Trust On 7 Vows (Chapter 4)



@ Restaurant…..

T-so kunj…we had dinner…
T-do uh wanna desert from me??

Kunj eyes pop out..

K- see twinkle m nt lyk that

Twinkle throws a tissue paper on him…

T- uh…huh!! How cheap kunj…..i was asking about a desert treat …
K-ohh…if its desert treat then m ready…

They have their dinner-e-desert n went back to home..

K-m sleepy yaar…. bye babyy
T- xcuse me m nt ur baby….
K-srry actually i use to call my bro that…
T-ohhk go sleep m coming…
K-r uh planning to sleep wid me??
T-(throwing her handbag on his face) uh cheap guy
K-hahaha…. gud night
T-same to uh…

Kunj goes n sleeps in a room after a while twinkle also enters the same room unknowingly …. lets see what happens….

Twinkle goes to that rooms n jumps on the bed as kunj has covered himself in a blanket…. now she jumps on kunj n hugs him tightly…kunj was lyk mummy save me from this moving mountain …

T-omg babajii y am feeling that m in sidhant gupta’s arms ?? Omg WTF ??
K-(whispering) what the f**k??
T- no yaar what the feeling
K-who is sidhnt gupta??
T- uh dont know him …huh!! Omg he is so hot are the male lead in the movie Badmashiyaan n Tutiya Dil
T-btw hu r uh…. dont tell me sidhant himself is here…
K-nope m a ghost
T-what??? Maa…mahi di…omg …. babajiii…..mere room me bhoot …mummy….

She runs out of the rooms n hides under the table…
Kunj comes their laughing………

Twinkle again gets scared……..coz kunj was laughing lyk ravan in ramayana so …… twinkle went to the shoe case where her jimmy choo heels were kept…. she one by one threw it on kunj n kunj was shouting ouch ouch cz he was nt getting the direction from where the sandles were hitting him …… twinkle went to kunj to warn him to the room bt room was empty cz our kunj was busy shouting ouch ouch…..

T(to herself) – babajii did kunj ate the ghost … no no no….. did the ghost ate kunj???

Now twinkle starts to cry……

T-m srry kunj i couldnt save uh from that monster….. m so srry kunj….

Kunj comes there wid a great difficuilty….. twinkle hugs him n cries….

T-i know kunj that ghost ate uh n jst now m hugging ur spirit….. bt still after dying also uh want to hangout wid me… m srry kunj
K-abe twinkle m alive n it was me i was kidding wid uh…
T-uh r alive…. (cupping his face) omg kunj u r alive….thn uh were that ghost ….. huh….
Twinkle now started to beat him wid the sandle which was in her hand…. afters kunj’s pitaii they went to the rooms bt again came back in the hall laughing ….. they slept on the couch itself….


So my darlos how was the chapter???
Hope uh liked it throw ur valuable cmmnts till then bieee love uh will be back wid a new chapter soon
Stay blessed…


  1. Chehak

    |Registered Member

    Krystal its amazing ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ loved it but can u plz give me the short summary till todays episode bcz der r soo many ffs I am confused lil bit for the story line otherwise its awesome nd plz do post Possessiveness ff also u only posted part 1 of it.

  2. zikra

    Awww Krystal di I can’t stop laughing my dea hehehehe wht a epic
    Dialogues of twinki yaar lol ….
    N do cont asap plzzzzzzzzz

  3. Sayeeda

    Krystal dear….it’s amazing…. the best part was Siddhant Gupta one….loved it…ghost night …Haahaaa ..too good..

  4. Happiness

    |Registered Member

    Awesome episode n ya naman shaw is now the new kunj arjun was rejected coz he is also taking part in jhalak dikhla ja zee tv had no problem with sidhant’s taking part it was sidhant who didn’t want to do 2 things together

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Your comment will now be reviewed first before it's published. Read more here..