Trust On 7 Vows (Chapter-10)



Sazii n sashi left. Kunj gets relieved bt our sara came back n shocked kunj…

Ritzi-we r going to stay here
Shatashi-what what??
Saby- yes we decided to stay here till ur auditions
Sara-any problm??? Mr. Kunj
T-y will he have ny prblm ?? Cme i wanna talk to uh all

Our fab 5 went leaving kunj alone….

K-(himself) did i do anything wrong in my previous lyf …. that my dear god made me meet this antique peice….i mean y did i decide to stay here??…uff save me babajii

@Twinkles room

Sara- so twinkle evrything ok??
Saby-r uh enjoying here??
T-yaa m full too enjoying
Shatakshi-how is kunj???
T(smiles a lil) -he is nice
Ritzi-r uh pregnant???
T-are uh mad???
All-then y r uh blushing??
T-who is blushing???
Sara-uh my dear

Nw there will be a lil comedy n srry if i hurt anyone wid this…..

Ritzi took twinkle b**

Saby-is this ur size??
Sara-give a glance here babes
T-uh creeps
Ritzi-lyk srsly yaar this is ur size ….

They all start to run here n there xcept for sattu cz she was busy wid hr twilight novel n chips(bookwrm uh know)

Ritzi threw the b** saby catched then it goes in sara fist. They were running as soon as they moved towards opened n kunj was standing.
He saw the b** in sara hand sara also noticed it n hid it between the pages of shatakshi novel bt it was a lil visible so saby hid it under the table (stupids…. bt yaar th brain srsly doesnt wrk at that moment). Kunj gave a disgusted look to them n wnt from there . Shatakshi took d b** n gave it to twinkle….

Shatakshi- ho gayi insult….


Hey darlos!!!!!
How was d chapter???
Did uh lyk it ???
Throw ur precious cmmnts
Will be back wid a new chapter…till thn bieee love uh stay blessed


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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.