Trust On 7 Vows (Chapter-18)



Yuhi’s marriage

Twinkle’s pov

Y r uh all shocked? I said when mahi came shouting n hugged me tightly “easy mahi”I said thn I went to maa “hyy s*xy” I greeted her and she hugged me wid a pout on her face. Oh damn hw can I forget my yuvi so I ran to hug him bt stopped “oh srry I forgot only mahi has the right to hug uh” I said winking n to my surprise he started to flirt wid me …..oh god he was provoking my inner devil n now I can’t stop myself from flirting we were flirting n yuvi was receiving death glares from mahi post tht the bald pundit interrupted “Sagai ka shubh mahurat beet rha h ” he bleated yeah he bleated coz he’s voice was vry much similar wid a goat. Finally the engagement was over n I ran to get the mike centre of attraction uh see bt tht Dj wasn’t ready to give me yaar the moment I came back to India no one listening to me y???? I changed myself into the devil avatar once again –
“Uh creep do uh even know who I am ?? Who r uh to stop me …..don’t compell me to do sumthing wrong wid uh …..r uh giving me the mike or nt ” I said bt tht stubborn Dj was still nodding a no I was left wid no option so I took him in the corner n thn my de Dana dan started ….I again carried him to the stage n I got the mike I have a stage fear so I quickly announced tht the newly engaged couple want to tell uh all their luv story ….. Tht drama started I looked towards my left n omg hw cute he is bt wait I think I know him jst need to take a clear view I stepped towards him n nahiiiiiiiiiii he is kunj sarna bt y is he here ??? Q??? Who called him???
“Hyy” he started
“Hlw…..long tym”
“Wht r uh doing over here”
“It’s my bro engagement ”
“Ohk…..wht??? Yuvi???”
“Yuvraj sarna”
“F*ck man” I said less audibly
We could hear claps maybe the luv story ended n everyone started vanishing ab engagemnt was over so they will go home obviously

**sangeet day**

I cried the whole night … I was missing someone vry close to me my eyes were swollen and red .i cry every night bt my eyes Neva swelled don’t know y dis happened? I wore my lehenga it was the same tht KKK wore hawwww…..uh don’t know KKK ??? Kareena Kapoor Khan ….. I wore the same lehenga tht he wore in high heels remember wid my black shades and fr my black shades I have a xcuse also wanna know wht acha tell me hw many of uh have watched the video of kaala chashma it’s fashion now a days guys ….acha nw plsss pray tht the devil inside me doesn’t wake uh today cz I m suffering frm DID dissociative identity disorder sumtyms I change into a devil n sumtyms a bubbly grl
Ohhkay now finally bye

Kunj’s pov

I was waiting fr yuvraj to come from the washroom yaar today is his Sangeet n he is chilling in the washroom
“Yuvi m going ” I shouted n left the place

Whn I reached the hall yuvi was already there
K-tu jb aaya
Y-when uh were talking wid ur bf
K-oh hello m straight
Y-shut up evrytym uh talk to tht bl**dy chadda
K-mr. Avinash chadda
Y-yeah whatever

Jst thn mahi came n Yuhi went to their respective places to sit
I took my mobile to see the appointments when someone banged into me she was no doubt syaapa queen “abe yaar twinkle walk properly” she said to herself n went frm there bt y did she become mika Singh today ?? Is there any fancy dress competition she is wearing shades lyk mika Singh
Anyways kunj leave this today there is a dance ka muqabal between mahi ke devars and yuvi ki saliyaa

The mike was in sayeeda’s hand
Twihi ki BFF

“So we know girls r much better thn boys ri8???” She announced
“Nt at all” abhinav announced
Yunj frnd

Let’s start

Frst it was boys turn so we danced on “saj dhaj ke” from mausam

And thn grl danced on “nachaan farate ” from all is well

Again our chance bt we were busy selecting the songs so our tym was up

Now again girly gang danced on
“Didi tera devar dewaana” from hum aapke hai kon I couldn’t control my self so me and nakul also accompanied thm

This was the last round n we were still nt done wid the song ….. I signed twinkle to help me bt she nodded a no I was pleading her so finally she smiled n suggested me jogi mahi from the movie bachna ae haseeno
Nw again tym fr grls they dance on bahara from I hate luv stories

Nw results r girly gang won n they were so happy jst thn twinkle held my hand n raised it as both the teams were winner

Our last Grp dance was on Galla goodiyaan from dil dhadhakne do

**after 2 days**
Yuhis marraige

(I don’t want to show this marraige guys hope uh understand)


Hey guys m I late???
Acha tell me kitna late ??
3 weeks???
Kch zyada hi wait Kr liya tmlogo ne toh hai n???
Don’t wrry from now I will try robe regular Pakka
Acha so as I m late many of uh must have forgot the story ri8???
So lemme give uh a summary ……

Twinj met in a train journey to Mumbai there thy had lots of fun together after that ritzi saby sattu and Sara entry and all tht hungama then twinj separation phir leap of 3 years n Yuhi ki wedding n now the episodes as they r going phir v agar uh want in more detail uh go to my profile n click on posts and uh can read the episodes ok???

Now my excuse y didn’t I post actually uh know n my mood swings I want to post bt I don’t want to type I have my episodes running in my mind bt uh know n my fingers pain n a lot when I type

Ouch c it’s paining yaar omg omg fr don’t uh guys wrry I will type from now jst fr uh
Bt yaar m bt getting cmments 12 cmments koi deta h ???
Plzzzzz guys if uh want any changes tell me I will do bt please cmment kiya kro plzzzz this I the longest episode ever written by me ri8???

Ohkk Bye
Love uh
Stay blessed

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