My TRUST on YOU (2) OS


she is being treated. ……

Doctors informed them that swara lost her child n she is not responding to the treatments n only ur TRUST ON GOD n prayers can save her ……..
sanskaar n shourya both pray to god to return their life to tgem as they dont think of living without swara……God blessed them b swaea was saved but she lost her memory n now the nurse informs her that her husband sanskaar was crying too much for her to respond to the treatment n u r very lucky to get him as ur husband. … U lost ur child but he treats u as his child …. child is not the matter u can again get conceived but u cant get this person as husband…… the one who gets r really destined …. n she goes …. swara is returned to hers n sanskaar n shourya flat …. due to her memory liss now swara has started to live her life like before bubbly n childish nature …..

shourya n sanskaar r happy that she is laughing …..she is happyyyy….swara started to love sanskaar nd started to TRUST him whenever swara goes close to sanskaar as like to kiss him or hug him sanskaar makes some excuse n moves from there ….. this angers swara n while decending the steps swara falls n gets hurt on her head n now she gets her memory back…. shourya n sanskaar asks her to rest n scolds her that y she always falls n do work who asked u to do work …. she goes to her room n sits n remembers her accident, nurse words , her memory loss, n her moments with sanskaar, n she trying to move forward eith sanskaar….. she gets angry as again they broke her TRUST n she went to confront sanskaar
sanskaar n shourya wet sitting in drawing room n shourya started the conversation which is heard by swara ….

sho : sanky swara se itna pyar karta hai na tu use kyun nahi apnaya tu ne …. vo toh sab kuch bhul gayi hai pata bhi nahi usse kab apna memory vapas loutega….
sanky : shourya agar usse memory vapas aa gayi aur vo apna pyaar ko ek aur moka dena chahti hai toh…… Ab hi vo zindagi me kisi aur pe TRUST karna seeka hai vo phir se nahi todna chatha hun …
haa mai swara se pyaar karta hun par mere liye uski khushi hi chahiye ……
sho : agar vo us ladke ke paas loutna chathi hai toh tu usse uske paas bhej dega …. tu jii payega uske bina ….

sanky : pata nahi shourya n tears roll down from his eyes n he wipes it ….. i just hope ki vo muje apni Zindagi me ek mouka de ….pat yeh toh nahi ho sakta hai na …
shourya hugs sanskaar n says kaash yeh ho sakta toh ….
swara : ( monologue kabhi bhi maine nahi socha ki vo hadsa ke baad me kisi aur pe bharosa kar saku …except bhai i could not TRUST myself but sanskaar he truly trusts me he loves me after my past… kya mai uski bharosa jeet paungi )she cone to the room as usual acting like she has not regained her memory. …bhabhi n sanskaar suno na i want to go to temple please take me naaa after that i wont disturb u both please please. …
sanky : swara abhi toh gir gayi thi na then again wants ti go out ahh
sho : haa sanky is right. ..

swara please n makes puppy face
both sanky n shourya melts seeing her face n agree to take her ….
In temple
swara : sorry i hid one thing from both of u ….
both sanky n shourya : whar did u hide n don’t ask sorry ….
swara : wen i fell down from stairs na …. at tgat time nly i got my memory back. ….
sans : swara its a really a good news n y ru asking sorry
sho : mera shona is back na thats enough. …
swara : sanskaar will u marry me in this temple. … will u be able to TRUST ME …….
sans : shocked swara r u in senses
swara : ya iam in my senses nly i think u have lost n she fights cutely with sanskaar n shourya is very happy. ….

sans : shourya see her now nly she got her memory na ….
sho : wats wrong in this …..
swara : teary eyes sanskaar i thought that i could mve on in my life with u … i think i have not gained ur TRUST. …
sans : swara its not like that i trust you. ..
swara : then do u love me … I love u idiot see iam proposing u in front of my bhai n u r just mad
sanskaar : Ha i love u he blurts
swara hugs him ….
swara n sanskaar get married by the rituals in the temple n takes god blessing. ….from god n now she says today i will tell the nameof the person who played with my dignity its Laksh Maheswari. ….
both shourya n sanskaar r shocked ……..
sho : swara tum laksh…
swara : tum jaante ho …… use
sho : nahi par wo Maheswari hai kya …
swara : haa Durgaprasad Maheswari ka louta beta …..
sho : sanky ….

sans : tum vohi ladki ho ……jo xyz college ho …
swara : haa laksh ko tum kaise jaante ho …
sans : vo mera bhai hai …
swara : teary eyedtries to explain what happened that day …..
sans : swara kuch kehne ki zaruri nahi hai …. i know its ur past n i don’t want ur past to effect ur future. … u r happy with me … u love me n i love u its enough for me …. Do u TRUST ME SWARA. ..
swara : I TRUST YOU MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE. … n iam happy to know that u TRUST ME. …n hugs him n cries. ….
sho : now no more crying k shona u r now not swara Gadodia but u r Swara Sanskaar Maheswari. now lets go home ahh today is ur Suhagraat hmmm interesting. …
swara : bhaiii …blushing
sans : shourya chal now lets go …

sho : ha ha inta jalbazii…
they go to their home n now swara is welcomed with all the rituals n that night swara n sanskaar consumate their marriage. ….
after 2 months swara is again pregnant with sanskaar child ….
swara mood swings makes sanskaar do all childish works for swara. …
after 9 months swara is sitting on couch n shourya n sanskaar r roaming around her one by telling stories n one feeding her ….
swara gets lobour pain n cries …. both shourya n sanskaar get panicked n tensed for her n take her to hospital. …
swara wants sanskaar to be with her in OT … she shouts in pain …n scolds sanskaar. ..
swara : sab kuch isne karke chup chaap khada hua hai ye deko …
sans : swara main ne kya kia …
swara : bataun sabke saamne sharam rahni hai… n she shouts a loud n delivers a baby girl ….
sanskaar is sent out of OT …
sans : shourya mai papa ban gaya yaar ….meri betii….
sho : shouts sanky beti hui hai … omg teri aur swara ki tarah cute hogi naaa …
after few minutes swara us shifted to a ward n sanskaar n shourya go to her n sanskaar takes the baby in his hands n the baby smiles ….

Maheswari’s n swaras family come to hospital to see swara n her baby … they are seeing swaea fir tge first time n that too with the baby … all are very happy to get swara as their bahu…… n blesses her n bleeses the child … n now even laksh comes there n is shocked to see swara as his bhabhi….. but swara is not shocked. … she has forgotten him n moved ahead in her life … n now sanskaar n baby is her life ….
sanskaar names the baby as diya n hugs baby n swara …..

Relationship is based on trust n one should trust the other n they should maintain their trust …
how many swara’s n sanskaar’s are there in this world who has lost their trust ….n again they got back in the form of swara for sanskaar n sanskaar for swara

Credit to: Nethra

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  8. That’s what the meaning of true relationship…. They are made on trust and if there is no trust in a relationship then there is no relationship in it…..

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  14. Dude but was lakshs mistake in this…it was swara who didn’t trust him n think of asking him again….she just blindly believed wat she heard n moved on in her life…but laksh was left alone….ur concept was gud but story line didn’t make sense……sorry if I hv hurt anyone’s feelings by telling all dis….but I just told wat I felt is right

    1. but somewhere down the line all the problems started with lakshs misconception right smriti di…if a boy says something bad about the girl in front of the girls face of course the girl would be heartbroken and wouldnt have the strength to ask the boy anything…

    2. and neethri di your episodes were mind blowing….

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