Trust On 7 Vows (promo)

A meeting is going on….
The MD of the company is facing the projectors screen..
A presentation on XYZ thing is going on…
As the presentation gets over…
The chair turns……. And and and and
(wait for the next scene)

On the other hand somewhere in Florida…
A pool side party is going on where many spoit ppl r present….
Now entry of our hottie…
A grl comes wearing a white short top n blue denim shorts

Now when she enters the pool…the song pani wala dance plays n everyone dances….
The grl is none other thn Twinkle Taneja…

The chair turns n the guy is none other thn my kunj (sidhant)

As its 3 years…..ohkay ohkay 2 years 7 months 3 weeks 2 days 6 hours 57 min 34 sec…..they havnt seen eo.
After twinkle reached home …..she was vry restless n the vry nxt day she left for bankok and was fully changed , by behavior habits likes nature dislikes evrythng…
Now y twinkle changed??
How she changed??
For whom she changed??

I also don’t know bt don’t wrry m a bobby jassos I will let uh know after I get to know whts the matter ….

After kunj reached home
he was fully disturbed after he left twinkle so he too changed by his behavior etc etc…

bt he din changed as twinkle
so lets move forward wid twinj changed characters

hey darlos
how was the promo
hope uh r ready to know y twinkle changed
biee love uh all stay blessed

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  1. Baby

    hey amazing krystal d promo oh god wow interesting post asap dear

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