Trust On 7 Vows (Chapter-20)




Twinkle’s POV

After mine and kunjs stunt I was very much embarrassed so I thought not to talk to Kunj that much I was maintaining a gr8 distance between me and Kunj bt I really didn’t know about wht will happen next cz wht happened was really unxceptable mahi who is my sister was about to ruin my life she wanted me to marry Kunj so she went to maa n kept a proposal my maa was also very happy so she called Aditya n I was giving him death glares continuously huh!!! We did cut the alliance bt now the question that raised was ki whether I wanted to marry Kunj or not bt maa n mahi didn’t even bothered to ask me about it instead they talked to Kunj and finalized the marriaged I was so angry that I wanted to kill Kunj mahi n maa all 3 of them at the same time who does this wid her own daughter?? I rushed to Kunj n just banged him with the wall
T-wht do uh think of urself??
K-twinkle yar wht happened??
T-uh can’t take my lyf’s decision
K-will uh please tell me wht happened?
T-y did uh agree fr the marriage? Plzzz understand yar Kunj I can’t marry uh I don’t luv uh n I will Neva plzzzz just call off this marriage plzzzz uh can’t do this to me we have sum thing between us called friendship bt I think uh don’t consider me as ur frnd cz if uh did I don’t think uh would have done this wid me

The whole tym I spoke n Kunj was making me calm n finally he was successful in making me quiet by pinning me to the wall n holding my arms vry tightly n his one finger on my lips…… I kept quite when he started to xplain me everything still keeping his finger on my lips
“Listen Mahi n Yuvraj told me that uh r ready for the marriage n leela aunty also wants this marriage I said no at frst when Yuvraj started to blackmail me by saying that you will take ur lyf if I don’t say yes to the marriage so I said yes thinking that uh will take ur lyf if I say no………Now will uh plzzzz reply me??”
He said this all in one go and I was completely lost in him he again asked me to reply him n I removed his hand from my lips n gave him a thumbs up n I left the place when I reached taneja mansion I said my maa to call mahi cz uh know my anger was on the peak of my nose my maa did as instructed when mahi came A chataak sound was heard yeah I slapped mahi cz she deserves it
T-wht do uh think of urself haa??
M-hw dare uh slap me?
T-don’t tell just shut up y did uh fix mine and kunjs marriage?
M-twinkle I did this cz I know uh n Kunj luv eo
T-r uh out of ur mind me and Kunj Neva yaar
M-no need of hiding the truth twinkle
T-shut the f**k up mahi I said I don’t luv him n neither I like him that much we just frnds just frnds nothing more than that do uh get that??
M-bt Kunj loves uh ri8?
T-who in the whole Amritsar told uh this fact? Did Yuvraj told uh this? No? Did I said this? No? Did maa said this? Nahi maa!! Did Kunj said ki he luvs me? Noo then he could uh keep this proposal? Uh have no right to take my lyf’s decisions …..uh r nobody…..”nobody”
M-twinkle it’s vry late Kunj is ready for the marriage
T-oh really?? Kunj isn’t ready for the marriage by his own wish he is ready cz uh n yuvi forced him to do so uh blackmailed him by saying tht I will commit suicide if he rejects this proposal……listen mahi m making it vry clear if uh want me to get married wid Kunj I don’t give a shit to tht …..
T-mahi will uh plzz step forward for me??
M-yeah tell me (coming forward)


Yeah again I slapped mahi cz she deserves it

I went my room n locked it frm inside I took a pen a shirt a hair strand kept in the zip lock n the last thing a photograph those were the things vry close to my heart vry close those belonged to the love of my lyf yes I loved a person in the past loved him to the core loved him to the next Galaxy and back I loved him vry much more than anyone in my lyf I was about to take him name when maa knocked my room n I went to open it
L-twinkle putter mainu lagda hai ke tujhe Kunj naal shade kr Leni chahiye (twinkle I think uh should marry Kunj he’s a nice guy)
T-maa aap v (maa uh too)

I kept my head on her lap and she started to make me understand

L-dekh twinkle Kunj ek changa Munda hai woh tenu khush rakhega aur Phir babaji sbki ki Jodi pahele hi
Banate hai shayad woh Ldka Kunj hi ho jise wahe guru be tere kismet me likha hoga (listen twinkle Kunj is a nice guy he will keep uh happy after all wahe guru make pairs wid his own wish maybe Kunj is the guy who is written in ur fate)
T-jaisi tohaddi Marzi maa (as uh wish maa)
L-uh speak Punjabi vry well

I was rest for the marriage bt one condition tht I will do court marriage cz uh know i should do marriages tht is easy after all after 6 months I have to divorce him ri8??


Hey Darlos
Hw r uh all?
All Gud?
Thnxx everyone those who commented will be back wid a new chapter till then bye
Love uh
Stay blessed

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