True soulmates who made for each other (chapter-2)


Next day….

zara,zara’s father and khusi on cab.They are going to clg.Their clg started 2 weeks ago.But because of some paper works they came india lately…….suddenly their cab tyre punctured.Driver said”wait 15 mins ,sir.i will fix it soon.”

zara and khusi came out from cab and went on the other side of road.Dehradun is a beautiful place.Its beauty make them amazed.They are enjoying the beauty of nature,hills and mountains.

zara:i just loved this place,khusi.This place is so beautiful.And this jentle breeze…..

khusi:u r right.I also loved this place.This cool jentle breeze touches my body and made me relaxed.I wish ,i could sleep here.

zara:Hmmm…..what more can u do!….If u want i would set a bed here for u.How can u someone sleep all day.

khusi:me…i can .you won’t understand ,zara.sleeping is my favourite hobby.I can sleep all day long.

zara:yeah…yeah..Thats why i call u “kumvokorno.”

khusi: Don’t call me that….

zara:I will….kumvokorno…kumvo….(They continued their argument like always.)

In this time driver fixed the’s father call them to come near the cab.

“zara,khusi come fast.Driver fixed the tyre.we are getting late.come fast..

“we’re coming”

zara and khusi started crossing the road.khusi already crossed the almost cross the road.suddenly a bike came towards her.when the bike passing her because of wind zara’s dupatta covered biker face for a while.Biker passed her.The person who drive the bikelooked back to see zara’s face .He couldn’t able to see zara’s face because of her dupatta.He went away…… also tried to see the biker but she can’t.biker already went away.she only saw a boy wearing blue jeans,white t-shirt driving the bike.he was carrying something on his soulder maybe a bike…..after controlling her dupatta zara came near to’s father started to scold her.

z.f:How can u be so careless ,zara.Because of your carelessness today u could meet with an accident.if your dupatta stuck with that bike..Now i become more worried .How u both live here alone!How u both manage everything!New country,new people!

zara:I am sry,abbu.I won’t repeat this kind of mistake again.Don’t be upset,plss….

khusi:yes,uncle.Don’t worry.

Abbu:hmmmm…..i hope sit in the car.we’re getting late.

They sit in the car and leave for clg.

In college….

some senior students are ragging junior student.

“hey..u junior .i hope u understand what u have to do.Do it .lets see how much u have guts.(they r talking with a junior student,a girl wearing jeans ,tops and carrying a bag on her shoulder.)

outside the clg….

zara,z.f,khusi looking the clg gate.Zara and khusi is very excited and nervous.They are looking eachother and smiling.

z.f:zara,khusi…go inside and discover the clg.i am going to principal room to talk about yours admission and seat in clg hostel.

He went …zara and khusi hold eachother hand and entered into the clg.A bright smile showed on their face.They found their campus very beautiful.

in clg…

“hey..u..whats your name?..mita,mijha…ooh yes misha.look misha …look there.(they showed zara and khusi).they are your prey.go and do your task.

Misha:I have to do it with both of them?

“no,do it with one.that will be enough.l hope u can do it.”

Misha:yes..i can do it.(said with confident but inside she is nervous)

Misha’s pov:

i said them i wii do it.but how?how can i do it with them.They are looking nice .but i have to do it……misha…dont think too much .just go a,do your task and say them sry.They are looking nice.They’ll understand your situation…i think white salwar kameez,pink dupatta girl is right choice for it.

Misha went towards them ,stood in front of them and gave them idiotic and khusi also smiled back.

khusi:Do u know where the princi….

Before khusi could complete her sentence misha said sry and slapped zara.

zara and khusi both became shocked.

chapter end on their shocked face.

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  1. wow nice episode just loved it very eager to see vikram and shivani zara together keep writing dear and plsss update the episode fast

    1. Eshika

      ☺️☺️☺️i will try to post my next chapter today…..thx for your support.

  2. Very excited….. meeting of Vikram and Shivani

  3. Very excited for vikram meeting Shivani

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