Trust On 7 Vows (Chapter 5)


Angel in towel….
Episode starts –

Twinkle gets up due to rays of sun…
She goes and has a shower…she wrapped herself in a towel and started singing
Mere khawabhon mein jo aaye,aake mjhe ched jaye
Usse kaho kabhie saame toh aaye
Mere khawaboo mein jo aaye..
Kaisa hai,kaun hai,woh jaane kahan hai
Jiske liye mere honthon pe haan hai
Apna hai ya koi afsana hai woh
Dekhe ghoor ghoor ke yuhin door door se
Usse kahon meri neend na churaye
Mere khawaboon mein jo aaye

Kunj too wakes up due to her melodious voice and while yawning he follows the voice and when he saw the sight his jaw was hitting the floor
Twinkle was not aware of kunj standing at the entrance of the door and continued the song
Jaadu sa jaise koi chaane laga hai
Main kya kaaron, dil machlne laga hai
Tera deewano hoon ,kheta hai woh
Kar baitha bhool woh, le aaya phool woh
Usse kaho jaake chand leke aaye
Mere khawabon mein jo aaye

Kunj was so much embarrsed that he decided to break the silence
K- (in calm voice) twinkle
Twinkle turned and found kunj …she immediately went to him and slammed the door on his face
She changed into a blue top and red plazo

Here kunj was fully frustated …what will twinkle think???? How she will react???
T- kunj
k- see tw i m sorry…i didnt knoe that you were dancing that too in that attire….
I donot know how it happened…i mean …i am sorry
T- kunj calm down…see nothing went wrong kunj
K- hmmm
T- now take a deep breath …release it
Kunj was doing as instructed

K- feeling better
T- go and freshen up
K- yeah
Kunj too freshen up
They have their breakfast

After brkfst
T- kunj …our audition is day after tomorrow
K- yeah tw
T- soo why donot we go for outing??? I mean its very boring in the house
K- nice idea …we will surely go
T- thank you

Episode ends

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  1. SidMin

    Loved the episode short and sweet

  2. Awesome episode…mah favourite song ???

  3. That was just soo good..
    Plz update the next episode soon..

  4. Rashiverma2199

    Krystal… Awesome episode..,.

  5. Kruti

    Lovely epi

  6. Shatakshi

    It was too good yaar
    N I loved the title…angel in towel…lolz????

  7. Krysii the epi ws as good as always… bt plz make it a big longer

  8. Dreamer...arundhati

    Krysi fi muah
    Such cute epi
    Ctd soon

  9. Muaahhhhhhh amazing epi
    Do cont asap

  10. Krystal..
    It was awesome…
    Loved it..
    Love u..

  11. wow osm krystal

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