True soulmates who made for eachother (intro)

Hi, guys…..its my first fanfiction for vikram and shivani, onscreen lovely couple………………..The story is about soulmates who love eachother immensely.They can do anything to protect their love.Their love encourage them to fight for their love.Its zara and abeer’s story,their love story.They fight to unite.They defeats their enemy by their love.

Character description:
Abeer Ahmad(vikram singh chauhan):A person who loves her family and friends so much.Rich,tall, handsome, helping person.Music is his Passion.Always ready to help others.Always stand for in dehradun,india.           

                      .                Zara khan(shivani surve):nice, cute, simple, innocent girl.caring and loving person.loves her family a lot.wants to become a doctor.she wants to make her family proud.she doesn’t belong a very rich family but her family is very reputed.she live in Bangladesh.       

  Khusi(zoya from qubool hai):zara’s childhood friend.nice but boring girl.loves to sleep.she doesn’t like outing much.angry bird and say infront whatever in her mind.

misha(mauli from silsila):she is like a tomboy.

she doesn’t like make up,dress up much.doesn’t like study much.always get into fight.later in story she will become zara’s best friend.

Arman(kunal from silsila):rich,caring, loving person.Misha’s childhood friend and abeer ‘s best friend.He like misha but never told her.Always solve Misha’s problem.

More characters will come later in story.

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  1. it sounds good waiting eagerly for you to start your ff

  2. Eshika

    Thx…i wii start soon

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