Trust The Element Of Love Episode 1

Hi Guys I M Back I M Happy With Ur Responce To My New FF So Let’s Start

But Before Starting I Want To Clear A Thing That If U Found My FF Similar To Someother Writer’s FF Then Plz Tell Me As I Have This Concept Long Ago But I Was Not Able To Post So Plz Tell Me If U Find My FF Not Good So I Will Stop Writing It……….



Swara Gagodiya : A V Sweet Bold N Chirpy Girl N Childish Too

Ragini : A V Sweet Lovely N Innocent Girl She Always Belives Her Husband Blindly N Loves Her Immensely

Laksh Yadav : A Man With Sober Nature (Rest Chacter Will Be Revael Later)

Sanskaar Maheswari : A Very Caring Charming Handsom Respects Woman N Elders A Lot N Kind Hearted Too But Stict As A Boss

Shekar & Jankhi : Parents Of Swaragini

Sharmishata : A Very Kind Harted Lady And Lives Alone N Also Works For An NGO N Rich Too

Ap Maheswari : Sanskaa’s Mother And Loves Her Son Alot

DP Is No More In My FF As He Was Dead When Sanskaar Was 16 Years Old


Episode 1

Sence : 1


A Girl Is Walking Lifelessly Looks Like She Has No Reason To Live She Is Wearing Navy Blue Churidaar With Stone Work On It Loos Like She Is Returning From Some Function

Suddenely Some Goon See Her N Started To Follow Her

She Notice This N Starts To Run On The Road As The Road Was Empty The Goons Also Started Runing

Suddenly A Car Came From Front She Stops At Her Place N The Car Also Stop Just @ the Distance Of 2 Inch From Her But She Still Faints N Fell On The Road

The Car Door Open N A Handsom Charming Dashing Man Come Out Frokm It He Rushes Towards The Girl N Truns Her Towards Him He Becomes Mesmerised To See Her Innocent N Beautiful Face

He Picks Her Up N Was About To Sit Her In His Car Just Then Goons Spoke

Goon 1 : Hey Mister Waht Ever U R JUst Leave The Girl N Go From Here

Man : If I Not Follow Ur Words Then What Will U Do?

Goon 2 : Looks Like U Didn’t Care About Ur Life This Girl Belongs To Us So Leave Her N Go

Man : I Will Do What Is Right N RIGHT thing Is This That This Girl Does Not Belongs To U So forget It

Saying This He Make Her Lay Down At Back Seat Of Car N Turned Towards The Driving Seat But Goons Come Forward N Give There Last Warning

Goon 1 : Look Mr I M Warning U Last Time Just Stay Away From Our Matter N Let Us Take The Girl With Us

Man : And I Also Told U All That She Will Not Go With U

Goon 2 : Why??? N Who R U To Stop Us

Man(Angrily & Loudly) : Because She Belongs To Me Now SHE BELONGS TO SANSKAAR MAHESWARI

Saying This He Punches The goon N He Fell Down On The Road N Blood Starts To Ozzed From His Nose Seeing This All The Goons Ran Away Leaving Sanskaar Smirlking

Soon He Sat Down In The Car N Drives Towards His Home While Driving He Adjust The Mirror In Such A Way That He Can Easily See The Girl



Sanskaar’s Car Stops Infront Of A Big Mansion Whose Front It Was Written “MAHESWARI MANSION”

He Comes Down From Front Seat N Goes Towards The Back Seat Where A Innocent & Beautiful Girl Was Lying He Again Picks Her Up In His Arms N Goes Towards The Door N rang The Door Bell

An Old Lay Comes N Open The Door She Becomes Shock To See Sanskaar Lifting A Girl In His Arms

Lady(Worried) : Sanskaar Who Is She ?? And What R U Doing With Her

Sanskaar : Relax Aunty Maria Relax Take A Breath N Let Me Come In

Maria : Oh Yes Baba Come In

Sanskaar Conmes Inside N Goes Towards The Guest Room N Make Her Lay On The Bed N Covers Her With Comfort n Turns Towards The Maria N Said

Sanskaar : Aunty Maris Plz Call The Doctor Fast

Maria Simply Nodes N Went Away To Call Doctor Leaving Sanskaar N That Girl Alone

After Leaving Miss Maria Sanskaar Comes Towards Her N Sit Beside Her On The Bed Staring Her Continously

He Takes Her Hand In Her Hands N Said

Sanskaar : I Don’t Know What U Done With Me Just Ur One Look Make Me Yours For Forever N I Will Make Sure That U Will Also Becomes Mine

Soon Doctor N Maria Enters The Room N Sanskaar Stands Up From His Place N Asks Doctor To Check Her

Sanskaar(Worried) : Plz Doctor Check Her She Is Not Gaining Consioussness

Doctor : Relax Mr Maheswari Relax Let Me Check Her

Saying This Doctor Moves Towards The Girl N Checks Her After Checking He Gave Injection To Her N Turns Towards The Sanskaar

Doctor : Mr Maheswari She Is Fine Now But Looks Like She Got Some Kind Of Mental Shock Thats Why She Faints I Have Given Her Sleeping Injection She Will Get Consiousness In Morning

Sanskaar : Thank U Doctor Thank U So Much

Doctoir : No Need To Thanks Mr Maheswari It was My Duty N Yah Take Care Of Her She Needs Love N Care To Recover More Than Medicines

Sanskaar : Ok Doctor I Will Take Care Of Her Aunty Plz Drop Doctor At Door N Comes Back After That

After Sometime Maria Comes Inside The Room N Sees Towards Sanskaar Who Is Looking At Girl

Maria : Now Tell Me sanskaar Who Is She?

Sanskaar : I Don’t Know Her Aunty She Met Me At Road N She Faints After Coming Infront Of My Car So i Brought Her Here

Maria : U Did Right Sanskaar Baba Ok Now U Go I will Take Care Of Her

Sanskaar : ok

Saying this he leaves from there




The Sun Rays Falls On Sanskaar N He Gets Up from Bed N Goes Towards The Washroom N Gets Ready

After Getting Ready He Came Down N Calls Maris

Sanskaar : Maria Aunty Maria Aunty

After Hearing Sanskaar’s Voice Maria Came Down n Said

Maria : Just Wait 2 Mints Baba I Will Come With Ur Coffe

Saying This She Was About To Leave But Stops After Hearing Sanskaar

Sanskaar : Wait AunTy Hmm How Is She Now

Maria : She Didnn’t Gains Her Coinsiouss Till Now

Sanskaar(Disappointed) : Ok U Go aunty

Saying This He sat On The Sofa With Newspaper In His hand

After Sometime Maria Come With Coffe N Sanskaar’s Eyes Falls On The Stairs Where That Girl was Standing Scared Expressions Suddenly She Starts Feeling Dizzy She Was About To Fall

Seeing Her There Sanskaar Immediately Rushes Towards Her N Make Her Sit On Sofa n Said Maria To Bring Water For Her

Maria After Noding Went From There After Sometime She Comes With A Glass Of Water N Gives It To Sanskaar

Sanskaar Holds The Glass n Gives It To Her She Holds The Glass N Drinks all the water

Sanskaar(Worried) : How r u Feeling Now

Girl : Better

Sanskaar : What’s Ur Name?

Hearing Sanskaar’s Question A Thin Layer Of Tears Forms In Her Eyes

Sanskaar Again Repeats Her Question

Sanskaar : What’s Ur Name n where Do u Live?

Girl : Swara My Name Is Swara

Sanskaar : And Where Do U Live N Where R U Parents

Swara(Cryingly) : I M An Orphan N I Have No Home

Saying This She Starts To Cry Silently


PERCAP : Swara’s Decion


Done With 1 Episode Now I Can’t Write More As My Fingers R Paing Plz Comment N Let Me Know How Was This???


  1. Meher

    |Registered Member

    Why she said she is orphan??

    Where is her family n ragini.. n what role sumi has ?

    Oh man too many questions!!

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