The Trust and The Convincing Mistletoe – RAGLAK OS

hello guys I am back with another raglak os and it is called The Trust & The Convincing Misletoe…..and it starts when laksh is coming back from swasans room, knowing that ragini was joking…….

laksh passes ap and dp’s room, he overhears sujata..

Sujata: good thing laksh came fast otherwise ragini would’ve married nikhil

Laksh fumes and leaves…

Ap: no sujata, ragini only did that to save swasans relation

lakshya rushes in.
Ragini:lakshya you are here….you actually took it seriously..(laughs) I was just jo..
before Ragini can complete her sentence laksh shouts
Laksh: Ragini you were marrying nikhil…you never thought once about me…even 1 time..did you not know that how much i love you…you forgot about me and went to that nikhil….ragini how could you do this to know the truth is that you never loved me…
Ragini: no laksh its not like that im sorry (puts hand on his shoulder)
Laksh: (jerks her hand and pushes her hard) nothings going to happen with your sorry (he leaves)

Ragini’s wrist hits the corner of the dresser and makes a slash where ragini cut her wrist………… she faints and vase falls down….

Swara rushes in………….
Swara: ragini, ragini where are you…she sees blood on the dresser and then finds ragini unconscious in a pool of blood….
Swara:(shouts) ragini!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

family members are waiting …….sanskar tries lakshs phone but is switched off……sanskar goes to find him..

sanskar gets out of the car and finds laksh looking at the water….
he puts his hand on laksh’s shoulder…
Laksh:bhai I want to be alone
Sanskar:no laksh you have to come with me…ragini
laksh turn when he hears ragini’s name
laksh: what happened to ragini
sanskar: she is in the hospital
Laksh gets shocked and tears roll down his eyes…

Laksh and sanskar come…
AP:laksh finally you came
Laksh: maa where is ragini
he sees her through the glass and cries.

after some time…

the doctor comes out.
Laksh: doctor how is ragini
Doctor: Mr Maheshwari, ragini ji is alright now…but she needs rest and care..and she is very weak because of shock and her injury.

Everyone goes in
Laksh is at the back
Swara:ragini how did this happen
Ragini: swara i slipped and my hand hit the dresser

Laksh recalls pushing ragini
he silently cries….

ragini is discharged


laksh tries to apologize….
Ragini: no laksh…is there any trust in our relation…if there is then how many times did i try to explain why……..i never wanted to marry him…i just wanted to show swasan that i have moved on…otherwise their relation would break..
she breaks down…
laksh rushes to heraid….but ragini jerks his hand away
Ragini: you did that to me too right
she goes to the washroom and cries
laksh cries too….

1 week later..
laksh had tried to convince her but ragini doesn’t listen…

Laksh gets an idea…

Its christmas time and though the maheswaris dont celebrate but laksh wanted ragini to forgive him and he knew that she loves him and wants to be with laksh but she is very stubborn and also she won’t be able to escape from this situation..


laksh puts misletoe in their room when ragini is in the washroom
laksh is waiting for ragini to come out of the wash room after changing so laksh can start his plan and wear matching clothes….

ragini comes out with open hair and a cotton purple sari

Laksh smiles and goes to the washroom and comes out wearing a purple button up shirt with almost half of his buttons open..
Ragini was about to complain about why he was wearing a shirt when it was time to sleep but she thinks who cares…

laksh puts oil under the couch when ragini was not looking because he knew she would go there to pick up pillows for their dividing line on the bed..(lol)..
but he knew that he would save her from falling..

when ragini goes to get the pillows he goes to the couch and pretends that he is getting something from there..he keeps looking at the oil to make sure she doesnt fall..

ragini steps on oil and slips but laksh holds her.. his hand is on her waist and her hands are on his bare chest and he smiles because his plan worked…
Ragini: (closed eyes) laksh…..
laksh: ragini slowly are you okay

suddenly laksh’s foot slip and he falls on the couch and ragini falls on him

Ragini opens her eyes….
and they have an intense eyelock……..
Laksh: yes the angry young women is now back to normal….(laughs and rolls over so laksh is over ragini)
Ragini: you called me an angry woman!!! i will not leave you and hits him playfully……get off..suddenly her eyes wander to the roof and she finds a tree of some sort hanging..
she then realizes that it is misletoe….
Ragini: oh no
Laksh smiles and reliases that she saw the misletoe….

Laksh: what happened
he gets up and sees the misletoe and pretends to be shocked…
Laksh: ragini you know the tradition right…..that a couple have to kiss if you are under the mistletoe and that brings them happiness…
Ragini is silent
Laksh smiles….but hides it
Ragini quickly brushes her lips on his cheeks and tries to go away..but laksh holds her arm..and makes her dash into his bare chest
ragini smiles but pretends to be mad…….
Ragini:what is this laksh…
laksh: my love for you….

he kneels down on both knees and holds his ears and says im sorry ragini i really am…..
ragini also kneels down and holds his hands and shakes her head…she gets tears in her eyes…laksh makes her stand and hugs her tightly….
he gives her a pendent…its says RAGLAK on it.. ragini cries but laksh cups her cheeks and wipes away her tears
Ragini: the only gift i need is your love laksh..
Laksh: i know ragini but still this is a symbol of our love…..

Laksh: and oh i almost forgot
ragini: what
Laksh points upward and smiles mischevious…
Ragini sighs and kisses his forhead…and is about to go but again laksh holds her wrist..
Laksh: with more love
Ragini turns and kisses his cheek..
Ragini: let me go..
Laksh: not yet..

he brings his face closer to hers and closes his eyes…his grip on her milky waist gets stronger
ragini does the same and parts her lips……he kisses her fruity lips softly…they part and ragini turns red and buries her face in his chest
laksh carries her to the bed and kisses her again…..then the lights go off………………………


thanks guys for reading….

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