Truly, Madly, Deeply in Love with You (Fan Fiction) Introduction


Hi friends this s my second ff u all knw me I was the one who wrte the ff ‘searching for my love-laksh’… if u lyk dis only I ll continue….

Here we go….
Our hero- handsome, dashing and lovable… he is flirt too… he love his parents…he can do anything for them
Dp- successful businessman, lovable character… he love his son more than anything
Ap- as per the character of serial..he love her husband n son…

Our heroin- bold, fun, loving character… she love betting… n never accept the failure… she love to win betting…she share everythng to her mom all her sorrows n happiness

Sumi- as per the charactr of serial. She love her daughter…

Shekar- successful business man… he seem like strict to his daughter… but he always support her n lov her a lot

Scene start with big mansion…
Sumi – cutie wake up dear otherwise u ll late
Girl- mom plz 2mins( its our heroin)
Sumi – its almost 7.30 princess.. ur clg strting tym ws 9… I thnk u only reach on 9…
Girl- wakeup wit jerk wat tym is 7.30..offo iam getng late ma why u let me sleep.. its all ur fault…she pout sad face
Sumi – darling do u think I wake u up late today…
Girl confused n say- wat mom…
sumi- areh princess plz watch ur phone timing
Girl quickly take the phone from dressing table n saw- mom!!!!! Its only 6.30… why u wake up early
Sumi – see now only u said I wake u up lately I know u very well dats y…. k get ready fast…u have to reach early…
Girl- k mom lov u n she went to washroom
After getng ready she cme to dining hall….
Girl- mom I am leaving
Sumi- princess have breakfast n go
Girl- mom I am gettng late see u bye
Screen shift to college…

A gang sitting in the college outside… in the gang so many girls n boys… they are more than 10 persons…
One car stopped infront of them..they all are happy to see… its our heroin
Girl- sry guys iam late today…
One of her frnd- its k swt hrt but do u remember our rules whoever come late to clg… they have to do whatever we say…. So my swthrt r u ready for dis challenge…
Girl- ofcourse i ll so wats the challenge
Whole gang started to discuss about it… finally the decided…
Her frnd nisha- I think she cant do this
Her frnd sam- even I also thnk the same
Girl- first tell me guys…I am ready to do whatever it is….
Her frnds- ok here is the challenge u have to kis the guy who entr first in the college
Nithi- the kis must be in romance… dat means lip to lip…k r u ready
Girl- k its juz a kis… I am ready to kis…
Sam- I dnt know who s the lucky person
Girl- I ll kis him but on one condition his age only upto 20+ k
Frnds- hm I thnk its her frst kis dats y only she put the condition lyk dis its k condition accepted
Girl- k frnds stop talkng n eagerly iam waitng for my frst kisser…

Whole gang seriously watchng the clg main gate…. One car stopped n guy(its our hero) entrd from the car…but hes busy in phone call only his back is shown

Her frnds- offo.. we cant see his face k dear r u ready to go n kis him
Girl-yea I am k n started to walk toward him
Shes little tensed n nervous…
Girl in mind- what to do now….if u go back to ur frnds… they lll tease u lyk helll…. U have to do this… its juz a kis… be brave….
Girl tap the guys shoulder.. he is about to turn…she placed her lip to his lip… its not such a long one… it take 2 mins only…
Screen freezed with shocking face of the guy….

I dnt knw who ll be the pairs…I am little confused may be it ll raglak or swasan or swalak or ragsan…

Credit to: rsaf

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