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Hello everyone…. I am a big big fan of swasan.I am also in love with the story of kanchanamala and moideen.I want the whole world to know about this story. This is a real life story which was later made into a blockbuster movie ennu ninte moideen.so I am writing their story.the lead characters will be swara and sanskaar.so let’s get started.
Swara and sanskaar are from two powerful families from the remote area of mukkam in kerala.both are of different castes.their fathers are good friends.sanskaar was more of a social worker and swara was studying in a college outside her village.(remember that this story is happening in the early 1970s and late 1960s when intercaste marriages were taboo).
Swara is really bold and always remain headstrong when she takes a decision. She has three bros and five sisters.she is the second daughter of her family.
One day swara receives a printed notice about some event where only some letters are marked at her hostel.she did not care abt it much.next week she received a book post and this some words were marked in it.she took a paper and started to write down the words. It soon formed a letter.a love letter.????she then remembered her printed notice and took it out.she started to write down the letters one by one.

The letters were jumbled up.
Suddenly an image started to for in her mind.she remembered hr ride in the bus while coming from home to college.two chocolate brown eyes were following her movements through the rear view mirror.she inwardly liked the attention.she turned back to see the owner of those beautiful eyes.it was of our hero sanskar’s.he was smiling at her like an idiot.she smile back without her knowledge?.she had never seen him or rather noticed him before.
Swara rearranged the letters to form the name of sanskar.she smiled.the next day she saw sanskar waiting for her reply at her college gate. She flashed her brightest smile at him.
Yes they were in love. It was the love.they used to write letters to each other regularly.she told him about her fear of disapproval of her family.his reply was that “look at this river. It doesn’t matter how hard you try to stop it’s flow, it will finally reach the Arabian Sea.if this river is for the Arabian Sea the swara is for sanskar.this is your San’s word.a promise is the biggest truth”
One day swara’s uncle caught one of their love letters and got angry.he brought swara back and asked her about sanskar. She told him that if there is any man in her life then it will be only her sans.her family, furious about her decision,locked her up in her room.but that did not stop swara and sanskar from loving each other. They wrote letters and delivered it to each other by many tricks.

As their
Letters were regularly being caught,they developed their own language that they only can understand. Sans had came to swara one night to take her with him but she refused as her sibling’s lives will be spoiled.sans supported her. Years passed by.swara had spent 16 years locked up in her room enduring the tortures from her own family.
Finally swasan decided to e!open to America since all of her siblings started a family of their own. Even her younger sister was married off.she was the only one left in her family. Finally the day came ad sanskar had arranged their passports an was on his way to go to his swara. He had to cross a big river on his way. The boat which he was riding collapsed ad sanskar was trying to save the people from boat. Sanskar was caught. In a whirlpool d he was pulled to the depths of the mighty river.swara was shattered uoun hearing the news. She tried to kill herself but her brothers did not allow it.swara was in the hospital once again trying to kill herself when San’s mom came there. She took swara with her to her house and swara is still living there as the unmarried widow of sanskar.waiting to fulfill her incomplete love story….

Guys hw was it?it is a true story and kanchanamala ie swara from our story is still living her life as the unmarried widow of her moideen ie sanskar.for more info pls check Wikipedia – ennu ninte moideen. U can watch the movie also of the same name.tnx for bearing me????

Credit to: Riya

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  1. Greeeshma Reddy

    Heart touching story riya

    1. Tnx greeshma.this is really a true love story. Just imagine hw much that girl would have gone through? Try to watch the movie

  2. Hey itz “ennu ninte moideen” na

    1. Yes.I loved that movie.I also saw the documentary based on them

  3. Wow interesting dr pls update next part soon then sanskar will come back or wat I madly waiting for next update

    1. Sry.the story ends here divya.sanskar ie moideen dies and swara ie kanchanamala is still living in his house as the unmarried widow of her lover

  4. Awesome dear.. Me too a malayalee.. Dis movie made me cry..

    1. Yes.even I cried watching the movie and the documentary. It’s in YouTube

  5. RIP kanchanala Mala ji and modern ji I am a bengali and I think I will watch the movie

    1. kanchana Mala is still alive.. she is living as a widow in loving memory of Moideen..

  6. Moideen ji

  7. Hai riya
    i am very happy that a malayali is writing a ff.
    Every one teary eyed after knowing the story of moitheen and kanchanamala
    Thanks to R.S.Vimal

  8. It was a brilliant idea to bring a real life story to a reel one..

  9. Ya..thanks to RS vimal for making a real life story into a super hit film.once I saw d documentary so I never make any attempt to see the film as I know I can’t control my emotions then..thanks to riyaaa.valare nandi..

  10. Wow! Such an emotional story of two super strong souls inlove! Hats off to Kanchanmala. True love. One of the living examples of true love. And you Riya, keep it up dear. Awesome

  11. Isn’t this based on enthum ninthe moideen I cried watching that movie…very touching…u might not believe but somewhere down the line kanchanamala is related to me…

  12. You forgot to say about the language like one horn meant he was in the village, two horns meant…

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