True Relationships (YHM and IB) Episode 1

Heyyy Guyss!!! I am Aswathi! And I am new to this telly updates world. This is my first time writing an ff…. I am so nervous and excited… Please please support me by commenting. You can give me negative comments as well.
Since I am a big big fan of Ishqbaaz and YHM, I am going to write this ff on them. For few episodes (like 6-7), I am going to focus more on YHM and then after that I will focus more on Ishqbaaz. Hope u all read this and like it.

Let’s start……..
In Delhi… the busy street is shown…. India gate is shown….Then a big house is shown….
The house is big… It has a big living area, a big kitchen, six big bedrooms (It is just like Raman’s house in YHM)
A handsome, dashing man is shown walking down the stairs and talking to someone on phone. He is wearing a blue suit, has some folders in one hand, and his phone in other hand.
“Yes Mr. Mehra. I will surely come to the meeting by 9.00 am.”

“Yeah… I will bring Mihir too”

“Thank you. Bye. See you in office.”

The man puts his phone in his pocket and then shouts “Maa! I am going to the office. I will eat breakfast in the office.”
His mom tries to stop him, but too late. He leaves.
His mom sighs. She walks over to a picture. It’s the picture of Mr. Bhalla. There is garland on it.
(As u all have guessed by now, the lady is Mrs. Bhalla. And the man was Raman.)
“Dekha apne. Apke jaane ke baad, wo ekdam toot sa gaya hai. Pure samme kaam me laga rahta hai.” (Did u see? After you went, he broke down. He always buries himself in work.” Mrs Bhalla said as a lone tear escapes from her eyes.
Mrs. Bhalla sits on the floor and closes her eyes. (Don’t worry she didn’t die. She is just thinking about the past.)

Flashback (10 years ago…)
A teenager boy comes home…. He is tensed…. He opens the door to his house….
(The house was very small. It just has a small living with a very small kitchen and one little bedroom with a bathroom.)
The boy sees a man standing on the door…. The man is no other than his father, Mr. Bhalla. The boy looks down.
“Raman… kitne marks aaye?” Mr. Bhalla angrily asks. (The boy is no other than Raman)
Raman gets nervous. Mr. Bhalla snatches the paper which was in Raman’s hand. Mr. Bhalla sees it and gets very angry.
“Phir se? Kitne baar fail hoge? Mujhe to samajh nahi aata ki mai tumahara kya karu. (Again? How many times are you going to fail? I don’t even know what to do with you!”) Mr. Bhalla says and leaves the house angrily.
After few hours…
Mrs. Bhalla gets a call. She gets shocked, collapses on the floor, and starts crying. Raman who sees this comes running to his mom.
“Mom what happened?! Why are you crying?” He asks.
Mrs. Bhalla looks at him and says, “Puttar, tere papa ka accident hogaya aur ab wo iss duniya mei nahi rahe!” (Son, you dad had an accident and now he is no more in this world!) She cries.
Raman gets a big shock.
Flashback ends…

Mrs. Bhalla opens her eyes and looks back at the photo of Mr. Bhalla.
“Pata hai? Raman ko lagta hai ki uske gande padai, ke wajhe se app iss duniya se chale gaye. Issiliye ab wo hamesa itni mehnet karta rahta hai. Pata hai…hamara badmash Raman ab ek CEO bangaya hai! Dekho ab ham kitne bade ghar mei rahte hai…. Lekin koyi fayeda nahi. Yeh ghar hamesa bahut suna suna sa rahta hai… ghar jaisa lagta nahi.” (Do you know? Raman thinks that becuase of his bad studies, you left this world. That’s why he works so hard now. Do u know… our naughty Raman has now become a CEO? See… now we live in such a big house. But it’s of no use. This house is so silent that it doesn’t seem like house anymore.) Mrs Bhalla says crying.
Then Mrs Bhalla wipes her tears and says….
“But I know…. one day, an angel will come and make this house like a house”
Somewhere.. in Dehli…. a girl is shown walking very fast.
“She will spread happiness in my son’s life” (Mrs Bhalla is speaking)
The girl eyes are shown. They are black and beautiful. Her eyes show that she is tensed.
“She will teach my son how to live again!”
The girl’s face is shown and she is no other than our beautiful Ishita. She is wearing a simple blue salwar suit. Her silky hair is flying in the air as she is walking very fast! She is talking on her phone and is crossing the road. Suddenly, she sees a car coming towards her. She closes her eyes and screams, “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh….”
After few seconds…she opens her eyes and realizes that she is safe. The car had stopped at the last moment. Ishita sighs. Then she notices a man coming out of the car.
Oh no Ishita! Ab to tu gayi! Yeh aadmi pakaa tujhe daate ga! (You are gone now! This man will definitely scold you.) Ishita says to herself and turns around so that she can avoid eye contact.

So this is it for today! I really hope you liked it. Please please please comment. Just one word is enough. And to Ishqbaazians, please wait for few more episodes. Then, I will focus more on Shivika, Gaukara, and Rumya. If you guys like it, then I will try to update it by tomorrow. Thank you.
Signing off,

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