Trust On 7 Vows (Chapter-14)




The fantastic four were talking about hw kunj ditched thm……

Saby- i really think someone lyks kunj
Sara-mee too dear
Ritzi-i know who lyks him..
Sattu-hw do uh all know????

When twinkle comes on the beach n sits beside thm……

T-who lyks kunj??
Fantastic four together (widout noticing twinkle) – mee ……. what???
T-what???? I srsly will faint today
Sara-ohh shit twinkle uh here….
Ritzi-y did uh come here???
Sattu-dont uh have any other wrk???
Saby-any prblm twinkle???
T-naa no prblm …..acha my darlos uh all know tomorrow me n kunj r having our audition……. n as far i know saby told me that uh both r again flying to australia….
Ritzi-yeah…… we will miss uh dear really…… bt do invite us on ur marraige….
T-my marraige???
Saby-uh want to be single foreva???
T-who said?? No
Sara- u will marry ri8???
Sattu-thn my dear loluu do invite us…
T-yeah yeah pakka
Ritzi- for now lets have some fun….
Sattu-yeah..lets go

They all give a hi-fi to eo together……

(Now lets see the outfit they r wearing)

Kunj is simply bare chest and wearing his shorts he has his shades on his eyes …..givimg him a damn hotty wala look ….

(I really dont know how to describe grls outfit srsly so m jst giving a link)

Ritzi is wearing–
Sara iz wearing —

Sattu iz wearing —

Saby iz wearing —

Now tym fr our beautiful adorable gorgeous good looking flawless mindblowing cute sweet n hot Twinkle …. she iz wearing —

(Omg omg omg what the ….. these grls r looking damn hot i srsly will faint today lyk srsly they r looking preetier than Urvashi Rautela….. if uh havent seen her thn dis iz fr uh

As they stepped on the sands of the beach the sun shined even more brighter making the environment even more hot….. as soon as kunj saw thm especially twinkle he was dead at that moment….he removed his shades n narrowed his gaze on thm….actually her….now it was lyk the sun will burst cz it was toooooooooooooooooo hottt ……



No no no no no this cant happen how can a grl look so hot??? Naah kunj i think uh r really going on a wrong track….remember the policy of life..”GRLS R THE BIGGEST PRBLMS ON ERTH …… A LYF WIDOUT A GRL IS HEAVEN N A LYF WID GRL IS HELL…..” uh cant love twinkle or ritzi or shatakshi or saby or sara….. nt only

thm uh cant love anyone ….. bt srsly yaar they r really looking the hottest among all the grls here….especially twinkle….she made me sweat lyk anything if this wont be my policy i would surely have kissed her today n of course would have married her….bt beta kunj leave all this as uh might become crazyy leave it!!



When we the fab 5 went ob the beach….. i could feel many guys gazing at us …… ritzi gave me a sign to look at a man who wasnt concentrating on his woman bt on us….. we could see boys sweating….hehehe it really feels awwsum whn uh see someone deiing on ur looks…. sattu showed me a grl making her bf face her bt the boy wasnt ready to take their eyes off from us…. A boy approached towards Sara n guess wht he proposed her….. we were gazing our shocked si sara n we started to giggle ….. after which we xperienced sm death glares too…. finally saby suggested us to play vollyball….must say she has the best ideas ….. so the teams r divided…. many boys also approached us to play wid us….n looking at their cute faces we cant deny ….. sara wasnt playing wid us cz she got d luv of her lyf…..

We started to play volleyball…..


Hey darlos
Hw was todays chapter
Hope uh liked it
As promised i posted today n a long one ri8???
Thnxx to those who cmmnted on my previous chapter …..thnxxxx a lott guys….
Throw ur valuable cmmnts plzzzz
Will be back soon no nt soon actually will be back on friday wid a new chapter…… till thn bieeee love uh all n stay blessed …….

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