Trust On 7 Vows (Chapter-13)




The grly gang went to Kunj n gave him a smirk

(Plan as per satakshi)
Twinkle will tie his hands , ritzy will blindfold him, Saby will cover his mouth so that he cannot shout…… N our Sara she is d main one here….. She will drive the car to Juhu beach …… Someone should be there to drive the car or else they will my reach their destination …….


Don’t know from where sattu found a vase…… N uh all know what sort of ideas she gets…. Yeah, intelligent ppl she hit kunj’s head with that vase….. N twinkle our female protagonist started to shout…..

T-omg omg Kunj fainted before kidnapping….. Did he faint cz of ritzy???
R-y will he faint cz of me he must have fainted due to Sara
Sara-ohh my darlos y will he faint cz of me too ???? This tym m sure he fainted cz he saw Saby…..
Saby-he saw me many tyms then y only today he fainted….
Sattu-hey brilliant minds he fainted cz of me…. I had hit him with this vase
T-hawwww this wasn’t the plan wht if he dies??? He is my responsibility…..
Sattu-y r uh behaving lyk a bodyguard
Saby-just shut up uh both ….
Sara-sattu did d right thing now we can tie him easily …..

These idiots wht did they do to our Kunj….. Lallu ????

After they reached Juhu beach they check in a hotel…..(must be thinking y??? Don’t use ur brain….they cannot wear their beach costumes from the house itself…..n moreover Kunj was fainted cz of our bookworm sattu) Kunj gains conciousness n saw twinkle sitting right before….him n he starts to cough…..

K-y r uh watching me lyk a hawk
T-m watching uh lyk a human??
K-I meant….
T-(cutting him) haa I know wht uh meant ….uh actually fainted …
K-ohh…n did uh renovate ur house???
T-stupid uh fainted fr 3 hrs….1 hr due to the effect of that vase….n 2 hrs cz of choloroform ….. Guess what where r we???
K-wht uh made me smell choloroform ???? N why is the back of my head paining??? Spill the truth what uh did wid me….
T-I raped uh …. Nt only me bt my frnds too???? uh know gang rape…..
K-?? I always knew ur intentions …..ab wht face will I show to my parents….not only parents bt to d world…..
T-stop ur drama…. We r in Juhu beach….
K-what???? Uh brought me here…
K- uh r torturing me since the frst day….
T-I haven’t started the torture yet baby….
K-huh!!!! Just leave….
T-by Kunj listen
K-I said leave
T-c frst listen
K-I said leave damnit…..

Twinkle sadly leaves …..



Ohh shit….Kunj she helped uh whenever uh needed n she wanted to have fun with uh by widout uh ….uh r such a stupid NW uh did hurt her what if she throws uh out of her home n will think of making the competition even more tough no no no uh can’t take risk….it’s nt about risk….it’s about frndship yeah uh have to apologise now go…..


Huh what does he thinks of himself??? Bt jst a sec twinkle uh did wrong uh really did wrong with him he didn’t want to come by uh forced him nt only forced by uh kidnapped him….(apne hi ghar se kidnap lol??) nw uh have to apologise cmmon he can uh be so cruel?? What if he leaves ur house n made the competition even more tough no no no no he can’t do this n I will apologise …. Twinkle y r uh wasting ur tym go …..


Huh!!! Srsly m tired of writing no no guts it isn’t twinkle or Kunj its me Krystal hehehe ohhk fr uh m writing more


Kunj goes to open the door in order to got out by our syaapa queen opened the door n it directly hit kunj’s forehead……now twinkle was really feeling wht d shit I did n she cupped his face while Kunj kept his hand on twinkle’s shoulder…..

T-Kunj uh ok???
K-yeah…m ok

Saby Ritzi Sara Sattu were coming in a hurry to twinkle bt they were glued in their position cz they though twinj were kissing

The fantastic four went on the beach n started to talk about that

Saby- I really think they love eo
Ritzi-yeah the way they were kissing
Sara-hawwww Kunj ditched me!!!
Sattu- hw did he ditched uh???
Sara-uh will nt understand


Hy darlos hw was the chapter ???
Hope uh liked it
N don’t wait for the next chapters today cz I haven’t posted bt tomorrow Pakka chapter 14 will be posted at any cost Pakka …..
Do throw ur valuable cmmnts today thanxxx to all those who cmmnted on my previous chapters …. Will be back tomorrow till then luv uh all stay blessed ????????

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