Trust The Element Of Love Episode 10

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RECAPE : Swara’s Past…..!!!


Episode 10

Sence 1



After telling her story she was crying silently tears were flowing down from her face like a stream and Sanskaar as numb after lisyeing to her He was so lost that he didn’t even see towards her that she is crying bowing her head

Pal, do pal, ki hi kyun hai zindagi
Iss, pyar, ko hai sadiyaan kaafi nahi

Just than he heard sobs and come into sences and see Swara has kept a hand on her mouth to avoid the voice of her sobs He immidately pulled her in a hug and hugged her so tightly that even his whole life depends on her and Swara who revives a sport from him break down badly in his arms

Toh khuda se maang lun
Mohalat main ik nayi

Niether he nor she spoke a word Sanskaar was just patting her back to calm her and Swara was just crying

Rehna hai bas yahaan
Ab door tujhse jaana nahi

After SOME time Sanskaar departures Swara from himself and cups her face and clean the tear marks

Jo tu mera humdard hai
Jo tu mera humdard hai
Suhaana har dard hai
Jo tu mera humdard hai

Sanskaar(Trying to Shooth Her) : Shhhh Swara plz stop crying why are you crying for those people who didn’t even belive there upbringing Ahhh plz stop

Listening to Sanskaar’s words Swara stops crying and sees in his eyes

Sanskaar(Worried) : Swara I know I can’t understand your pain but I promise from now on no one will be able to insult you or harm you I’ll promise

Listeining to his words Swara just said one question

Swara(Questionly) : why you belived in me so much ? You didn’t even know me properly why??? Why your want to be with me? Everyone said that I’m characterised why don’t you belive that I’m innocent why why????

Sanskaar smiles hearing her question

Sanskaar(Cups her Cheecks) : I’ll always belive in you no matter what happened I’ll always stand by your side no matter what everyone says and I’ll never doubt on you because I’ll trust you from the bottom of my Heart and my mom always says that in heart and mind always choose heart no matter how doffrent your mind thinks but you heart is the only one thing which is right and never let you down and I’ll trust you completely because for me TRUST IS THE ELEMENT OF LOVE

Swara becomes happy and shocked listening to him and disnt say anything

Sanskaar(Hesitate) : Swara I want to ask you a question can l ?

Swara simply nodes her head

Sanskaar : Swara tomorrow at store room was also your jiju present there isn’t it? He was the one who try to misbehave with you

Swara was shocked and don’t know what to answer his question

Sanskaar : Swara don’t try to hide from me plz tell me the truth

Tears are again falling from her eyes but still she manage to speak

Swara(Teary Eyes) ; yes he was there he wants to take me with him so that he can……..

She didn’t manage to speaks further and started crying

Sanskaar who understand the reason becomes angry and bangs his fits on wall

Sankaar(Angrly) : what is his name?

Swara didn’t speak

Sanskaar holds her arm and make her look in his eyes and again asks the same question

Sanskaar(Frasterated) : Swara I’m asking you who is he? And why are you not telling me his name he done so wrong with you and you are still protecting that bastered

Swara(Crying) : No I’m not protecting him I just….

Sanskaar(Shouting Angrly) : you just what Swara ? What are you trying to do he tries to molest you and you are still not saying his name is this not protection than what should I call this?

Swara(Crying) ; I just don’t want my Di to suffer due to that man

Sanskaar looks towards her with confused expressions

Swara : yes you heard right I don’t want my Di to suffer if you arrest him than my Di will become sad and sir to this Maa Baba Dadi will also becomes sad and they hate me even Moore and I have not strength to bear there hatred plz try to understand sir I promise of he ever try again to molest me I’ll surely tell you his name but plz for me just forget him I don’t want my family to become sad and suffer due to a bad person

Sanskaar becomes shocked and sees towards her

Sanskaar : ok if you want this I’m ok with you but if he does again this than you will have to tell me his name promise me

Swara smiles and said

Swara : I’ll promise

Sanskaar : I’m hugry I don’t know about you but I’m very hungry and I can’t talk more without eating

Swara becomes shocked and started to laugh at Sanskaar’s comedy

Swara(Laughing) : havavavav sir you are so funny I never imagine that you can do this also

Sanskaar becomes happy in seeing her laughing hole hartedly

Sanskaar(Funnily) : so what I can do anything don’t ever under restimate the power of Sanskaar Maheswari

Swara(Happily) ; ok ok I got it

Sanskaar : Now go and freshen up I’m waiting for you at dinning table come fast

Swara : ok

Sanskaar left from there while Swara goes towards washroom to freshnup


Sence 2


Both SwaSan are doing their BF just than Swara said

Swara(Hesitate) ; hmm sir I want to talk to you I little important

Sanskaar : yah say

Swara(Worridly And Trying To Explain Her Innocence) ; sir I didn’t missplace that presentation plz belive me I know you are angry but I really didn’t know how that happened

Listening to her Sanskaar remembers how he scolds Swara

Sanskaar(Guilty) : I know Swara I was just so frustrated that time that I didn’t even know what I’m talking and about real culprit than it is caught so you just relax in fact I should thank you for saving my company reputation thank you so much

Swara becomes happy that Sanskaar is not angry on her about that incident

Swara(Happily) : it’s ok sir I’m glad that you know the truth and about thank than you shouldn’t say thanks to me as you have done so much for me so I can do this much for you I’m not sad I understand when your hard work gets waste than anyone can feel angry

Sanskaar : ok I’m done with BF I’m going to my room as today is Sunday so should also rest for sometime

Swara ; ok sir

Sanskaar left from there and goes to his room


IN Sanskaar’s ROOM

************Sanskaar’s POV***********

Wow Man what girl she is ? She is really innocent sometimes I feel God has sent her at wrong place her place should be at heaven in between Angels not between cruel humans like me

I have done so bad with her but still she didn’t complain about it and instead that she is thanking me

I’m very angry on that bastered I’ll surely find him and prove My Swara innocent in front of her so cold family I mean they done so much bad with her but still she didn’t want to trouble them she is really an Angel

I’m really glad that she is in my Life and Thank ful to GOD that He had sent her to me and now I’ll promise to myself that I’ll never let her go away from me

I’ll always be besides her whenever she needs me I’ll always protect her from those filthy bastereds like that Man I’ll always be with My Swara

***********ENDS POV***********

Other side in Swara’s room she was also thinking about Sanskaar and smilling unwillingly

***********Swara’s POV***********

Sir is really a very kind hearted person otherwise who will protect and care about a stranger like me

He even say sorry and thanks to me I’m not angry on him I know when some trust worthy person of yours decive you how you felt

I’m glad that he is with me and his care towards me makes me feel on cloud ninth I know that I didn’t know him from so long but still I really like him

Wait what I said I like him omg Its Means I LOVE HIM I LOVE HIM yehhhhhhh I will tell him tomorrow

Wait what I’m thinking I Love sir no no Swara it’s wrong he gives me shelter and I’m doing this no I have to control my feeling what will he think about me if he gets to know about this maybe he also thinks that I’m really a characterised girl no I’ll never let my feeling out from my heart I have to supress them so than no will ever be able to see them it will be good for me and Sir

***********ENDS POV***********


PERCAPE : Teaser 2….


So Here I M Done With 10 Episode I Hope You All Liked It….!!!

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