swara you want rain na

Swara nodes innocently

Sanskaar : I Remeber it’s raining in our home come let’s go before it stops

She immediately jumps

Swara(Childishly) : yahhhh rain we are coming

Saying so she sat in his car and he started to drive the car

They reach Home And Sanskaar Helps Swara To get out of car and takes her in her room

Sanskaar carefully takes her in her room and make her lir on the bed nd cvers her with the blanket

Swara was half consiouss Sanskaar was about to go but swara holds her hand and he truns towards her

Swara : I Want to say something …I….IIIII LOVEEEEEEE YOU…..I LOVE U SANSSKAAR SIR

saying so she faintede and sanskaar was super shocked and Happy

He Kisses on her forehead and said

Sanskaar :

Saying so he also left to his room….


PERCAPE : Swara HOw can you do this???


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