Trust On 7 Vows (Chapter 1)



Biee dii i said do uh guys know i m going to mumbai tomeet the love of my life.Hey hang on its not a boy well uh guys must be thinking who? Its music hehe yes m going to mumbai for an audition for singing bt uh keep this matter to urself dont tell it to anyone coz my maa doesnt know anything about this. Buddies i got a news ki my sweetuu satakshi has started a new ff n ritzi will come wid a new season of her ff so bad no one informed me huh! Do uh want to know hu i am okay keep patience i will tell uh bt frst m going to give uh a short trailer of my story or can say trust story.
I love music n so does that kharoos i mean my partner in crime kunj sarna. He neva loved anyone n he neva wants to well i think uh all know his policy “LOVE ME BT DONT EXPECT IT FROM ME” So m here to give him tutions hehe actually m here to teach him how to love. My self twinkle taneja fan of fan fictions and lover of music. A successful business women who handles business along wid her mother and that kharoos i mean kunj is the one wid whom m getting married no guys nt love arranged marraige…..


Hii darlos how r uh all well how was the prologue plssss guys throw ur cmments n plsss msg me on fb insta or on TU
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Love uh stay blessed



A huge station is shown i mean railway station. Inside the train a boy is sitting n cursing himself
B-y??? Y r uh alwys late buddy? This tym uh have to travel in this train ….huh..its better if uh leave ur dreams n try nxt tym ….. oh god kunj home sweet home let go to sarna mansion ….

Suddenly Poooooo hehe guys its the horn of train … kunj gets scared n runs to his seat

K-mummy…. no kunj its jst a horn ….
Kunj is getting down the train when tujhe dekha toh ye jaana sanam plays in bg. A grl is running…. she is wearing denims n white crop top….kunj looks at her n is surprised by her looks …. he gives his hand and asks twinkle to hold it ….. twinkle runs fast n at last their hands meet and they step in the train…. both settle themselves n their tom n jerry segment starts

T- uhh stupid cant uh pull the chain …. uh made me run this much.
K-m srry
T-uh better be
K-wait wait wait hang on why d hell m i saying srry ….
T-coz uh made me run
K-xcuse me miss beautiful.
K-i mean miss whatever
T-ha bolo
K-i helped uh yaar
T-haa i know how uh helped me…. bas tm larko ka yehi prblm h uh see a 34-32-36 n bas touch krne chal pade
K-srry what is that 34-32-36???

T-my figure …
K-ohh…. waise sahi h figure to msst h
T-xcuse me mr darshing
T-i mean mr whatever
K-haa bolo

And they both start to laugh loudly…..they sit facing eo

T-so where r uh going??
K-yeh train kaha jaati h ??

T-what do uh mean by yeh train kaha jaati h
K-are where evr the train will stop i will obvio go there
T-see if u r travelling in train then there r several stops jst lyk bus stops ….. yeh airplane ni h .. wait r uh travelling fr the frst tym in train
K-yeah… unfortunately
T-hey its gud if u r travelling in train
K-hmmm… i got a great company (sarcastically)
T-yeah whatever …. btw uh kunj sarna … right??
K-see i have a huge fan following ..
T-abe huge fan following chup!!!
(Kunj ka popat)

I know uh coz m also a business women …well do uh know me who i am ??
T-twinkle taneja
K-uh twinkle taneja….. CEO of taneja industries ..
T-yes baby….
T-can i ask uh a question
K- yeah… sure
T- uh love travelling in flights …
T-so now listen the fact 90% men love to travel through flights coz they get a chance to see air hostesses hai n
K-umm…. yeah…uh r right bt m nt lyk that…

And again they start laughing……

K-so y going mumbai
T-wo actually i love singing so going to give an audition
K-hey guess what we r on the same page …. me too

Kunj n twinkle together-is that company name swaragini …

Again laughters r heared

T-so romantic sad or rock
K-well romantic sounds better
T-mee too

Kunj starts humming a song n then sings it

Ek din kabhi jo khud ko taraashe
Meri nazar se tu zara, haaye re
Aankhon se teri kya kya chhupa hai
Tujhko dikhaaun main zara, haaye re
Ik ankahi si daastaan daastaan
Kehne lagega aaina Subhanallah…

Jo ho raha haim pehli dafaa hai wallah
Aisa hua, Subhanallah..
Jo ho raha hai pehli dafaa hai wallah
Aisa hua

Meri khamoshi se baatein chun lena
Unki dori se taarifein bun lena (x2)

Twinkle accompanies him in the song

Kal nahi thi jo aaj lagti hoon
Taareef meri hai khaamakha
Tohfa hai tera meri adaa

Kunj again sings

Ek din kabhi jo khud ko pukaare
Meri zubaan se tu zara, haaye re
Tujh mein chhupi si jo shayari hai
Tujhko sunaaun main zara, haay re
Ye do dilon ka waasta waasta
Khul ke bataaya jaaye naa

Jo ho raha hai, pehli dafaa hai Wallah
Aisa hua.. Subhanallah (x3)

Jo ho raha hai, pehli dafaa hai Wallah
Aisa hua..


Hey darlos how r uh all hope uh liked the chapter n m srry bt from now no precap uh have to think about it n be ready coz this tym i may be regular in posting the chapters plsss throw ur valuable comments ……

Love uh stay blessed

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