My TRUST on YOU (1) OS


hi guys this is os n i am nethra n this is my first os so hope u guys like this

The scene starts with a beautiful girl enjoying the sun set near the beach n shouting see na laksh its soooo beautiful n thank u for bringing me here to se this scene …… iam sooo lucky to have u as my best friend forever ……
The girl is none othet than swara ……(swara is a bubbly girl childish in nature she has lost her parents in her young age n she was brought up by her mothers brother n wife …. she has someone important in her life i will introduce in next scene )….
laksh : swara even iam soooo happy to have u as my best friend
( monologue i just want u to accept my proposal now )
swara : k then lukky lets go

laksh : swara i need to tell u something n ask u something….
swara : haa lukky tell me na kya bath hai
laksh : abb hi nahi vahah n points some place near the beach. ..
its fully decorated with flowers…
swara : ohhhh come on wats that
laksh takes her there n kneel dows n takes a bouquet of roses n says …swara laksh Maheswari is in love with swara Gadodia. …. will u accept me …I love you a lot swara
swara : is lost in thoughts …….
laksh : swara please swara answer me
swara : i love u laksh( she thinks best friend can become a best life partners)
They both enjoy themselves in the newly found love ….one day they both get intimate n they take their relationship forward… day in college swara was speaking wuth laksh but someone from behind closes her eyes…….
swara : shouts in excitement shouryaaaa ……n hugs him
shourya is swara’s mama mami son he is played by Karan tacker…
sho: My shona my darling i missed u sooo much ….he hugs her n twrils her round n round ….now swara in fake angry tone u missed me … but not me… k k i will not speak to u
sho : my god my darling is not speaking to mee then who will handle me n who will marry me…
swara : I will not marry u its ur punishment for not coming to meet me for 3 months
sho : its just 3 months na

swara : three monthsssss … kk come now lets go ….. she forgets laksh n goes from there … laksh us fuming with anger n jealousy by the bond between them n their friends also instigate him against swara …. he misunderstands them …
after a week swara returned to her college after spending quality time with shourya she goes to laksh ….n speaks but he doesn’t respond to her …. she shouts do u TRUST ME THEN STOP N LISTEN TO ME but he doesn’t …..
laksh speaking to his gang
laksh : u r right i should have not loved her she doesn’t have any value of TRUST. …. i dont want her in my life again …. all this conversation is listened by swara she is shell shocked. …. the person whom she loves ….. whom she gave her virginity is not TRUSTING her she is unable to stand listening to laksh words her world came upside down ….. how can she face ma n papa ( she calls her uncle n aunt as maa n papa) ….. how can she tell them that she has broken their TRUST howwwww……. she just moves to home n informs them that she wants to study being with shourya in Mumbai as now she wants to leave kolkatta she doesn’t want to see laksh face …..
wen laksh was speaking all that Nonsense sone one came to him he called him bhai n wanted to hug him but that person asked him not to call him as bhai as ge betrayed a girl he broke her TRUST on him …. n he moved from there …..

scene in Mumbai. ..
sho : swara kya hua tum aise kyun ayi huyi ho …. y u dont want to study there …..
swara : breaks down n tells the happening in Kolkatta. ..she hugs him n cries her heart out …..but sge doesnt mention laksh name
sho : shocked my swara is strong na she wont break herself she is my bold child …..
swara : NO BHAI NOW WHOM SHALL I TRUST. …. WILL I BE ABLE TO TRUST ANY ONE IN MY LIFE …..NO NA I CANT NA …. but only one person i TRUST is u TILL my DEATH i will ….but not others ….
sho : swara u know i have seen a person who has suffered a lot in his life …. he is my friend. … u know he is SANSKAAR my business partner n my best friend. ..he loved a girl …. he really she was his life n reason to live but one day wen he went to her house to pick her for shopping she was making out with othet businessmanu know how will he feel he lost himself from that day …. that girl just calmly answered him to close the door n move sanskaar i will be in 5 min. .. i thought he lost his life but he is living his life for his parents they always are with him …. Sujatha aunty n Ram uncle …. now see he also lost TRUST …. but he is living his life for his parents n noe its ur turn u have to be brave n stand ob ur foot no matter who is with u r no but me n sanskaar will always be with u me as ur bhaiii n sanskaar as ur friend because he has learnt a lot from his life n he doesn’t want anyone to go through the pain he went … n now i wabt my chubby swara backk …. n he hugs her …… Sanskaar comes there n sees their beautiful bond n relationship n gets tear in his eyes he heard the whole conversation between them ….
sans : haa y not i will stand with mu new friend in her bad times n my best friend who knows me very well ….
sho : hii sanky meet my darling swara….

sans : hii swara bahut sunta hun tumhara bare mein iske moo se
swara : wipes her tears n says hii
sans : swara no more crying wen sanskaar is here ….
some days pass for swara being with sanskaar, shourya but she has become silent. .. she just answers yes or no … want or doesn’t wants …
sanskaar n shourya both r hurt to see her like that all the three stay in one flat swara does her studies come home prepare something to eat though servants are there she likes to spend her time with cooking food ….once when she is serving food to sanky n shourya she falls unconscious on the ground. … both sanky n shourya r worried n shocked for her …. they call doctor .. doctor tells that swara is pregnant n she needs a special care as she is tooo weak n emotionally broken ….
swara gains consciousness n she asks wat happened n they inform her wat the doctor had said to her…..she is also shocked n cries bitterly thinking about the past n betrayal. ….
sho : hugs her n says my shona is not weak she will give birth to the baby with determined voice
sanky : yes swara u have to be strong. ..

sho : sanky can u do one thing for me. ..
sanky : anything for u n swara as now u both r more than anything to me …
sho : sanky swara se shaadi karega kya
swara : shocked bhaiii ye kya keh rahe hoo
sho : i want this child to get the fathers name …. but this society is so bad i dont want her to face this cruel side of society. ..
saky : understands wat shourya wanted to say n agrees to get married to swara the next day ….
Swara n sanskaar get registered marriage …. now swara Gadodia is sanskaar’s wife mrs swara sanskaar Maheswari but swara doesn’t notice the surname sanskaar is none other than lakshs brother …..
sanskaar n shourya r taking care of swara …she is 3 months pregnant…. in this three months sanskaar started to fall for swara as now swara tried to change n be happy atleast for her child n this changed sanskaar n he started to love swara n this was not left unnoticed by shourya….. he feels happy for his darling n his best friend …..

swara wanted to go for shopping n shourya n sanskaar both accompany her to shopping. … she finishes the shopping…. n r returning to the parking area…. swara sees lovers enjoying which reminds her of laksh n her moments n she loses the track n goes on main road thinking about it … both sanky n shourya get panicked for her n started to search her …. they see her in main road n shout but she didnt listen wen they wer about to reach her she was hit by a bus she rolled doen on the road with pool of blood n her head is badly injured……. sanskaar is shell shocked now his swara is also going to lev him ahh then he will be unable to live his life again… shourya is Standing numb as his life his shona is on road in pool of blood n his best friend sanskaar is completely broken n this breaks him …..
they take swara ti hospital. … she is being treated. ….

Credit to: Nethra

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