Trust On 7 Vows (Chapter-22)




Its been 5months 29 days of our marriage n there is sumthung btween us maybe he loves me bt i do not yeah i have developed a feeling for him but that isnt love cz i already luv sumone n i cant give his place to anyone in my lyf nt even kunj if he luvs me thats not my problm yaar my rail of thought came to an end whn the door bell rang and i went to open it i saw kunj is sweat and breathing heavily bt wait y is he in sweat and y is he breathing heavily he got the car ri8? Thn he must be sitting ideal and coming home huh lemme ask him only

T- y uh in sweat?
K-those street dogs
T-wht? Hehehehe
K-wht so funny
T-no nothing funny bt uh got a car haina?
K-yeah i got bt it ditched me
T-my dear hubby hw did the car ditched uh is she ur gf?
K-wait lemme gt inside after tht i will tell uh wht actually happened?

He entered inside i carried his bag to the room when we entered the room i helped him in opening his blazer gave him a towel and he told me tht his head is paining …… He looks so cute holding his hairs with both hands fully frustrated awww….. So as a typical wife oops srry kunj calls me wifiey so as a typical wifiey i told him to sit n i sat jst behind him with oil in my hand i was massaging his head while our talk was going on ….

T-so uh were telling me sumthing about ur gf
K-listen firstly after my marrige i dont have any affairs cz m a bit loyal to my wifiey no nt a bit a fully loyal to my wifiey.

He said this and brought a smile on my face literally he is too cute

T-ohhk tell me hw did the car ditched uh?
K-apply ur common sense twinkle
T-ohk fyn i understood gaadi kharab ho gyi
T- n wht about street dogs
K-frst promise ne uh wont laugh
T-wht did uh do?
K-i know uh will laugh so plzz jst promise me uh wont laugh plzzz
T-k fyn i wont laugh
K-woh actually i was getting late so i thought to walk while i was walking i saw sum street dogs so i purcahsed a biscuit and gave thm to eat
K-so after the biscuit got finished she ran behind me phir main aage kutte peeche and finally here at home

I was laughing like a maniac i mean hehehehe street dogs heheh

K-twinkle uh promised me uh wont laugh thn ….
T-m sorry kunj hehehhe bt aur koi ni mila thn street dogs hehehehe
K-c ths is the reason i wasnt telling uh i knew uh would laugh

He made a puppy face
So i cupped his face and the only thing tht came out of my mouth was awwww…..


She was laughing cupping my face and i was on cloud nine she has sumthing extraordinary in her thts the thing i love she attracted me from all directions now every moment with her in my lyf is jst lyk m in heaven the way she smiles the way she pouts the way she laughs the eay she makes faces her boldness her cuteness her madness m in love with all her habits lyk commnting on any girl whom she is jealous of watchimg movies till late night listening kanika kapoor songs Watching serials and most importantly following sidhant gupta on each and every social account as if he is her mode of lyf m sumtyms jealous of him cz he gives her so called sidhant gupta more attention than me no one does this to her own husbands yaar she neva cmmnts on any post on mine on the social netwrk bt omg she cmmnts on each and evry posts of sidhant wheather it is a pic or a hii anything bt at the end of the day ” Tedhi hai pr meri hai ” i really love the way she is i dont have prblm with any of her habits or mistakes that she does and I HAVE TRUST ON THE 7 VOWS THAT WE TOOK M SURE IT WILL NEVER SEPARTE US while i was thinking all this twinkle kept staring me all the tym so i also took revenge and it resulted into an i lock (note when twinkle cupped his face he was standing and twinkle also stood)
I was so much lost in her that i leaned on her and she also stood on her heals matching with my height y does this happens only wid me my wife is also not comfortable in kissing me huh bt anyeays concentrate she parted her lips and and and we were about to kiss when twinkle opened her eyes and turned the either side i ran my fingers in my hairs and left the room blushing yeah of course boys also blush look m a perfect example m sure she also must be blushimg inside …… Oh God I love her yaar


I came to my senses and was blushing but my blushed stopped when i saw the pen i left all my attachment to kunj and kept staring the pen it is really close to me I realised that i did a promise to myself not to love kunj then how can i just go with the flow yaaar To hell with this pen i know i have feelings for him bt there is sumthimg that is stopping me plzzz yaar babaji guide me
I thought on this matter almost an hour and finally came to a decision that is………..


Hey Darlos
How r uh all?
Aaj main n bhut khush hun guess y ?
Paavu yeah the reason is paavu she cmmnyed for the frst tym on my ff
I will do very much bak bak today cz m on a leave woh patna mein bhut baarish ho rhi hai n thts y water logging in my school so they gave us a holiday and i thought to continue wid the story
And all those who write ffs thnxx a lott for writing srry if i missed anyone

Thnxxx to my cmmnters and a special thnxx to my silent readers thnxxx a lott and a very big srry to my writer for not cmmnting on any of ur episodes
Guys i have a request to uh all even though uh dont cmmnt bt plzzzz pray fr my uncle cz ge is suffering from a loung disease and urgently taken to delhi for his treatment i just want uh all to pray for him tge atmosphere of my house has become vry senti plzzzz guys i request uh all to pray for his betterment
Love uh all
Stay blessed

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  1. SidMin

    You forgot me
    Just joking Loved the episode want to really know why Twinkle can’t fall for Kunj why and their almost kiss (Ah I wish it would have been one )Loved it Post the next part soon 🙂
    And I will definitely pray for your Uncle Hope he gets well soon 🙂

  2. Awesome epi.. kunj n the streetdogs???.. hope ur uncle gets well soon 🙂

  3. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute funny epi

  4. Baby

    oh god krystal di u r amazing srsly luvd it 2 d core
    osm episode so kunj is in luv b twinkle who is d 1 who is stping her to luv kunj wanna srsly no dat soon
    di post nxt asap
    n yeah may ur uncle bcm f9 n stay blessed god is dere u belive in god ryt soooooo jst hv a hope nvr loose hope sn always thnk positive i hv praye dn i m sure he ll b f9 prfct ……
    c u soon di………

  5. Awesome….

  6. Awesome…. Cute episode

  7. krystal…epi was amazing…kunj running b4 dogs..he he he…n i guess d person was kunj only bt its confusing as they met earlier during competition na…i rembr lil…bt hope tw fall 4 kunj…n post nxt asap…

  8. n ya have faith on god…he’ll surely listen…n i’ll also pray 4 his recover…

  9. dreamer..arundhati

    Krysi di sorry beech me comment nahi kiya…..fab epi
    Ctd soon

  10. Aamu

    kunj is in love with r syappa queen….
    n i think sidhant gupta se tw ki feelings cnncted hai… it?…
    it just a guess….
    do cont

    1. Aamu

      n yaa willl surely pray for ur uncle………
      hope he will b well sooon!!

  11. Amazing epi

  12. Rashiverma2199

    Wow….Krystal….episode was awesome…. Do u watch splits villa as well???

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