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Hi frnds…..
I’m Rashi Verma…..
I keep reading and commenting on the ffs….
Ffs are a really good pass time ….
I miss sanam’s and avantika’s ff “twinj ki kahani” & “twinj- a couple made for each other”
I’m missing them….pls keep posting…
Now this is my first article….
Don’t know if this spoiler is true or not….
I was shocked after reading this spoiler. I don’t think its true….
Tell ur views through comment . …..
All type of comments are accepted ….

Tashan-e-ishq: Rajjo’s fake marriage act turns true.

The upcoming episode will show that Rajjo has lied about Kunj being her boyfriend.

Kunj has left with no
option but to say yes to save Rajjo.

Twinkle finds about it and is tensed to see her husband with someone else.

Kunj explains to Twinkle that it was all fake and he was trying to save Rajjo.

Kunj helps Rajjo
Twinkle and Kunj supports Rajjo, and helps her in reaching her boyfriend.

But Rajjo starts liking
Kunj’s caring and
supporting nature.

Rajjo now wants to marry Kunj and tries to be fool Twinkle.

Let’s see what will Rajjo do to get married to Kunj
and how will Twinkle save her relationship.

Pls do comment …..wanna know your reactions….

Credit to: Rashi verma

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  1. heyyy rashi I guess its fake as sukirti said on sbb that her role is a positive 1 and its a short cameo so just chill I am sure its not true…but if it is than I will kill that rajjo…but 1 thing is for sure twinj wont ever be separated…so KEEP CALM AND WATCH TASHAN E ISHQ…btw thanx a lot for sharing this piece of info

    1. Ya thanks for consoling….even I feel the same..

  2. hope this is not true…….

  3. U do I carry an bad luck along
    I already tried posting my comment thrice and it neva got possible
    unlucky me
    Well sry 4 not uploading my episodes on time Rashi as I have my xms going on
    well am so glad to know u like it
    thanks 4 d news .. Luv u loads ♥ ♥ ♥

    1. oh gosh it y n not u

      1. Its OK sanam …..I read ur ff ….its really nice…

  4. No no and a big walaaaa no….see rajjo if u even try to hurt twinkle and kunj I will kill u… can somebody do lyk this wid them who have supported her despite being unknown…..hey leave kunj if u hurt my twinkle I will not only kill this rajjo but also this kunj….he will then understand importance of twinkle!!!

    1. Same rakshita…..I have the same feeling….??

  5. Well well rashi in an interview sukriti playing rajo has herself claimed dat she is in for a postitve cameo.. nd d word cameo says dat she is only for few episodes.. so dont worry no one can separate our twinj ☺

    1. thanks komal….???

  6. i really dont knw i read this news…uff this rajjo..i will kill her…bt rajjo’s char is a cameo so she wont last for a long in the serial nd i think twinj will get married again…
    btw rashi are u in fb??

    1. Exactly…..don’t why people post irrelevant spoilers on Fb….I was hell scared after this….???

  7. It’s good but excuse me how did you know I mean you’re sure or just imagining what is going to happen. I am sorry I don’t want to hurt you but I am just a little bit curious. By the way your way of writing is nice ! I love it! Thank you

    1. Thanks…. But I just copied the spoiler from fb… Even I was shocked….

  8. No no I hope it doesn’t come true please

    1. Me too feel the same….

  9. Nahiiiiii..plzz tei team don’t do this to tei will make the show disgusting..plzz don’t

    1. I don’t think this will happen….let’s hope for the best….

  10. Thank u so much guys for such quick response ….. I was overwhelmed…. Do watch SBB at aaj tak ….again a lie that kunj and twinkle and kunj become brother and sister in front of chaudhry….twinkle was dance in the show on the order of chaudhry sahab….

  11. Muskan{News reporter}

    No dear this spoiler is not fake bcoz Rajjo is playing a postive cameo so i dont think so anyways ur spoiler was really nice and tei fans please dont loose ur patience. Keep watching the show.

  12. Yes rashi even i feel the same

  13. If Rajjo will start to like Kunj, her role will remain positive. I think Twinkle will get to know about it and will marry Kunj again as in the latest promo, the bribe was in Ghunghat. I hope this happen. Please can you tell me from where did you copied it? Please.

    1. What the hell. I wrote bribe.. its bride

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