Trust The Element Of Love Episode 11

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RECAPE : Sanskaar Consoles Swara….


Episoe 11

Sence 1

Next Day


Both Swasan came down and do their breakfast after that they left for office in whole journey neither Swara spoke not Sanskaar

On reaching office Sanskaar goes to his cabin while Swara to her

***********In Swara’s cabin***********

She was doing his work while her whole concentration was on Sanskaar she was trying hard to calm herself but was all getting in vain

Just than Sanskaar calls her in his cabin for some work

Swara becomes happy that she will finally see him again as she has seen him just 30 minutes befores but still she was feeling like it’s ages that she have not seen Her Sanskaar

She goes towards his cabin and knock on the door

***********INSide the Cabin***********

Sanskaar : come in

Swara comes in and losts in his charms while Sanskaar was doing some work on files

He feels Swara’s gauze and looks towards her with questionable looks

Sanskaar(Raising His Eyebrows) : what???

Swara came into sences and said

Swara(Shaking her Head) : nothing I was just saying why you called me is anything important

Sanskaar(Seriouse Tone) : yah well you Remeber presentation that day which you give the head of that company is coming and she wants to meet you as she has liked your idea very much so you have to stay at conference room with me is that ok with you?.

Swara(Happy) : ok sir I’ll be there with you

Sanskaar : ok than you may go now

Swara nodes her head and left to her cabin

***********In Swara’s Cabin***********

Swara(Talking to Herself) : Ahhhhh what’s happening to me why I’m not able to control my feeling whenever he is around me I just want to sees him nothing else and now meeting room what will I do I have to sit besides her in this way I’ll never be able to control my feeling I have to maintain distance but how ??? Idea yah it will be great hope so he don’t mind in it

She started doing her work and after sometime it’s time for meeting

She gets up from her cabin and goes straighter towards Sanskaar’s cabin

Before knocking the Cabin she breathed in and out

Swara(Monoluge) : Remeber the idea Swara don’t look in his eyes yes you can do it

She knocks the door after reviving reply she goes in

Swara(Avoidind Eye Contact) : sir it’s time for meeting shall we leave?

Sanskaar was busy in his works so he didn’t notice swaeas behaviour

Sanskaar(Closing The File) : yah come let’s go

They both started walking towards the conference room like Sanskaar was walking ahead and Swara behind him bowing her head down

After reaching to door he stops as Swara was lost 9n her thoughts and has vowed her head so she she didn’t see that Sanskaar has stoped ansld as a result she bumped into him from back

She instantly take two back steps and looks upwards and Sanskaar was seeing him

Sanskaar(Worried) : Are you fine?

Swara was lost in his eyes and didn’t answer

Sanskaar becomes confused with her behaviour and shook her shoulder she came to sences and said

Swara(Fumbles) : yah I’m I’m fine

Sanskaar noticed that she in tensed but disnt pay any heed

He thought may be she is nervous about meeting

They both entered the hall and wait for the clients


Sence 2

IN Confrence Room

Sanskaar sat on the head chair while Swara to maintain distance goes and sit on the other corner which makes Sanskaar suspeciouse

He was about to call Swara just than door open and a lady enter in simple green for Saree her hairs were tied in bun and behind her your men also entered

Seeing her both Swasan stands at their seats

Sanskaar goes towards the lady and forwards his hand

Sanskaar(Professionally) : welcome Mrs Raichand

Lady shakes her hand with Sanskaar and said

Mrs Raichand(In Professional Tone) : thanks Mr Maheswari lets start the meeting

Sanskaar : yah sure

Lady turns and see Swara she feels some connection with her and said

Lady(Softly) : who are you beta?

Swara who was he’ll nervous becomes shocked listening to his polite behaviour and word BETA

She was about to speak just than Sanskaar said

Sanskaar(Happily) : She is Swara my Secretary and Swara she is Mrs Sharmishta Raichand

Swara(Nervouse) : Hello Mam

Shomi(Question) : So you are the Girl who prsented this idea

Swara(Getting More Nervouse) : yes Mam

Shomi : I’m impressed ok you will give presentation

Swara simply nodes and goes towards the board

She started to give presentation with full confidence all investors specially Shomi becomes really impressed with her talent and the deal got finalised

After that everyone left the meeting room expect our Swasan

Swara(In Mind) : run Swara before he stops you and you again lose your control run

Swara : sir I have work so I’ll go now

Before Sanskaar sat something she had already left now Sanskaar notice something fishy in her behaviour

Day passes like this and both reached home


Sence – 3


When the car stops in porch she without saying any word left to her room

Now Sanskaar was very worried about her behaviour

Sanskaar(Monoluge) : why she is running away from me what happened to her did I do something wrong? I have to talk to her she can’t avoid me like that

He goes from there

After Dinner Sanskaar thought to talk to Swara so he goes in her room but that was empty she was not there

At last He thought to ask Maria

Sanskaar : Maria aunty do you see Swara I’m reaching her from past half an hour but I’m unable to find her where is she?

Maria : oh Swara I have seen her going towards terrace

Sanskaar : ok thanks Aunty

Saying so he left from there

***********At Terrace***********

He sees that Swara is sitting On chair and seeing stars

Sanskaar(Calling Her) : Swara

Swara heard his voice and thought to go from there

Swara(Avoiding Eye Contact) : Sir I was just going to sleep good night

Saying so she was about to go but Sanskaar holds her hand and makes her sit on chair and sat besides her

Sanskaar(Worridly) : Swara what happened did I do something wrong why are you avoiding me from morning

Swara didn’t say anything just kept stairing her hands

Sanskaar(WITH MOIST EYES) : Swara Plz talk to me I can’t bear your silence

She feels his voice wet she looks in his eyes where years were clearly visible

She felt pain in her heart seeing tears in his eyes

Swara(Feeling Gulity) : no sir you didn’t do anything it’s just I’m missing my family

Sanskaar becomes shocked listening to her words

Swara(Showing Him Pendent) : see this sir it’s the last thing which I have from which I can find them I want to know who I m? And why I was on that road plz help me Sir

Saying so she started cry placing her head on his shoulder Sanskaar consoles her

Sanskaar(Consoles Her) ; shhh Swara plz don’t cry I’ll help you in find your family now stop crying ok

Swara simply nodes and departures from Sanskaar

Sanskaar ; show me that locket may be I could figure it out from where is had been purchased

Swara gives that pandent to Sanskaar and he observes something in it

Sanskaar : see Swara here the jeweller name is written we can find out from that jeweller who has oderr him to made this pendant

Swara becomes happy and instant hugs him

Swara(Excited) ; thank you thank you thank you sooooooo much Sanskaar

Just than she realise her position and departure her self from him

Sanskaar(Genuinelly) : U are most welcome Swara I’m happy that I’m able to help you we will go tomorrow to this jeweller now you go and sleep ok

Swara just nodes her head and left from there .

***********Sanskaar’s POV***********

Why I’m thinking that there is something else which she is trying to hide from me I have to find out by my own but now I have to go and sleep I just hope I will be able to find your real parents and makes you happy I just hope so

***********ENDS POV**********

Thinking so he also left to his room…….!!!




Done with this episode i have written with so much diffiuculty so if there is ant mistake than plz ignore it
And I Think todays episode was borning I Dont know how was it read and tell guys as i m dissapointed ….!!!

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