Trust On 7 Vows (Chapter 2)




After the song both were feeling refreshed…. they sat n started to talk bt twinkle gets a call n she left….. here kunj was feeling bored so he started to wrk on his mobile (technology uh know) Lets hear twinkles convo….

T-dii everything ok??
M-till now ….. ma is waiting fr uh…. what to say???
T-hey dii plsss stay quite fr 2-3 days after that open ur mouth….
M-thik h bt what will i get ??? In return
T-uv jijuu se jaaduu ki kissie
M-ha ha chal thik h waise maa wants to talk to uh …
T-ohhk give the phone
L-hello twinkle …. how r uh beta kaha chali gayi
T-maa i came here for sum enjoyment uh know hanging out wid frnds
L-chal thik h bt r u speaking the truth???
T-sach me maa…
L-chal thik h biee… take care
T-biee maa love uh

Twinkle turns n find kunj there…
K-y did uh lied
T-coz uh dont know maa if she will get to know about singing she will neva allow me to handle business
K-ohh so uh love both music n business equally …
T-of course
K-acha listen m bored i want uh to talk rubbish wid me..
K-plsssss (n makes a puppy face)
T-okkh chalo

They sit on the seats now the comedy begins

T-see now we both dont know eo so now we will talk lyk strangers….
K-hmmm… lets begin
T-uh start….

K-what ur name???
T-log mujhe pyaar se behna bulate h….
K-ohh to tm hi ho woh jiski wajah se sb mujhe jijuu bulate h ….
T-hehehe uh nailed it yaar.. srsly…
K-hmmm… chalo one more ok??

T-can i sit here…
K-its all urs
T-may i have some water
K-my pleasure
T-bhaiya agla station kon sa h ??
K-mere baap ne mere dimag me koi GPS fit ni kiya chal jldi seat khali kr mujhe neend aa rhi h …

Twinkle starts laughing aloud n so does kunj …..

T-ok ok one more yaar …

K-fine… do uh wanna hug??
K-do uh even know what i jst said??
K-what did i say then??
T-do uh wanna hug??
K-well ok if uh insist..
T-hawww….u r a vry big …
K-yes i know m a vry big …

They both start to laugh agan ….

K-see this one will be the last…
T-ok then m ur gf n uh my bf ……
K-fine then ur a bi**h..
T(in full anger coz she didnt xpected this)- oh srsly i have been called wrse …
K-really like what??
T- ur grlfrnd …..

K-yaar u r srsly a crazy grl….
T-tell me sumthing i dont know
K-u r pretty
K-i wish sumthing was there between us …
T-mee 2
K-really … like what??
T-a wall….
T-uh know what kunj uh make me remember about ocean or sea
K- like wild restless romantic etc etc
T-no stupid uh make me feel sick….
K-hehehe vry funny …..know what ur funny
T- ur hot
T-umm.. m funny yeah … sumtimes m funny…
K-hey see whatever m going to say dont take it serious….. I LOVE UH
T-aise ni meethe andaaz me propose kro….

Kunj thinks for a while

K- KIT KAT ka swaad ho tm DIARY MILK ka ehsaas ho tm
MILK CAKE se v jyaada khas ho tm
kuch v kaho mere liye
5 STAR ho tm…
T-hahaha so cute yaar…

K-see we started talking n now its night i think we should sleep….
T-with uh???
K-shut up…hehe
T-haha… k gud night . .
K-gud night. ….
T-hey kunj
T-have a horror dream
K-do uh want me to pee in my pants
T-well if uh want uh can
K-hehe now sleep
T-k swweet dreams

They slept ..


Hey darlos
How r uh all ??
Liked the chapter rubbish talks …. will soon be back wid a new chapter till then bieee
Love uh stay blessed

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