True soulmates who made for each other (chapter-3)


Misha slapped zara……


You have to slap someone.its your task.If u don’t want to do this then we have another task for u.u have to say loudly in front of everyone that u are idiot ,dumbo,coward and u have to do our works at least 2 week.choice is yours.which task u want to do?

flashback end…..

zara and khusi became shocked.

Misha:sry…… sry…i am sry,yaar.i didn’t want to do this but i …

Before misha could complete her sentence zara give her a tight slapped.Misha became shocked.

zara:I also don’t want to do this but did this.

saying this zara started walking.khusi also started walk behind zara.

khusi:why u came from there without saying anything?u should give her 2/3 more slap.she deserve it.badtameez……but i don’t understand why she did this to you?

zara:How could i know?she came suddenly and slapped me in front of everyone.its so embarrassing.what wrong did i done with her?i even don’t know her.

suddenly they heard a voice.

“wait…wait…pls….hey pink dupatta girl pls wait.i want to say sry.”

zara and khusi turned back and saw misha running towards them.Misha came in front of them and started to take deep breath.seeing her zara and khusi became more angry.

zara:what u want now? Aren’t u satisfied yet?

khusi:u came again .what u want now?this time which turn?her or this time mine.

Misha:no…i didn’t came to slap u.i came to say u sry(said it to zara).I know u both are angry with me.And thats valid.But trust me i didn’t want to do this……(Misha narrate them the whole matter)

Hearing the whole matter zara and khusi understood her situation.

zara:its ok…i forgave u.Now pls leave us alone.(saying this zara hold khusi’s hand and started walking)

“hey…why are u going?My talking isn’t over yet.”(Misha again came infront of zara and khusi .)

zara:Now what!why u came again .u want my forgiveness and i gave that.Now why are u following us?pls leave my way.

Misha:No….i won’t.unil u heard me fully.

khusi: whats this!why u disturbing us?

Misha:pls listen to me na….

zara:ok…say…..what u want?

Misha: Friendship…..


Misha:yes…friendship.i slapped u and u slapped me , account settled.Now can we start afresh?pls….(misha said with smile)

khusi:why u thought that we could became friend after what u did with my friend.

zara:right..even i also slapped u.

Misha:Because i strongly feel that u both are nice people and we can become good friends.ours jodi wii be the….can i assume that we’re friends now(said with cute smile)

zara and khusi became impressed with misha’s talk.

zara:yes..u can..(zara said with smile)

Misha:so….friends forever…..(saying this misha raised her hand towards them for handshake).

zara: Friends forever.(saying this zara did handshake with misha)

khusi also did handshake.

Then they hugged eachother.

In this way zara,misha and khusi became friends.

Thats all for this week…..i hope guys u all liked this week chapters.I will post next chapters on next week……

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  1. nice episode just loved it you are a good writer but when will vikram meet shivani plsssss make them meet soon and plssss update long episode

    1. Eshika

      Thx for your compliment.Zara and Abeer will meet soon…..

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