Trust On 7 Vows (Chapter 25) Last Chapter

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We were really embarrassed and continuously smiling. When the crowd starting yelling ‘once more’. We turned into a tomato due to blushing Kunj said “ok guys as uh say” I was shocked literally shocked because what he said was in a normal voice. I had a doubt on him so I quickly grabbed the rum that he was holding and drank it. I could see Kunj smiling huh it wasn’t rum it was green tea in that rum bottle. Kunj started his song….

Tu hi haqeeqat khwaab tu
Dariya tu hi pyaas tu
Tu hi dil ki bekarari
Tu sukoon tu sukoon

(He imagines twinkle in a white dress looking extra cute and sweet with a bunch of flowers in her hands. He imagines further that twinkle gives him a flying kiss. He smiles and twinkle vanishes.)

Jaoon main ab jab jiss jagah
Paoon main tujhko uss jagah
Saath hoke na ho tu hai
Rubaroo rubaroo

He imagines twinkle in a suit and hair tied in a messy bun and her tummy had a baby bump. She made a cute pout and points Kunj at her tummy using her eyes and smiles. Kunj smiles back and twinkle vanishes.)

Tu humsafar tu humkadam tu humnawah mera
Tu humsafar tu humkadam tu humnawah mera

(He watches twinkle smiling standing beside him (in real) and gets closer to her.)

Aa tujhe inn baahon mein bhar ke
Aur bhi kar loon main kareeb
Tu juda ho toh lage hai
Aata jaata har pal ajeeb

(He imagines him sleeping with 10 babies surrounding him and all of them are making cartoon characters on his face when twinkle comes and help her babies in doing so. He gets up and pulls her towards himself. He orders the children to close their eyes they do as instructed when TWINJ have a smooth kiss. He smiles brightly and that image vanishes.)

Iss jahaan mein hai aur na hoga
Mujhsa koi bhi khush naseeb
Tune mujhko dil diya hai
Main hoon tere sabse kareeb

(He imagines himself dressed as a chef and twinkle asking him to teach her how to make chapatis. He taught her and when she made the Chapati Kunj could see her eyes and mouth through it as it had 3 holes. Kunj slaps his head with his hand and twinkle shows her 32 diamonds i.e, her teeth. The image vanishes.)

Main ti toh tere dil mein hoon
Main hi toh saanson mein basoon
Tere dil ki dhadkanon mein
Main hi hoon main hi hoon

(He imagines twinkle jumping in the room with their honeymoon tickets when suddenly cockroach comes and scares her and she ends up by falling from the bed. The doctors comes and declares a fracture. Kunj is very angry and twinkle makes a puppy face. The images again vanishes as he could listen twinkle singing the last few lines)

Tu humsafar tu humkadam tu humnawah mera
Tu humsafar tu humkadam tu humnawah mera


I was smiling and blushing continuously. It was almost dark so we made an exit from there.
Kunj was driving the car and I was continuously playing with his hairs and distracting him
Twinkle yaar m driving-Kunj said
Me too Kunj-I replied
Really?? How?? -Kunj asked
Listen You are driving car and I am driving you crazy- I said with a wink
Joke of the century- he said sarcastically
Shut up Kunj- I said in anger
Omg twinkle- Kunj said
Wht happened?? – I asked
I can’t control my self – Kunj said as he stopped the car with a jerk
Why did you stop Kunj?? Maa must be waiting for us- I said as I knew sum where what he is going to do
No one will wait- Kunj said as he dug his face in my neck an started to kiss lick and bite it
Ku….nn..jj – I moaned his name
Hmmm…..- he said still kissing me
Kunj …..we…r…in…car- I said
No problem- he said while tasting my neck and dug himself in me more tightly
Kunj….plzzz – I said
Ohhk- Kunj said and got out of the car
I composed my self and went out
“Twinkle” Kunj yelled
“I can see a hotel ri8 in front of me”
This naughty head is really predictable he already booked a room for us in that hotel

Listen my bacha m not stopping uh to read further I just want uh all to leave reading when you feel it is yukkk plzzz I haven’t written yukk but if uh think it is leave reading uh can surely read Twinkle’s POV ….In the morning….. Now let’s continue —

As we entered the room I threw him on the couch and sat on his lap kissing eo
“Listen……. twinkle …….I won’t …… …….able ……to control……. my self….” Kunj said between the kiss
I broke the kiss and cupped his face “Who wants you to control ur self??” I said
“Is it” he said lifting his eyebrow
“Hey how did uh do that?? ” I asked
“Do what??” He asked
“Ur eyebrows ” I said touching his eyebrows
“Uh too can do that baby” he said and he started to teach me how to do that
I was trying hard but as always I failed to do it we were trying it together when Kunj laid me on the couch and came on top of me
“Kunj…” I said
“Now what??” He asked irked
“Let’s move towards the bed” I said pointing the bed
“Nice idea” he said
Kunj didn’t move a bit and neither I.
After sme tym he turned me towards himself nd his eyes fell on my lips…I on seeing kunj’s intention closed my eyes giving him a +ve response….kunj on seeing this leand on my lips nd captured in his…nd started sucking nd bitting them….his hands started roaming on my bare back nd i started rubbing his back nd hairs…wid passing tym instead of breaking kiss we deepened it….nd at last we broke kiss after about 10 minutes…both were panting heavily…bt were looking eo lovingly…..Kunj widout wasting further tym picked me in his arms nd took me to the bed ….He slowly slowly placed me on bed nd also sits beside me….again eyeing each other lovingly…….Kunj started shifting towards me while I started moving backwards until my back touched wid the bed wall… finding no way to go i stoped struggling nd thought to give up….Kunj kissed my forhead lovingly… I closes my eyes….then he kissed my closed eyes…then my cheeks, chin nd again started leaning towards my lips…Again wid in fraction of tym our lips meet…..We again started kissing each other wildly nd hungrily….While kissing kunj made me lye on the bed nd started removing my clothes… I felt shy nd was abt to break the kiss…bt kunj felt my intentions and deepened the kiss nd continued his process…I also started unbuttoning his shirt…now kunj broke the kiss..nd again we both stared each other lovingly…Then wid in fraction of seconds we both were naked….Kunj dug himself in my neck nd started kissing nd bitting it…while I was moans his name…He does same wid other side of neck…now he started kissing me all over my face…while I was biting his earlobe….aftrr sme tym both goes under a comforter nd made love….I felt pain bt kunj assures my by entangling my hands in his….

The screen gets blurred showing their entangled hands


In the morning I woke up and saw Kunj sleeping facing his back to the ceiling. I kissed and shoulder and slept on him. He felt my touch and got up
“Uh awake?” He said in a sleepy tone
“Hmm…” I replied
“Wait lemme turn”

He turned and now was facing his chest to me

“How was the plan??” He asked
“Amazing” I said
“How was the rum??” He asked again
“It tasted Lyk green tea” I said
“Twinkle….” He said but I interrupted
“Kunj it’s just 6:30” I said
“Ok let’s sleep” Kunj said
“No let’s make out” I said in excitement
“Uh r growing wild every second” he said as his eyes were popped out in shock
“Less than you” I replied
“Okay then” Kunj said and he came on top of me

He stared me for a while
He slowly went down and stopped near my cleavage and started leaning on it when I slapped his face in a playful way

“Naughty head” I said
“Are but you only said me to make out” Kunj said with a pout
“Oh my god what will I do with you??” I said looking in the sky
“Just cuddle me and sleep” he said and cuddled me.


Hyy everyone
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